Do We Really Need a Wall? These Images Answer the Question

Do We Really Need a Wall? These Images Answer the Question

There was another attack between rival Mexican cartels recently, another battle between brutal killers over drug territories, on our border. We must warn you, however, that before you look at the images from this story, be forewarned that they are uncensored and gruesome.

The photos look like a scene out of a B -rated horror film, body parts strewn across a rocky dirt road with a random scattering of black trash bags in an adjacent field. In those bags, more parts. It looked like a scene cut straight out of a machete-wielding slasher flick, but this wasn’t a movie, this was real life.

Once more, if you have a weak stomach or especially if there are small children (or any children) around, don’t open the link to the source story. To appease your natural curiosity, this is a brief explanation of the photos the story used.

In one scene, the less graphic of the two is a photo of a man lying face down on the pavement. Aside from the pool of blood that had obviously poured from his face, there is evidence of facial indentation. Fortunately, much of the morbidity of that scene wasn’t captured.

In the other photo, however, there was nothing hidden or that wasn’t horrifically captured. In that single frame lies the torso, along with both dismembered legs, and arms, and what we can only assume is the head that was still concealed in a smaller black bag.

It is a scene that few if any of us can imagine, or will ever have the misfortune of witnessing. Yet, here, in Ciudad Victoria, the capital city of the border state Tamaulipas, it has happened again. The remains were left, according to the story, outside of a flea market.

Upon discovering the frightening scene, the authorities were called in. If you live in Laredo or McAllen, Texas then you are literally a stone’s throw away from Tamaulipas – but you know this don’t you. If you live in Corpus Christi, okay, you get it.

The point is clear and far too close for comfort as well. Maybe someone in Maine and other points a thousand miles away doesn’t get the point quite as clearly. Perhaps they can’t feel it, because those people in Southern Texas, can!

Ask someone who lives in Brownsville, Texas how much better they would feel if a wall stood between them and what lies on the other side. And what those folks who are hundreds and thousands of miles away don’t understand, is that the dangerous element that comes through Mexico rarely stops in Texas.

It is this level of crime, this type of raw and sheer horror, devoid of humanity that is reason number one for immigration reform. Yes, immigration reform will help the American worker and the economy. Yes, it will lessen the burden on the healthcare and educational system in the U.S., and make it better.

But it is a wall that separates us from and closes the door to the type of monsters that are capable of the most heinous of crimes. The wall is the part of the President’s immigration reform plan that focuses on public enemy number one and America’s most vile threat.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but these images might be worth more than that. On second thought, if there aren’t any children (of any age) around, maybe you should take a quick peek at those photos.

Yes, you might actually get physically sick. Yes, it might cause your stomach to turn and you will most definitely have to look away, but maybe that is what we need. Sometimes we need to experience something in order to understand it, or appreciate it.

Few of us will ever understand hunger and starvation until we have gone hungry or been to a region where starvation is a serious issue. So maybe we just don’t understand how important this wall is until we see what is on the other side, really see.

Go ahead, take a look… enough said?

Do we really need a wall? According to these images, the answer is hell yes!


31 thoughts on “Do We Really Need a Wall? These Images Answer the Question

    1. Just read that blowhard sanders, the socialist and downright communist and worthless lying and thieving ole’ yiddiot’ says touchy feely bidens’s not corrupt. Wow, who da’ thunk. Ask anyone in Vermont what this worthless old fart has done for them other than suck on the taxpayers tit like the leech he’s been for years. I saw and read this article 10 minutes ago and can’t stop laughing. Seriously folks these anti American lying and thieving buffoons are running to become the next president of the USA. Not if I and a lot of others here sick and tired of socialism being rammed down our throats and higher and higher taxes to pay for all this BULLS**T can help it. And the ‘dog and pony show’ called the ‘dimocrap’ campaign and debates continues and in the long run’ll prove these buffoons with their pie in the sky promises of all kinds of ‘free this and free that’ will blow up in their faces and make them look stupid, Actually they’re already stupid, maybe the correct word’s ‘stupider’? These clowns must think the American people are clueless simpletons and will seriously waste their time and votes on these ‘all for me and F**K America and the American people’ and believe these buffoons. Wake up America, it’s later than you think. Stay tuned kiddos, the mud and BULLS**T slinging’s just getting started. It’s just like a soap opera, it’s real, it’s here in America and not in some imaginary place called Port Charles., Unbelievable!

  1. ABSOLUTELY, we need a wall! . . . And LETHAL force, if necessary. The CRIMINAL element isn’t coming here for a “better life”. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. They are coming here for a better life. They want to take it from us by force. The wall needs to be built a fast as possible. They are illegal, that term means they are breaking the law. The Pentagon agrees with the President that the wall needs to be built. When it is finished that will free up more money that an be.used to care for the homeless. The democrats don’t want the wall because that would limit their illegal voters to just dead people and voting in multiple places. I do believe it.will also limit their fundraising from the cartels for letting their poisons in freely.

  2. It’s been in Mexico for decades, and now we can expect the same to happen in America.
    The drug lords are here in America, and our very own laws will protect them.
    I regret to say the only way to deal with these criminals is by force, it’s all they understand.
    Let’s station some troops at the border, and I guarantee you the drug lords will be going in the opposite direction.

  3. I only see the one picture above the article. There is no link to anything else. I do believe we need the wall to protect our country from the invaders. There are far too many people who have questionable motives that make it here to this country. It needs to be controlled.

  4. We need the wall. This article doesn’t do justice to the people preventing the wall, THE DEMOCRATS. If you think the wall is a necessity then vote Republican in all elections.

  5. With what you stupid retarded demon-rats stand for you will loose, Fight and get this out,now,You stupid Democrats killed the water to hydrogen inventor why? I hope you know your damnation is in hell, Hillary said in 2005 ( that the average democrat voter is just plain stupid, they are so easy to manipulate, that’s the easy part ),It looks like Trump is an oil company stooge to selling us out, you stupid retarded Trump, The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. a Porge vapor carburetor sitting in the patient office that gets around 200 mpg, Volkswagen diesel gets 264 mpg, The water to hydrogen auto inventor wouldn’t sell out to the demons from hell oil company’s so the Democrat gov. had him murdered with plutonium poisoning, we are getting ripped off by the oil company owned auto company’s Don’t you think it’s time to take our world back.Once free energy gets out all prices for every thing will drop.
    Also audit all the Senator’s and congressmen, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them.
    The economy will never get better, as long as free energy doesn’t come out, and all your dreams will fade away, so spread the word, stop buying new autos and trucks.

  6. it may help if every 200 yards on top of the wall, there could be a concrete bunker built with our USA military forces manning 50 caliber “Ma Duces” Bet you all this BS would end Quickly~

  7. Yes, we definitely need the wall. I never found the pictures either. I just know how much of a drug problem we have here and I’m in Ohio.
    Thank God for President Trump, fixing this BIG problem.
    I read one article last night that a guy gave a response that he wonders if the Dems are taking bribes from the drug cartel, so they will help keep the border open. I thought it was a very interesting thought.

    1. We need the Wall! I used to live in lovely McAllen & moved a few hours North from there; I get a lot of News about the Valley & I’m glad we moved. Texas border towns are Not safe anymore! *(I also see only 1 photo about the Cartel here!)

  8. Oh no we don’t need border protection. we want these thugs in america. they only want to do the work we don’t want to do you know!! work like killing people.

    Why is it the liberals /democrats are always stupid? why?

    There is the deal. all of america will agree with the Liberals / Democrats that we do not need a wall if all liberal / Democrats will publish their addressed, agree to never own or possess any weapons and leave their doors and windows unlock at all times. That is the deal.

    If it works for your home it works for the country. If you get murdered and robbed well then we need a wall on the southern border and probably on the northern border too. So walk the talk liberals.


    1. It sounds stupid when you put it that way! why would anyone leave their windows and doors unlocked, not have protection and publish their address. It is kind of what the Liberals are saying what they want for america isn’t it. So why are the Democrats fighting so hard for it? it just sounds stupid now!

      1. With these ruthless killers locked doors and windows don’t stop them they just blast away until all of them are shattered and kill whomever they want. I say shoot to kill ANYONE that breaches our borders.

  9. Yup that is the point. Liberals never think through the garbage they are spouting. We are just supposed to believe they are being nice. They are not . They are being stupid.

  10. Fortify the top of the wall with electrifies razor wire, 50,000 volts at 16amps should do it. Anyone who is unlucky enough to reach the top will be doing the wild money mambo all the way down to the ground, then lay there quivering in a smoldering heap. I just hope his buddies brought some marshmallows. Instead of S’mores, they can make NEVER MORES

  11. The pictures were most probably censord by the editor, who probably felt that Republicans and conservitives couldn’t handle scenes of murder. Come on most people view the photos and it won’t bother them. Good grief the persons who edit these sites are censoring just as the left censors. Another example of sanctimonious behavior.
    I doubt if anyone would be offended. As a firefighter and fire chief I saw things that WOULD turn the average persons stomach. You look at it as an inanimate object. You don’t think about it, you go on and accept that it was human being, now is just nothing a pile of flesh and bones. You treat it with respect, but don’t think about it. Sadly I can remember every person who died and their corpses. Which is a considerable number, and I say a silent prayer that they are resting in

  12. First off chris Wallace is a worthless lib hiding his true feelings until he slips and lets his true feelings heard.judge another worthless piece of crap. And finally Rosie o who lied like hell when she said she was moving to another country if trump were elected, don’t let the door hit you in the ass rosie you worthless has been.

  13. The reality is these drug cartels are only the tip of the iceberg. At least they want the majority of Americans to stay alive to consume their “product.” The wall is also meant to slow the flow of jihadists, the people who want us all dead. Anyone with a half-functioning brain should understand we need to know who’s coming into the country and a wall contributes.

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