Supreme Court Finally Ready to Change or Kill Roe v Wade

Supreme Court Finally Ready to Change or Kill Roe v Wade

The Roe v. Wade court case of 1973 is by far the largest tragedy in the history of the United States. Liberal women and men with an ax to grind imposed their sad and demoralizing beliefs on millions of people that favored life. The decision by the liberal court to allow the murder of innocent babies has caused millions of casualties. But now it seems that the Republicans and citizens of the United States are putting pressure on the Supreme Court to reverse a ruling that crippled this nation.

200 Republicans have gone on the record pleading to the court to look at the case and see that it gets overturned. The impression of the Democrats to favor abortion has caused so many fights in the past 47 years that the nation is divided over the issue. The demoralizing Democrats have put the country in jeopardy because of their insistence on killing babies.

The 200 lawmakers are not alone. Many of the states are passing laws that make it next to impossible to have an abortion in the respected states. Such is the case in Louisiana which would limit the number of abortion providers to just one. In some cases, the right to life has crossed party lines to the extent that many are just supporting pro-life because they see the absurdness of abortion.

The timing is right for the Republicans to flat out ask for the case to overturn. Two new justices are serving. For the first time in many years, there are now more pro-life supporters on the court. One advocate of murdering babies has stated that “This is a court that’s very mindful of the polls and public opinion. Seventy-seven percent of the population doesn’t want Roe overturned. It’s unlikely the court would put in motion such a controversial debate before the election.”

The liberals act like it’s a political motive that drives the request of the Republican’s. It is more about living and letting the babies have a future of life. The Supreme Court will have to deal with several cases that will challenge the validity of the case from 1973. The challenges by the liberals just keep right on coming. But as long as there are Republicans and people that care, there will be a fight for life.

Many sad liberals are afraid of what the court will do with the case. They believe that at some point they will want to revisit and evaluate the legality of the case. The new justices on the bench are the two that are worrisome to the liberals. There are now enough votes to undo a lot of the damages that have been done by the Democrats.

The hotly contested Brett Kavanaugh is the one being watched as things progress. He has indicated that he is in favor of seeing the 1973 case die. There also is some indication that John Roberts would also like to see the decision reversed. Those two men alone hold the balance of life in their hands. Many have already accepted that the court would overturn the case.

Mary Ziegler who is a teacher of law at Florida State University stated that “It’s not what they’re going to do, it’s how and when they do it.” Some believe that the court is playing the game of politics hoping to deliver some kind of reelection strategy to key supporters on their appointments.

The problem with this belief of judicial politics is that one has to determine if a judge is more concerned with party lines or with doing the right thing. The last two appointments to the court are more concerned with what is right and not with any elections. It is just a matter of time before the Supreme Court hears the cases from the states. The pressure from the Republicans is going to be the final piece of the puzzle that forces the court to take up the issue. The lives of unborn children hang in the balance. The longer they wait the more innocent lives will be lost.


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