Cuba: The Sad Reality of the Communist Country – Can It Happen Here?

Cuba: The Sad Reality of the Communist Country – Can It Happen Here?

As we go along with the elections every four years, we find one grandfather looking fellow who can’t seem to comb his hair and talk like he is crazy.  We find Senator Bernie Sanders at the talk of every primary for the last few decades.  But what is his topic of choice?  Socialism.  The man has wholly engulfed his entire life to make America a socialist nation.  We can only thank our lucky stars or our higher power for this not becoming a reality.

So what is socialism?  In a nutshell, it is a sugar-coated word for communism.  America is a democracy, where majority rules and our freedoms reign from our God-given rights passed down from our forefathers who founded this great nation.  Communism is the complete opposite of democracy.

Many of the young generations who come up and say they are anti-government mistake anarchy for communism or the better word socialism.  Maybe it is because they like the idea of everything handed to them on a silver platter.  Oh, it’s given to them alright, but at what cost?  The answer is simple; it’s their freedom they lose.

This is what people see in supporting old Bernie Sanders.  The closest we had to communism in our country was our last president, Barrack “insane” Obama.

Obama is the one we can thank for showing the world a glimpse of what it is to be communist.  That is why Sanders is ranked number two in the primaries.  Obama opened up relations with Cuba, which is a communist country.  Since all the stars of Hollywood and idols of the young generation love Cuba so much, they think communism is cool.

Let’s face it.  Could America ever be a communist country?  No, not by the word “communist,” but throw in the sugar-coated name of “socialist,” and every Sanders supporter gets excited.  Communism, according to the stars, and Obama is a great thing and is not as bad as people made it out to be.

The real reason Democrats are afraid of Bernie Sanders is not that he doesn’t support their agendas.  It is because he wants to promote the Democratic programs way too fast.  Obama brought everything in subtle.  Not Bernie, he screams it like a screaming banshee at the top of the hills.

Four young men decided to see what all the fuss was about Cuba and communism.  What they found out shocked them when they learned the truth.  Not everything is what it seems.

For over a hundred years, Americans have been saying how evil communism is and spoke of what the countries go through who have communism and dictators as their form of government.  Democrats want this to become America.

Sanders doesn’t want to play by the Democrat’s rules.  He wants to be the Lenin of America.  The government owns healthcare, possessions, money, food, and people.  He wants it all before he goes out.  That is why we call him “Crazy.”  Sanders does not hide the obvious.

Bernie Sanders lived through Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Fidel Castro’s reign to power in Cuba.  He and his wife were married and honeymooned in Moscow.  Sanders wants America to be the painted picture of Cuba.

Cuba is shown as a beautiful place with beautiful material items where celebrities are treated like gods.  The stars who went to Cuba come back and talk of all its wonders.  As mentioned earlier, not everything is what it seems.

The dark stories came out when these four young men from Turning Point USA told the truth about what they saw and what goes on within communism.  They were not treated like celebrities when they arrived.

Stories ranged from stars having been placed in camera filled rooms with prostitutes.  The Cuban government then blackmails the stars to toot the horn for how great Cuba is lest they ruin their images with the footages.

These four young men described the horrors of communism as “an impoverished police state in an advanced state of decay.”  This is what Bernie Sanders and the Democrats want to turn America into.

A preview within America we already have in some cities we now know as “sanctuary cities.”  Only Democrats run these cities.  Please take a look into one of those cities and find how close to Cuba they really are.  A third world country is what they push for America, and like Cuba, some people are just stupid enough to fall for the hype.  Thank God we’re American!


96 thoughts on “Cuba: The Sad Reality of the Communist Country – Can It Happen Here?

    1. Thank you for telling the truth. As a survivor (German) of WWII I am familiar withe the steps:Alleged Socialism — Communism–Bolshevism — Poverty – Tyranny , Gulags – Stalinism.

  1. Bernie is a complete communist lunatic and should be locked up for the good of the country and his own protection.

    1. Anthony, in a communist country he would be locked up if he were preaching capitalism. But here in the US, Mr. Sanders has not committed any crime against the “State”. He is protected by a little ole thing called the 1st. Amendment which guarantees “freedom of speech”.

      1. Yes he is protected by the first amendment, But if he or any of the democrati’s get in as President the freedom of not just speech but everything we have that are guaranteed rights will be gone forever!. But on the other hand it won’t matter to me because they will, A-have killed me or B-I have killed them and that is what will determine the outcome in the end. once cancer (communism) is detected it must be completely removed or it will destroy the host. And if we don’t stop teaching marxism in school in a few years they will just out vote any conservative law or person by numbers, and if you count all the motor voter illegal’s it’s pretty certain we will have the USSA that comrade Sanders wants.

    2. Gracia’s Dios que nosotros vivimos aqui en America, la tierra que Dios ha banedecia! English: Thank God we live here in America, the land God has blessed. When I heard ‘yiddiot’ sanders won the New Hampshire primary, I thought it was a nightmare. How could anyone here vote for this disgusting, thieving and lying communist bastard? Then i thought, the idiots who voted for him are young and have no idea about communism, so they get a pass. In reality, I hope this disgusting ‘fart’ faced bastard loses all his personal moneys he used to finance his campaign (if he used any at all but as a socialist, he ‘appropriated’ funds from the suckers who believe his BULLS**T) along with the contributions of the idiots who want this guy as president. Ask anyone in Vermont what this old bloodsucking leeching bastard has done for them other than sit on his wrinkled old tukus doing ZILCH, getting rich and raise their taxes to pay for all the freebies doled out to all the states parasites, deadbeats, freeloaders and ‘undocumented’, oh hell, I’ll call ’em what they are ‘illegals. Really if people want communism they’ve got 6 great countries to choose from, china, russia, north korea, laos, cuba and venezuela. Socialism’s already there, no having to establish it and they’ll be among comrades.

  2. The point of Socialism is to control and supposedly equalize the people’s earnings and rights. This is accomplished by eliminating and or reducing both. Communism is the graduation into fascism which is inevitable to support a Socialist government. This is where the wealthy are created at the top of government using government control over the people and commerce. Competition is reduced or eliminated altogether and the connected few at the top reap the rewards or more accurately “the spoils”. Burisma connection to the Bidens is a prime example. Our capital based republic allows all to succeed, certainly more that through government those at the top have to earn it and we have better, greater and more economically viable products as a result. The Soviet Union used their controlled media known as Pravda to facilitate their corruption and unfortunately we see similarities with our current far left media here. As Winston Churchill said “a democracy is the worst form of goverment there is, with the exception of all others”.

        1. Trump is a very sick person he is a pathological liar (16500 lies) has no idea about foreign policy is extremely filthy mouthed and has no morals at all. He shouldn’t be president of an outhouse. As a person who voted for trump i am ashamed but I’m most ashamed because i convinced 6 other people to vote for this low life

          1. It is obvious to me that you are a regular viewer of CNN and MSNBC. This is right out of their playbook. I know that book very well since my partner is an avid viewer.

      1. You should always have all the facts and see all sides before deciding for yourself what is right. This is the downfall of all democrats they are like sheep being led to the slaughter, blind to the truth and reality! You are being played by the liberal socialist democrat party and if they were to succeed we will all suffer including you and your family! Do you have so little regard for the people you love that you would support socialism and the downfall of our country? Anyone who votes for Bernie Sanders is a traitor to our country! President Trump is not a dictator he is a leader of the free world it is his job to protect our country and the people who are citizens. It is his job to make decisions that benefit this country, that does not make him a dictator! The democrat party has decided that they don’t want him in office and so will do anything to get him out, they will lie, cheat and steal just what do you call that? I call that a dictatorship by and for the democrat party. They have cried wolf too many times and we know what is going on. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and shame on me!

        1. After what trump has done and said and the way he has acted in the last 3 years how can anyone with at least 2 living brain cells support this low life

        1. Really Bo ? Maybe you are Beyond help. Or maybe you are just being a jackass to let everyone know that you are true to your party mascot.

  3. Communists are blatantly open in activities in the US. Not long ago communists and antifa joined together to protest at a warden’s home in Colorado. Google Anti-ICE Activists, Communists Protest Outside Home Of Detention Center Warden for the full story.

    1. So are want to be dictators like trump who thinks he is a king or better yet a Furor. He must be gone before he destroys freedom and democracy in America

      1. So you are another liberal who believes everything the liberal fake news media reports. Why don’t you put out a little effort and fact check what you hear on fake news so that you can see the real truth? But then that would pop your liberal balloon and you would have to face the reality that what they are telling you are all lies.

  4. What can be done, besides sending all of Sanders’s supporters to Cuba to see for themselves just what Socialism/Communism is and speak to the people….IF they’re even allowed to speak out, to wake these people up, especially our younger generation?

  5. All you people that are totally against any form of socialism should get your butts down to the social security office and cancel your social security and while you are there cancel your Medicare because these are socialists programs

    1. @ Bo …unlike most “social” programs, the RETIREES that draw Social Security checks paid for those payments when they were working and it’s THEIR money to begin with instead of someone else’s money.

      1. Bo is Insane and has to be One of Bernie`s Kids , Unfortunately our Communist Demonic Rats have stolen from and Looted Social Security and Medicare for decades

        1. If Social Security had been set up so that everyone’s money was put into their own personal Social Security account instead of into a group government fund each person when they retired would of had more money than what they get now through Social Security. However then the democrats wouldn’t of been able to drain Social Security and replace the money with IOU’S. It was all a sham from the start, just another way to take money from hard working citizens. Just another example of how a communist program takes money from the people.

    2. On that point you are 100% correct but remember this neither of those programs were intended to be used in the way they are. They were to be a safety net short term not to be lived on. Stick you communist socialist utopia crap up your ass.

    3. Bo you dumb ass who do you think paid for all the bucks in SS and medicare? You need to get off those drugs you are taking, and pay attention to what is going on in real time.

  6. Your article states that we are a democratic country, we are not, we are a republic, that democratic,socialist, communist crap has creeped into your mind…..

      1. Your Mind was poisoned long before President Trump declared that He would run for President , You read like One of those Insane Deranged Anti American Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatics You would find at a Bernie ( The Communist Fossil ) Sanders rally , Two Dozen Misfits in a mostly empty High School Gym , The solution would be to toss some VX Nerve Gas in there and be done with it

      2. No you are the delusional one brainwashed by the communist socialist party you know as Democrat Party. It’s time you wake up and see it for what it truly is.

  7. the only thing their taught in school is socialism is so great, you minds are being told thats it so great. we only have to look at cuba and venezuela were it’s not working at all.

    1. They are ruled by dictators there’s no comparison too the U S We are a combination of capitalism and socialism. Maybe if trump gets his way and becomes a dictator we will be like them

  8. Democrats want to turn America into a Socialist pig pen like Cuba and Venezeula! American Democrats voters better take a good hard look at what Democrats want to do to you. Enslave you, take your rights and freedoms and most of all put you in the poor house with their taxes for medicare-for-all and free education of illegal immigrants.

      1. I totally agree with you and I cannot see how they will survive the next 5 years without self destruction and that is a great thing for America

  9. It could but is highly unlikely since the lovers of the Socialist/Communist system are generally less than 40 years in age. Once these young people find out there are not enough extremely wealthy people willing to subsidize the way of life for those os lesser incomes. Plus the willingness of super wealthy to stand still and watch their hard won efforts go down the tubes will leave the US (along with their wealth ) to go to another maybe smaller carribean island nation or who knows where. With them gone so will their companies that provide jobs for a lot of other people including the young Socialism lovers. And since every truely Socialist nation either falls apart or becomes a dictator ship. Every one knows whqrt happens in a dictatorship the dictator is the only wealthy person in those nations and the rest end up picking crap with the chickens. So when these young Americans see that they will have to see all of their work is not for them and their families but everyone then the incentive is gone along with the desire to see Socialism survive then a Capitalist Republic becomes really good and the reason the US is on top is because of Capitalistic ideals.
    To see how the other nations who tried Socialism has fared consider: Cuba – a starving dictatorship, Venezuela formerly the richest nation in South America now a broken messed up society that probably will not survive the year, Nicarguia a dictator ship as bad or worse than Cuba, Argentina went broke several years ago and just now is starting to come back under capitalism, North Korea – a really oppressive dictatorship really broke and wanting the US to help them. Russia once the USSR went broke let go of their sattellite nations and still having problems under a very severe dictatorship where a small group of Communist party members share most of the wealth, France once almost full Socialist now coming back to more Capitalistic system, as is Holland, Denmark, Sweden and maybre a couple of East European nations who have all gthrown off the Socialist banner and making a come back. Even China who claims the second largest economy is a form of dictatorship where a handful of people control most of the wealth. Vietnam is also making moves back away from Communism after the war they found the US had the system that worked and are working more closely with us now. IN OTHER WORDS NO OTHER NATION WHO HAS TRIED sOCIALISM/COMMUNISM HAS BEEN A SUCCESS! I FULLY BELIEVE OUR YOUNG PEOPLE OF TODAY WILL SEE THE LIGHT WHEN THEY SEE WHAT IT WILL COST THEM AND WILL EMBRASE CAPITALISM. REMEMBER THE CHILDHOOD STORY OF THE LITTLE RED HEN, ITS TRUE AND SOONER OR LATER EVERY ONE WILL FACE THE TRUTHS !!!

  10. Realamericanpundit – Please show me in OUR U.S. Constitution YOUR claim that the form of government the United States has is a DEMOCRACY. Art IV, Sec 4 clearly states that the Founders created a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT.

  11. Is it possible to advise people that America is not a democracy – we R a Constitutional
    Republic based upon “Natural Law” which translates N 2 “Natural Rights” protected
    by a written set of laws, duly enacted by duly elected representatives, that limit the majority from oppressing the minority. Democracy is “mob rule” – see USSR!

    1. Limit the majority from oppressing the minority. Maybe one of you brain dead dumb ass cult members try explaining that to want to be dictator trump

  12. Look at the Communist countries all over this globe. How did some of these Communist countries get the edge over their countrymen and women? They confiscated their weapons, that’s how! There is far to much turmoil in our own country to even talk of gun control after Obama pulled his importation of “refugees”, asylum seekers and the vast amounts of illegals brought in by this wretch! They couldn’t vet the illegals, obviously and they sure as hell did not vet none of the others. From occupied Syria, how did they vet those “refugees”? Too many military age men came over here. Why did they not stay and fight for their country? That’s my question!

  13. Donald Trump is not a good man,but he is a great man!
    Unemployment is down, military morale is up, world (other than commies) are respecting the US again.
    You can believe whatever fake news from the Commie News Network (CNN) and the others.
    The truth is that America is TRYING to come back from all the years os socialist damage by Bush and Clinton and the others.
    BTW, why is it that whenever a liberal is questioned or has no facts to back up their deranged ideas, they always resort to swearing and name calling? Such poor insecure behavior!

  14. Socialist democrats do not realize that your “free” collage means half your income when you have finally, after several ears of trying, found a job in the janitorial department at a large apartment complex instead of the dress designer you’ve wanted to be since 8 years old.

  15. For the past 50 years, colleges have permitted an increasing number of liberal professors brain wash our youth by criticizing capitalism and preaching the false virtures of socialism. We’ve know for years college faculties political preferences have been 95% Democratic Socialism. Few campuses, Hillsdale being one, teach the political history of our nation and Constitution. Most don’t teach U.S. History. Today, most colleges won’t allow conservative leaders as guest speakers appear on campuses for fear of violence. WHY ARE WE SURPRISED THAT SO MANY OF OUR YOUTH FAVOR SOCIALISM OVER CAPITALISM? What happened to open civil debate on controversial issues with an open mind without violence???

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