Pelosi Slams Trump’s SOTU Speech, Says He was “Drugged Up”

Pelosi Slams Trump’s SOTU Speech, Says He was “Drugged Up”

A great speech can’t please everyone, especially Democrats and Pelosi in particular.  Now Pelosi says the president appeared “a little sedated” for his famous State of the Union speech. What a hypocrite!  She always seems drunk!

Republicans, especially President Donald Trump, always are at the brunt of vicious attacks when Democrats have been defeated.  Nothing showed more victory than the president’s speech for the SOTU.

It angered Pelosi so badly that she actually shocked the world and ripped the hearts out of the Americans who were there as a guest and those who were watching.  Pelosi tore the written speech, which is also considered a federal document.

Republicans, the guest, and those watching all over the world were appalled at the audacity and nerve of this evil woman.  Her response was to try and make the president look like the bad guy as she told reporters explaining how she went to “extend a hand of friendship.”  The president abruptly left her hanging.

She also told reporters, “It was also an act of kindness because he looked to me like he was a little sedated.  He looked that way last year too.”

The president seemed to be at his best as he was delivering the great news of his accomplishment left and right.  He was proud as were we all to have made achievements which will go untouched.  Trump set the standards so high, no Democrat can ever come close.

This enrages Pelosi and her clan.  At a press conference, she was shaking.  She was so angry and stumbling over her words, she appeared to have been drinking Vodka and Scotch again.

Her jaws were clacking so much she may have needed to add an extra tube of Polygrip to keep her dentures in place.  Surprisingly, she hasn’t swallowed a false tooth from sucking her teeth so much.  It makes you wonder how much food or leftover taste of alcohol is residue in there!

Democrats such as Pelosi are not the only ones who can throw great punchlines.  Another person who attacked Trump at the very beginning of his 2016 campaign, Obama’s White House spokesman Josh Earnest claimed Trump had “snorted his way” through the 2016 debates.

Earnest later told reporters he was only joking.  But Pelosi is not kidding.  That’s the difference between her comment and Earnest’s joke.  Pelosi is downright infuriated.  Giving a little more time, she may even start foaming at the mouth.

Trump and Pelosi have a no love lost relationship as the two have ignored each other for months.  The last time they spoke was in a heated battle behind closed doors when Trump got up and left in the middle of a meeting last year.  The Democrats were attacking him, and he had enough and walked out.

Pelosi and Schumer teamed up to make it seem like Trump was the one throwing a tantrum, but it was later proven to be quite the opposite.  They were throwing the punches at him.  A person can only take so much, and many of us would have ended it a long time ago.

President Trump is a special kind of person to take such hatred and criticism and continue to show up the Democrats.  This is why he is so great!  He remains focused on his task, his words, and his promises, and nothing else.

There is no doubt about the hatred coming from Pelosi and the Democrats as the camera caught her ripping up the SOTU speech.  Fox News showed it close up footage that she pre-tore each page before the grand finale of ripping the papers.

As for President Trump, the angle of the camera did not capture if he meant to leave her hanging as she outstretched her hand.  Whether he did or didn’t see her, it shouldn’t really matter because let’s be honest, we probably wouldn’t want to shake the hand of someone so evil as to attack our families or us.  That’s what she has been doing.

Pelosi even admitted she knew precisely what she was doing.  She stated, “He didn’t want to shake hands.”  Pelosi says that was not why she tore the speech, but we know better.  It is because she hates him fiercely and will stop at nothing, even breaking a federal law on live TV to prove her point.  Her words as she read it, “I went right through that thing,” she said. ”I knew what was coming.”


151 thoughts on “Pelosi Slams Trump’s SOTU Speech, Says He was “Drugged Up”

      1. Like who really gives a rats ripe ass about this anti American traitor thief liar etc, should I continue? She’s made a mockery of the USA and the House of Representatives along with everything she’s had a hand in or touched. Really the American people are tired of her wasting more and more valuable time and tax dollars while nothing gets done for us, the American people. Surely there are legal provisions in place to get rid of her. Enough of her BS, time get rid of this boil on our butts as soon as possible, hopefully sooner, Very important question: after all she’s done and hasn’t done, why is she still around wasting America’s time?

        1. This thing and I used that word on purpose is totally off her gourd! I have never seen a speaker of the house carry one the way she does. It’s disgusting how she and 99% of democrats acted during his speech. I did see a few who had the nerve to stand and clap. Personally if I was President Trump I wouldn’t have shook her hand either. I thought he showed a lot of control during his speech. Before even if the speaker didn’t like the President they didn’t dishonor the Congress and the American people by stopping so low. Sorry for the long post. There is a lot more I could say so people please get out and get rid of the house we have now or it will be 4 more years of the same horses***

    1. If any one was drugged up at the SOTO it was Nutty Nancy. She was off her meds when she pulled her signature stunt. The picture of her tearing up the copy of the Presidents speech will be her legacy till she’s finally replaced by Hakeem Jefferies as speaker of the house and The Squad as leader’s of the Socialist Democrat Party.

      1. Pelosi is a world class slim ball that needs done away with for the good of the country. The woman is deranged and delusional and belongs in a straight jacket.


    1. Pelosi Is defiantly a bottom feeder, after burning through probably a few million dollars this whole thing is something she dreamed up ??? They ought to make her pay back the United States Government all of what this so called impeachment cost ! That is an idiot that is like a spoiled child who wants everything to be the way she wants it … I hope they get rid of her ASAP ! her antics become less and less stupid as time goes on . Get rid of her now , maybe she “ll move in with Bozo and Mikey at the Obama shack , try to get there before President Trump decides to use his power to prove that Obozo er Obama and his butt buddy Mikey or Michelle or whatever that thing is calling itself now !!!

  1. Pelosi needs to act like a sane adult if she is going to serve the American public in Congress, as do all of our elected officials. The name-calling, the hate, the violence from the liberal left, the lies, etc., needs to stop and the well-being of this country and the citizens (legal citizens) needs to be top on their agenda. Pelosi, along with Schiff, Schumer and others, have done nothing for three years, but try to take down President Trump. Just stop, do your jobs to solve the problems of this nation and maybe voters will think you deserve their vote. Pelosi is so enraged every time she does not get her way and win that she looses her common sense, her composure, ability to speak legibly, and sometimes her sanity it appears. Then has to make up garbage about why President Trump makes sense and is succeeding. Now it is that he was sedated or drugged — no, he was just focused and calm, like a president should be.

    1. The DummyRats just can’t stand it that they are not in power. They have been in control for years and now that PRESIDENT Trump won’t follow their lead they are having a 10 year old’s kid fit. The thing is, they have committed treason to the citizens of the United States and should be treated as such, arrested, tried and handled as a treasonous person deserves. When will that happen, probably never because too many skeletons reside in the house and senate closets!

      1. Hal just what I was thinking. Surely for Pelosi to say that the President was drugged, when the world could see he was very much in control, should be grounds for a lawsuit against Pelosi and/or removal? SHE was the one at her after SOTO press conference who said they wanted to get on with….err…err… and …..the REST!!! She could not even come up with one task they had worked on because it has been all about getting Trump. Pelosi and gang have done ABSOLUTELY nothing since Trump was elected President but go after him. They have nothing to show for THREE YEARS except their hate.
        Send her back to S.F. to clean up her disgusting city.

    2. Pelosi doesn’t need to act like a sane adult. It’s past that stage, she needs to be gone. She is a useless drunk druggie. You can bet she has “meds” prescribed to her at her request.

    3. Jeannette you absolutely nailed it: Did anyone note also that Pelosi at her after speech tried to list the accomplishments they HAD been doing as …..”err….err. and …THE REST? She had to brush it off as they have not worked on ANYTHING except getting rid of Trump. She could not come up with a single one. Someone needs to compare all Trump has managed to achieve which is pages and pages and pages long despite the left’s opposition compared to what the Democrat have achieved in the last three years. Inquiring minds need to have the comparison.

  2. Pelosi is always drunk. It’s like a good Demonrat to point the finger. And she could notice the difference being drunk, not at the time, but later. Did anybody notice that Trump was acquitted of all BOGUS crimes that Pelosi and company threw at him? Personally, I pray a curse on the Feeble Insane Liberal Socialist Progressive Demonrat Tyrunts Party that will wipe them all off the face of our planet. Not one of us has a need for any Democrat. They came to destroy America. Let’s give the crap back to them and either hang em for Treason, or give em a chance to leavbe and never return, they earned it plus interest…

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  4. Being drugged up probably explains why he lies a lot, as fact-checked by the free press. Conservatives never forgave the media over Watergate.

    1. sloan: are you talking about a free press owned by liberal democrats that lie on every thing they say and have to retract most of their lies. trump has a sharp mind while pelosi has no mind at all. lay back on your couch trump hasn’t cut out your welfare check and food card as of yet.

    2. You are a idiot who is stepping on who. The demon crat are the ones that can not get over Trump destroying the Clintons and DRAINING THE SWAMP! What a dumb ass you are! 4 MORE TILL 2024 THEN Donald JR for 8 more!!!

  5. Nancy Pelosi needs to focus on helping the AMERICAN CITIZENS instead of constantly attacking our President. She refuses to follow our Constitution and Laws. Every time she gets up in front of the reporters she looks and acts like she is drunk or on drugs. Her actions speak loud and clear, she hates Trump and his supporters. She claims that she doesn’t hate because she is a Catholic. Well, her actions clearly shows that she is lying. She should be charged with abuse of power because she acts as though she is the president and that everyone is suppose to do things her way. Well, she constantly shows that she is no leader, even of the House. She is a nut case.

  6. She MUST have looked in the MIRROR when she said that. Of course, POTUS Trump doesn’t look like an OLD HAG, though. She’s got that down to a SCIENCE. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Comrade Pelosi never could see straight. Her eyes are as crooked as she is. How can anyone vote for these people. Look what California, New York look like under the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party rule. The want to turn every state into a dump they have control of. Regardless if it’s local, County state or Federal Government they destroy our freedom and turn it into a land of dependency.

    1. Sadly this no good for anything old hag drinks the best wine liquor, Dom Perignon Champagne,
      and Grey Goose Vodka all paid for by the taxpayers of course,. Why should ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’, who’s worth over 200 million dollars and could afford all of this, pay out of her own pocket?. Parasites only take they don’t give back. Hard to figure out how someone who earns 175 thousand dollars yearly could be so rich, even after 32 years in Congress. Something smells fishy as the figures don’t add up and math having been one of my best subjects I dickered with the figures and they didn’t tally up to 200 million, amazing. ‘Pigliosi’ lie all leeches, has always been a taker, (like all the do nothings in her district getting all the freebies) she sucks off the taxpayer and always has in all her 32 years in Congress. And like all parasites, she takes and hasn’t given back anything positive. But on the other hand her outrageous antics and ‘dog and pony shows’ are humorous and a laugh riot yet in a big way ‘sad’, so in a way she gives back, mostly bile inducing BS, acid reflex along with undoubtedly many migraine headaches. The American people are tired of the same old BULLSHIT and want ‘new entertainment, so to speak.

  8. I agree that President Trump was drugged. He was high on the drug of his accomplishments. She has never been able to witness what that actually is, so of course in her drunken stupor she is confused.

  9. I know more people that have better Jobs now Since Pres.Trump is in office
    He will not take our S.S. away Cut off food stamps from the Needy

  10. Pelosi is a drunk and a liar. A HUGH LIAR. i SAW THE WHOLE speech. I saw Nancy busy under the table pre ripping the speech. It definitely was premeditated. Nancy should be ashamed of herself. She sure did over time chewing her mouth to death. Nancy go to hell. You are not what America wants or needs. You are a horrible person, evil and racist.

  11. Who gives a flying fig leaf what this moronic idiot has to say. She give the appearance of being high or drunk most of the time. Trump does not drink alcoholic beverages nor use drugs so she needs to think up some more trash to spew from that nasty head of hers…she should just take a flying leap off the highest cliff.

  12. If anyone was drugged up it was her. As she chewed her ugly face up as he spoke no one could stand that much pain. She kept talking to herself moving all around, could not stay still, scratching, shaking and then ripping the speech up and then walking out which looked like a corn cob stuck up her ass! she had to be medicated!!!!!( or drunk i hear she has a real problem with that

  13. I want some of his drugs, so I can help him keep winning for America. Your drug is in your “Depends” called Ammonia and you have so much in them, it really has affected your brain to be sure you keep pushing your Lose America button. When we finally get your draws changed America will win so much you will have to swim up the sewer pipes from the Swamp where you are going to be real soon. Let me see where do I go to get them there drugs? Oh it is the Voting booth. See ya there MF.

  14. Trump is on illegal street drugs . He is the lousiest president we have ever had !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sooner the criminal is out of Our White House the better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He lies so much ,he has to come up with more lies to cover up the ones he has already told. Example : He said on national television there were no soldiers hurt in the bombing raid. There were soldiers that had concussions from that very incident .

    1. If it wasn’t for what he has done you would not have a television for you would not have the money to pay the electric bill without welfare which is going soon.

  15. The only drug he was on was his spirit which was lifted up by the wonderful accomplishments he has had on behalf of we the people. We will be praying for Pelosi that she would get drunk on the spirit of truth and wisdom. Let us give her a retirement before she gets high again on her anger and resentment and vote her out and give the President 4 years of peace with a responsible Republican Congress.

  16. ” which is also considered a federal document.” A COPY of a Fed Doc…just sayin…
    ” stumbling over her words, she appeared to have been drinking Vodka and Scotch again.
    Her jaws were clacking so much she may have needed to add an extra tube of Polygrip to keep her dentures in place.
    That’s Bcuz She Has Parkinson’s…

    Starting with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. Tremors are common, but the disorder also commonly causes stiffness or slowing of movement. EVER NOTICE HOW SHE’s ALWAYS HOLDING THE PODIUM WITH HER LEFT HAND ??? It’s Starts to Wiggle If Not Holding Something…
    In the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, your face may show little or no expression. Your arms may not swing when you walk. Your speech may become soft or slurred…LIKE BEING DRUNK !!!

    ” Though Parkinson’s disease can’t be cured, ” MEDICATIONS ” might significantly improve your symptoms.

    Symptoms often begin on one side of your body and usually remain worse on that side, even after symptoms begin to affect both sides. WHILE BOTH HANDS ARE UP IN THE AIR…SHE CAN’T MAKE BOTH HANDS THE SAME POSITION…

    Parkinson’s signs and symptoms may include:
    ++Tremor. A tremor, or shaking, usually begins in a limb, often your hand or fingers. You may a rub your thumb and forefinger back-and-forth, known as a pill-rolling tremor. Your hand may tremor when it’s at rest. LIKE HOLDING THE PODIUM…
    ++Slowed movement (bradykinesia). Over time, Parkinson’s disease may slow your movement, making simple tasks difficult and time-consuming. Your steps may become shorter when you walk. It may be difficult to get out of a chair. You may drag your feet as you try to walk. SHE ALSO STOPS @ TOP OF STAIRS, FOR A MOMENT, BEFORE GOING DOWN…
    ++Rigid muscles. Muscle stiffness may occur in any part of your body. The stiff muscles can be painful and limit your range of motion.
    ++Impaired posture and balance. Your posture may become stooped, or you may have balance problems as a result of Parkinson’s disease. LIKE GOING UP n DOWN STAIRS…
    ++Loss of automatic movements. You may have a decreased ability to perform unconscious movements, including blinking, smiling or swinging your arms when you walk.
    ++Speech changes. You may speak softly, quickly, slur or hesitate before talking. Your speech may be more of a monotone rather than with the usual inflections.
    ++Writing changes. It may become hard to write, and your writing may appear small.

    I THINK She Reads The Pages to Keep Her From Drifting…

  17. A young lady from the south got on a plane to ride in first class. Not knowing Nancy Pelosi sitting next to her asked where you all from. Nancy’s response was well I’m most certainly from where people end a sentence with a preposition instead of a noun. So the young lady asks again, where are you all from bitch?

  18. Look without all the name calling, which I am also tempted to do, what Pelosi did was the most disrespectful act against not just Trump but the President of the United States and by so doing she disrespected every single citizen of this country no matter what their political affiliation might be. I don’t care if you like or dislike the man, If you Hate or Love the man. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that he is The President of the United States of America. As such he is the one single point in our Government, in Washington D.C who Represents every single American to the entire World..
    You can agree or disagree with his politics, But you can NOT show disrespect to him, his Office, or to the people of this country. That is what Pelosi did when she tore up his speech, She disrespected every single one of us and in essence told us we did not have a right to hear that speech. That was The State of (OUR) Union Speech that was to tell EVERYONE just how OUR entire COUNTRY was doing; as a WHOLE. Not just as a Independent, Democrat, Socialist, Republican or any other Political point of view, but as a United Point Of View of our Union. Sure every President who has ever given this speech puts their own stamp on it, they are after all only human, so that’s natural and expected. You can agree with it or you can disagree with it and say so, That is YOUR RIGHT under the 1st Amendment and protected by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. BUT NO ONE has the Right to disrespect it, The President and ALL of US; and that is what Pelosi did on LIVE NATIONAL/International TV when she Tore up the Presidents State of the Union, OUR UNION, Speech. That woman should be removed from Office and be FOREVER barred from holding ANY public office again. Yes, what she did was illegal but she will never be charged with it, that’s Washington Politics, but she should be removed and barred immediately and forever!


  20. Pisslosi is a dumbass old bitch with shit for brains. This stupid whore with fake tits needs to retire to an old folks home.

  21. Pelosi has been delusional for years. She is the primary reason I believe that all candidates for Congress (Both Chambers) and the Presidency there should be mandatory Cognitive, Logic & Reasoning, and physical testing, as well as back ground investigation required to put name on Congressional or Presidential ballot (before campaigning starts), results to be publicly posted until term election day or until person is out of office, which ever is later. All to be paid for out of pocket by the candidate.

  22. If anyone was drugged up it was Nancy herself. Half the time, you can’t understand a thing that she says, perhaps her dentures are slipping. The other half does not make sense when she talks. She slurs her words and at times forgets what she is saying or trying to say. I often wondered at times, if she had a liquid meal before talking to the news media or giving one of her speeches.

  23. All you dirt ball Republicans need to back off of her. You are the one’s hurting our country. Trump doesn’t stand a chance of winning the next election. So stop acting like a bunch of little school kids.Republicans are little bitches that think they need their way on everything. I can’t wait tell it all blows up in their face. Trump’s not done wrecking our country you just wait and see. Then your going to feel like fools. LOL

  24. That silly drunk is in no position calling anyone names. She
    is either a drunk or a druggie. Half the time she can’t even
    talk or make a coherent state or thought. She should hope
    that there are never any unannounced drug tests. She would
    get arrested if there were any.

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