Pelosi Slams Trump’s SOTU Speech, Says He was “Drugged Up”

Pelosi Slams Trump’s SOTU Speech, Says He was “Drugged Up”

A great speech can’t please everyone, especially Democrats and Pelosi in particular.  Now Pelosi says the president appeared “a little sedated” for his famous State of the Union speech. What a hypocrite!  She always seems drunk!

Republicans, especially President Donald Trump, always are at the brunt of vicious attacks when Democrats have been defeated.  Nothing showed more victory than the president’s speech for the SOTU.

It angered Pelosi so badly that she actually shocked the world and ripped the hearts out of the Americans who were there as a guest and those who were watching.  Pelosi tore the written speech, which is also considered a federal document.

Republicans, the guest, and those watching all over the world were appalled at the audacity and nerve of this evil woman.  Her response was to try and make the president look like the bad guy as she told reporters explaining how she went to “extend a hand of friendship.”  The president abruptly left her hanging.

She also told reporters, “It was also an act of kindness because he looked to me like he was a little sedated.  He looked that way last year too.”

The president seemed to be at his best as he was delivering the great news of his accomplishment left and right.  He was proud as were we all to have made achievements which will go untouched.  Trump set the standards so high, no Democrat can ever come close.

This enrages Pelosi and her clan.  At a press conference, she was shaking.  She was so angry and stumbling over her words, she appeared to have been drinking Vodka and Scotch again.

Her jaws were clacking so much she may have needed to add an extra tube of Polygrip to keep her dentures in place.  Surprisingly, she hasn’t swallowed a false tooth from sucking her teeth so much.  It makes you wonder how much food or leftover taste of alcohol is residue in there!

Democrats such as Pelosi are not the only ones who can throw great punchlines.  Another person who attacked Trump at the very beginning of his 2016 campaign, Obama’s White House spokesman Josh Earnest claimed Trump had “snorted his way” through the 2016 debates.

Earnest later told reporters he was only joking.  But Pelosi is not kidding.  That’s the difference between her comment and Earnest’s joke.  Pelosi is downright infuriated.  Giving a little more time, she may even start foaming at the mouth.

Trump and Pelosi have a no love lost relationship as the two have ignored each other for months.  The last time they spoke was in a heated battle behind closed doors when Trump got up and left in the middle of a meeting last year.  The Democrats were attacking him, and he had enough and walked out.

Pelosi and Schumer teamed up to make it seem like Trump was the one throwing a tantrum, but it was later proven to be quite the opposite.  They were throwing the punches at him.  A person can only take so much, and many of us would have ended it a long time ago.

President Trump is a special kind of person to take such hatred and criticism and continue to show up the Democrats.  This is why he is so great!  He remains focused on his task, his words, and his promises, and nothing else.

There is no doubt about the hatred coming from Pelosi and the Democrats as the camera caught her ripping up the SOTU speech.  Fox News showed it close up footage that she pre-tore each page before the grand finale of ripping the papers.

As for President Trump, the angle of the camera did not capture if he meant to leave her hanging as she outstretched her hand.  Whether he did or didn’t see her, it shouldn’t really matter because let’s be honest, we probably wouldn’t want to shake the hand of someone so evil as to attack our families or us.  That’s what she has been doing.

Pelosi even admitted she knew precisely what she was doing.  She stated, “He didn’t want to shake hands.”  Pelosi says that was not why she tore the speech, but we know better.  It is because she hates him fiercely and will stop at nothing, even breaking a federal law on live TV to prove her point.  Her words as she read it, “I went right through that thing,” she said. ”I knew what was coming.”


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