Picture This: Gabbard Wants to Legalize Prostitution

Picture This: Gabbard Wants to Legalize Prostitution

Imagine, if you dare, what the country would look like if Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard had her way? And no, we aren’t talking about how her policies on the economy, employment, or gun control would look either. The Democratic Rep. out of Hawaii was talking about the sex market, as one story reported, and she had some very – “liberal” ideas.

If you aren’t familiar, don’t worry, there quite honestly wasn’t much to miss here. Despite her youth, she appears to be a tried and true part of that new socialist-leaning segment of the Democratic party, a la Sanders and Buttigieg. So it should be no surprise that she has campaigned on the platform of free healthcare, free college, and those other free “everything” Democratic promises.

It also appears that she is following surprise front-runner Mayor Pete’s lead in a new approach to winning voters, after all, everyone is doing the “free” thing now. Buttigieg is a smart guy though and so it is no surprise that he has separated himself (a little at least) from the pack. His tactic? In addition to free everything, Buttigieg has started campaigning on the ideas of decriminalizing drugs.

Of course, that was spurred on by the continuing legalization efforts of marijuana, but Mayor Pete took it one step farther. As our story reminded us, “…Mayor Pete decided to up the ante and call for decriminalizing heroin and every other drug on the streets.”

Now, almost as if taking his cue, Rep. Gabbard has followed his lead but this time in another arena – sex. According to our story, the free-thinking Congresswoman said, “if a consenting adult wants to engage in sex work, that is their right, and it should not be a crime,” hmm?

She went on to explain her reasoning, stating that “all people should have autonomy over their bodies and their labor.” Right. That is sound thinking right there. Apply that to Mayor Pete’s drug legalization platform, and now we’re cooking – Meth!

Hey, who cares? It two consenting adults want to sell and buy drugs, based on Gabbard’s belief, they should have “autonomy over their bodies…” so shoot up if you want to, “…and their labor.” So cook it up kiddos!


Now, she would most certainly correct us here and remind us that she was talking about what she called, “sex work.” Well, that makes it better, doesn’t it? Because that is one thing we just don’t see enough of in America, sexuality. It doesn’t flood our television screens, our emails, our movie theatres, or advertisements, does it?

Imagine the images you and your children would find at the supermarket. On the way to church or at home during a commercial as you watch your favorite family program. That’s a pretty picture, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, we have a stronger moral fabric that holds America together. That, and there is no chance that Tulsi Gabbard wins the Presidency, let alone the Democratic nomination. There might even be a few of you who weren’t even aware that she was a candidate. That’s okay, she barely is, although she might give the free-falling former front-runner Joe Biden a run for his money.

But no, Rep. Gabbard isn’t going to win, and her campaign isn’t likely to last much longer. Could you imagine, though, if she did? In the craziest scenario, that scary tag-team of Buttigieg (who could win the Democratic bid) and a VP candidate like Gabbard could materialize…

Lord help us.

If we have ever been grateful to have a President and a leader like Donald Trump, in light of the options, the time to show that gratitude is now. Yes, we are consenting adults, but no, that doesn’t give us the right to do whatever we want.

We all know this, however, and we also know that in America we respect our neighbors, we value the innocence of our children, and we appreciate the moral differences of one another.

Picture this: nudity, sex, drugs, and vulgarity on every corner, in every neighborhood, in every home. Now open your eyes, because that isn’t a picture of the United States – yesterday, today, or ever.


52 thoughts on “Picture This: Gabbard Wants to Legalize Prostitution

  1. Well I’ll give this lady a thumbs up regarding legal prostitution. Look at it this way, it’s been going on forever and why not. In Europe where prostitution is legal, there’re lower rates of STI’S and sexual violence and the prostitutes register as businesses, just like any other business. They are required to pay taxes on their income (just like everyone with reported income ) and are subject to periodic medical exams.. Think of all the untaxed income these prostitutes make and it would stagger the imagination. In Nevada counties where legal, it brings in millions in tax revenue to the state, On the other hand, her stand on legalizing drugs, yeah right, when pigs fly.! Since when are people allowed to shoot up and possibly overdose , then end up in a hospital on the taxpayers dime. Just another ultra liberal giveaway. Really these liberals are digging their graves with their words, thank God. They’re making our decisions clear and easy come November. Remember to vote out ALL ‘dimocraps’, liberals and progressives (a less noxious sounding name for liberals aka ‘dimocraps’) on your ballot, from city to state to federal, as they’re all pretty much like this. This national pestilence needs to be eliminated. It won’t happen overnight and it’ll take several forthcoming elections to get rid of this festering boil on our collective asses, Remember to vote out all liberals, ‘dimocraps’ and progressives forever.

      1. There it is by gabbard trying to be a shot boat. Hey gabbard you should be the first then again is that what you been doing to get yourself where you are? I bet you won’t put your daughter up into prostitution would you? Gabbard you are no different than the rest of the so called democracts all talk no action put yourself up to do it first. Why don’t you tell every single mother out there about your plans make it to everyone can hear it and the media shows it

    1. Agreed on the Prostitution Part. There are a lot of single individuals (Male & female) that do not want any commitment to a partner but would like to have sex on occasion instead of the alternate…..
      We need to be tougher on the drugs including the more potent than ever legal marijuana.

    2. I reserve my feeling on sex for sale. Wow, just think, it might be like the “Gas Wars” of the 60’s and 70’s with advertised prices on Billboard’s and signs! Adds on TV, like the pharmaceutical companies, and lawyer ads!
      Legalizing Drugs? No Way! Like people are saying, they will be cooking in their basements and garages! Kids getting hooked and OD’ing! These Liberals need to get their heads out of their AS#%S! The only votes they will get are drug dealers and junkies! Look what’s happening in Colorado with legal pot, the social issues, what do you think will happen if ALL are legalized!

  2. I’m not so sure that this doesn’t merit some study. Tulsi speaks her mind, normally after careful consideration. She may be a democrat, but I don’t rule out that at some point early in his second term, PRESIDENT TRUMP may reach out to her to fill a spot in his administration.

  3. This is what Meyer Lansky the prohibition gangster said before he died. Quote= You wait and see before it`s all over. The government will be in charge of tobacco -gasoline-drugs-Alcohol-Fire Arms-gambling-betting- the lottery-prostitution. Why is that Mr. Lansky? Because that`s where the money is. He died on January 15, 1983
    at the age of 80. He was a Jew who made his money through gambling. They are now taxing marijuana. They are taxing American citizens while illegals get a free pass?

  4. Well, at least, this will give the DEMOCRAP Congress women a living after they leave office.
    (Except the REALLY UGLY ONES) (Sorry Nancy !!!)

  5. Its really appalling that the voters of this country have to go through this horrible electoral campaign where we have to hear the running politicians immulate socialist and communistic ideas to win over innocent and incompetent voters that are lured by the free everything offers without knowing where they are getting into and there they will push the country……….to total ruin. What are they going to do then? The damaged caused will take a generation to correct ,but in the meantime the suffering and pain will take its toll in most of the population. There is no perfect political establishment but for sure the best the world has ever had is a Democratic free republic with liberty and justice for all…. And dont you dare to forget it. Our freedom is precious and and we will die fighting !

    1. Recently i spoke with a young man at my gym,.and exchanged a few pleasantries. He said he was ‘very happy’. I asked the cause for his happiness. He then said ‘bernie sanders won the new Hampshire primary. Do you know this old fart’s a ‘communist. He then extolled what sanders would do which i knew in my wisdom was just a bunch of lies and BULLS**T and basically anything to get the young and inexperienced suckers to vote for this disgusting communistic ‘yiddiot piece of SHIT.. His policies along with those of lying liawatha lizzy warren another down and outright communist will bankrupt the country with all the ‘free this and free that’ etc. This guy’s young in his 20’s and hasn’t a clue about communism so i’ll give him a pass.. I then said quite directly, there’s no chance his guy’ll win, with so many Americans knowing about communism and what it done to countries it’s infested. Then I stated I’d had direct experience having relatives who endured 38 years in the German Democratic Republic, aka East Germany. You should ask them what it’s like to live in a communist country. I then said there’re enough thinking people here who won’t allow communism or socialism for that matter because socialism ultimately leads to communism to take hold here.as many of them fought to keep America free of this pestilence and the definite destruction it always brings and will do whatever’s necessary to keep it out of America. My question: why do we have to endure this BS from presidential candidates, who by the way are socialists and communists and are thus unqualified and ‘unacceptable’ to run for any political office much less president? Goes to show how low things have gotten here, sad to say. Who in Gods name votes for or endorses these pieces of SHIT?

  6. I do not do “social media”. I hope you will post my comments. If so, thank you very much. We always have had and always will have prostitution. Ever since the sin of Eve and then Adam, we have lived in a cursed and fallen world. However, in societies where prostitution is illegal, it is relativiley rare. In places where it is legal, it becomes rampant. Only illegal things are rare. Legality increases evil always.

  7. Totally agree with legalized Prostitution..Makes for medical checks and outlets for men who feel compelled to have sex with those who may NOT want have sex !! Should be licensed to assure medical check regularly.

  8. Prostitution should be legalized!! If you’re married, your wives prostitute you every day…and if you don’t follow their “orders from headquarters”, they divorce you and take most of your wealth too (i.e. = the piece of a$$ that keeps on charging…for long after they’re gone)!! I read an eye opening article about a year ago, that a piece of a$$ from a wife cost a husband 1k – 3k each time for lame 15 min. sex!! Instead, you could have a 20 something (of any flavor you desire) for under $200 for an entire hour….whenever YOU want!! Also, statistics now say that 8 out of 10 married woman cheat!! Is it your wifey one of them??

  9. At times I think it would be better to legalize it but restrict it to certain areas. When my mom was growing up in Canada they had the Red light districts where all the hookers were and they had to report for medical exams every week or two.

  10. I wonder if Tulsi Gabbard is not a Natural Born US Citizen because she was born in American Samoa; and, maybe she is not even a US Citizen if she did not apply to Immigration Services for US Citizenship ? Is she married to a muslim, too?
    American Samoa is the only U.S. territory where residents have no birthright claim to citizenship. Instead, those born in the cluster of islands southwest of Hawaii are granted “U.S. national” status, meaning they can’t vote for U.S. president, run for office outside American Samoa or apply for certain jobs. The only federal election they can cast a vote in is the race for American Samoa’s nonvoting U.S. House seat.
    Sailau Timoteo was running for Hawaii’s state House in 2018 when she learned she wasn’t eligible for the race because she wasn’t a U.S. citizen. Please reply Tulsi to clear up your Citizen status.
    Mahalos, George Peabody

  11. Legalized prostitution would mean far less likelihood of STDs being transmitted, the United States is one of the few alleged enlightened nations where in most part gambling and prostitution are still categorized as a crime, damn!, no matter how you cut it all women are sluts and if you want any physical comfort from them it does not come free.

    1. Damn right Craig (see my post above)!! They are ALL sluts…in one way or another!! That why I prefer to rent (when I want some), rather than buy an extremely high priced lame a$$, that you have to put up with 24/7!!

  12. If a democrat becomes president and we embrace Global Socialism by giving up our borders and our sovereignty, we will probably need prostitution as as clean energy source renewal for revenue, since we will lose fossil fuel revenues. Open borders, continued drugs from the border, millions of undocumented pouring across the borders to get on welfare, disease, murder, gang violence, communism, no military to prevent foreign take over, a bankrupted destroyed republic, propaganda news favoring a one party system that like now answers to no laws, but enforces laws against political enemies by creating make believe crimes, gender confusion in children, legal dope, no cops. Entertainment celebs that ignored the proven know crimes of democrats, while constantly attacking conservatives, like Trevor Noah, holy shit sounds like a Democratic socialist workers party paradise? I cannot wait definite self destruction as we follow the dumbest people on earth whom sit in the House of Representatives into living hell under socialism.

  13. Ahaa……………..YES. Breaking News!!!!!! 1/1/21. Re-elected President Donald J. Trump has just filled a new Cabinet post to serve with him: Department of In-House Social Activities for Hookers, and has named Tulsi Gabbard, Hooker In Charge…………….Salary: NONE. Tips welcomed and appreciated. Are you kidding me???????????? Stop drinking that funny looking kool-aid. Pelosi is running out and she needs to have enough on hand when she submits her name to become the assistant to the assistant in charge of activities that just don’t mean a damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. “Apply that to Mayor Pete’s drug legalization platform, and now we’re cooking – Meth!”
    “…So cook it up kiddos!”

    Umm…no. This is the same spirit of “yellow journalism” that fueled the position of those whom opposed legalizing alcohol consumption for legal adults.

    NEWSFLASH: The manufacturing of alcoholic beverages are regulated, and those would be manufacturers must have a license to do so. You ONLY get a license to manufacture alcoholic beverages if you have met certain federally (FDA) mandated criteria.

    Now back to reality.

    The legalization of both all drugs and sex work for legal adults would mean that society would no longer clog the prison systems with victimless crimes AT TAXPAYERS’ EXPENSE. There is a black market for these things for a reason, and it has nothing to do with their morality, nor the lack thereof. People who would choose to do drugs would be solely responsible for the consequences to their health.

    As for legalizing prostitution goes: I have said this for many years that prostitution should be legalized. The only reason it isn’t is because it is a logistical nightmare trying to tax it. That’s it. There is no other reason why it is still illegal in America. And no; I’m neither Democrat, and after spending 19 straight years as a Republican, I got tired of the lying political rhetoric and I am now just a man who votes his conscience. I have no political party leanings, nor political affiliations.

    So don’t even go there.

  15. Politicians are dishonerable prostitutes, so this would make sense to her. I for one am in favor of controlled prostitution where the workers must keep up weekly full spectrum health screens. Johns must register to protect the workers and to inform and control transmitted diseases. Tax it highly, this will appeal to the legal government prostitutes. Increase penalties for illegal solicitations and double the penalties when a minor is involved. It won’t eliminate human trafficking but will greatly decrease it by removing some of the incentives.

  16. Sounds like a pretty smart lady – smarter than many of the commenters, for certain.

    The way things stand, a woman can be both the victim of human trafficking *and* a criminal for doing what she was trafficked to do.

    Besides, who died and made y’all god? What 2 consenting adults do is none of your concern, Gladys Kravitz. Pipe down. Adults are talking.

    I love how it’s a crime to pay for sex. . . but if you launder the money through a bartender, you’re good to go. The stupidity is pandemic.

  17. She does make some sense on this one. The government tried to make booze illegal and found out people were still going to drink and the only ones making money during prohibition was the mafia. The government found out booze is a cash cow by taxing it. Why doesn’t the government make tobacco illegal? It’s a proven fact that it can cause cancer and heart disease and influenza. People are going to smoke, or chew, no matter what the health risk are and again, the government wants it’s cut of the money. Same goes for legalizing gambling. As long as the government gets it’s cut their happy. Legalized prostitution is no different and with Tulsi being a democrat, and everyone knows democrats LOVE taxes, it stands to reason that she’d be in favor of it. Wonder if she’s considering a career as a madam after she’s done being a politician.

    1. NO! This is fueling human Sex trafficking, pedophilia, child pornography and illegal drugs. This is SO wrong. Such policy is condemned.

  18. So how does it feel to be a democrat? rightly you should feel like the Pigs you are, you are dirty you are always rooting up trouble whether it is right or just made up, and you relish rolling in your own sh^t, Time for the meat processing plant, come November I see a lot of you being sent to the market and not back to DC, so we we we all the way home CROOKS

  19. That is absolutely disgusting and wrong! By THIS she IS fueling the drug and human Sex trafficking around the world! She also supports the crimes of rape and pedophilia! I thought she was a reasonable person in Congress. She should be censured for promotion of such a nasty hateful disgusting policy!

    1. She want to legalize human trafficking too? What a numb nut. As if there wasn’t enough deviant behavior we want to legalize more. Sex is an industry. It thrives on misery. If she is sure that’s what she wants take a trip to Holland. She’ll get an earful there.

  20. Many people in today’s America seem to believe that “…unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” means they can do whatever they like without fear of consequences. These unalienable rights are true to the point of an individual pursuing their happiness at the detriment of other people or society as a whole. We have seen the government’s drug regulation enforcement when they take away legal drugs from people who need them in order to stop the abusers from getting them. Those who abuse them still finds a way and those in real need cannot. It works the same way gun regulation works. The only ones harmed are law-abiding Americans. Most States in the US have an ‘age of consent’ of at least 16 years old. However our 8 and 10 year olds should be taught about homosexuality, gender ID, and allowed to make the ‘informed’ decision of what they are. Some are allowed to make the decision to have sex-change surgery before they’re old enough (legally) to have sex. Really? It’s bad enough that, as adults, we have to have this type of behavior rammed down our throats! If you follow Gabbard’s ‘reasoning’ that “all people should have autonomy over their bodies and their labor.” we should also embrace the suicides as ‘protected’ actions and stop trying to stop them or incarcerate them in mental institutions. The only things that legalizing all drugs and prostitution will accomplish is to give the Democrats/liberals something else to tax so they have more money for their give-away programs and it will give them something in Congress to do as they attempt to pass laws and regulations curtailing the very things they want to make legal!

  21. Well, she was doing good and now decided to act like la Stupida and shoot herself in the foot. Don’t care about her feelings abounnprostitution. It simply seems unnecessary to voice and opinion about it. I mean, after all, it’s the oldest profession, right?

  22. Proof positive that she is NOT POTUS material! . . . SEEMS like she doesn’t mind CULTURAL ROT destroying this God given U.S. country. I guess the TAX $$$ speaks LOUD and CLEAR to the Democrats. They could tax this “activity” like they would tax everything else. DON’T vote for her (or any other DEMOCRAT) if you value your country. And, there is hope for Virginia! . . . Remember the NEXT Election cycle – Let’s “cycle” these Democrat TRAITORS from your midst, and DON’T vote them back in, if you value the GREAT state of VIRGINIA. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  23. I am not sure legalizing prostitution will help women in general. It might eliminate sex slaves, sexual abuse, and STD’s, but I am not sure that it will eliminate drugs and criminal activity in the sex trade!

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