Mitt Romney’s Physical Safety in Jeopardy

Mitt Romney’s Physical Safety in Jeopardy

Utah’s Senator Mitt Romney may be one of the most hated politicians in America at this time, well, next to Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and Nadler.  The world knows what he did by going against the grain and being recognized as a traitor among Republican Senators and President Donald Trump.  His career as a politician in the Republican party may very well be over since Romney is now an outcast.  He is no longer allowed to attend any GOP functions.  Outrage over this Senator’s actions has now led to death threats, and his physical safety is in jeopardy.

The backlash from the Senator’s vote to impeach the president on the first article has led to angry posts across social media to rid and exile Romney.  If there are any Senators left to defend Romney, they are begging him to stay away from any and all major Conservative gatherings.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Conference, made the announcement Romney is “formally NOT invited” to the four-day event.  Among the Conservatives, no one wants him around anymore.  Outside of the politicians, those who show signs of caring feel it is best for his own safety.

Schlapp stated in an interview with Greta Van Susteren from “Full Court Press,” “We won’t credential him as a conservative.  I suppose if he wants to come as a nonconservative and debate an issue with us, maybe in the future, we would have him come.  This year, I would actually be afraid for his physical safety, people are so mad at him.”

Romney is highly praised and favored among the Democrats.  Maybe they could protect him.  Perhaps he ought to become one of them.  He follows their pattern of hatred.

Democrats lashed out at Schlapp for his comment and banning Romney.  Democrat Senator Joe Manchin III told the “Fake News” CNN, “It’s hard to believe that we have stooped this low.”  Manchin went as far as to call Romney “honorable.”  What is so “honorable” about voting to impeach a president who did nothing wrong?

Atlantic writer McKay Coppins wrote an article stating, “This is remarkable!  Romney is “an outspoken dissident in Trump’s Republican Party who found his voice just in time for the president’s impeachment trial.”

Schlapp denied he made any threats toward the Senator and his family.  He stated he has “no beef with Romney’s family and hopes they have happy, healthy lives away from politics.”  The head of the conference added, “I wish Gov Romney no harm I just want him to find a new hobby away from destroying GOP momentum.”

Sunday, in the interview, Schlapp continued to tell Van Susteren, Romney is a “use ‘em and lose ’em kind of guy.”  Romney used President Trump to get what he needed from the president in his support.  Trump endorsed Romney, and once Romney got reelected, this is the thanks the president receives.

Schlapp called the CPAC, “the largest gathering of grassroots conservatives on the planet.”  He told of how Romney did something similar to the CPAC.  Schlapp stated, “He said he was going to be an extreme conservative, that he was the most conservative guy in the world, and when he came to CPAC, after 2012, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with us.”

In 2013, Romney appeared for a speech at the CPAC and never returned.  Romney told the crowd, “As someone who just lost the last election, I’m probably not the best person to chart the course for the next election.”  The Senator never returned to the annual event.  So why would anyone need this type of Senator?

It is like the old saying goes, “With friends like that, who needs enemies?”  Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee who is also Romney’s niece, had this to say about her uncle’s actions, “This is not the first time I have disagreed with Mitt, and I imagine it will not be the last.”

The RNC had this to say in an email with the subject line,  “Mitt Romney turns his back on Utah.”  President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., posted on Twitter at the same time, stating, “He’s now officially a member of the resistance & should be expelled from the GOP.”

All Romney could come up with was this statement, “I will tell my children and their children that I did my duty to the best of my ability, believing that my country expected it of me.”  No, we expected a lot better!


462 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Physical Safety in Jeopardy

  1. Mitt is just a snake in the grass and that is the best description I can give. He would “NOT” have won the Utah Senate seat without the endorsement from Trump and “this” is how you repay him. Just another modern day Benedict Arnold and should be “moved OUT of the REPUBLICAN Party” for life! THIS is what a DEMWITT WOULD DO not a REPUBLICAN.

    1. Mutt Rummy is rather typical of those libturds who decided to identify as GOP in order to get elected following Eisenhower and the age of Regan. All they did was change their identifier to R but continued to function as demoncraps (anyone remember McCruddy?). I, too, was a life-long dem, but I did NOT change to run for office. I practically worshipped JFK – couldn’t stand his brothers. I eventually allowed my eyes to open some to recognized what the Kennedy boys were doing to America. Then came LBJ and my eyes got fully opened. Jimmah the peanut farmer was the final straw that drove me away from the demoncrap party. Although I have earned TWO masters degrees, I must be a little “slow” because it took me awhile to realize what a RINO is and that changing party – but keeping liberal politics – was just a means for getting elected.

      1. Many times I’ve suspected that our very President Trump himself is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) while deep down,,, his philosophies are much more left-wing LIBERAL than Conservative. For starters,,, tax-paying citizens are (generally) known to pay LESS taxes under Republicans than they are under Liberal Democrats. Well guess what? I’ve had to pay considerably HIGHER taxes under Trump,,, than I did under Obama! Therefore,, so much for lower taxes (and tax cuts) with Donald Trump in office! If I knew (ahead of time) that I was going to get hit with HIGHER taxes under Trump,, I wouldn’t have voted for him!


  2. We need to rid ourselves of all people like Romney. Trump has put the bacone into the GOP, the last thing we need is gutless cowards like Romney.

    1. really, gutless coward? for standing up for what is right-you already have a gutless coward living in the wh- a cheating lying scum bag who would do anything to get his way- just like he ahs donew his entire life- fact check much armondo??? trumps history speaks for its self- wtfu!

  3. Mitt Romney knew the consequences he would face from being a conscientious American, but he had the courage to do what he knew was right. He put Country before politics.
    We see far too few heroes like him.

      1. yet you voted for the biggest prick in the country- who has cheated, scammed and ruined ppl lives- a prick that doesn’t even care what he lies about- he even lied about hos fathers birthplace-you are the blind one mikey- wy do you tink that imbecile said- QUOTE: i could shoot someone in the middle of manhattan and not lose support- that would be you fool!

    1. No Charlotte, Romney has violated all of the principles that the Mormon church stands for- honor, honesty, loyalty, faith, generosity, kindness and much more. He has now sided with your vile Democratic Socialist party that is filled with pedophiles, liars, criminals , people who support the killing of live babies( infanticide) , tax dodgers, rapists , Antifa terrorists and Ex-Nazis like Soros! Wow! You must be so proud to keep such elegant company!

      1. Go Mr French get that turn coat , tack him to the wall that is correct put him in with the demoncrapos where he belongs , never did like that jackoff .

    2. Your hero is a traitor. He wouldn’t have won the seat he sits in if it had not been for The Greatest President of all! Wait until a communist becomes president and take the remainder of our rights from us. Dems wear blinders and they never see wrongs. You will wake up to reality in the not too far future.

    1. People like him don’t have buddies! He will, at a minutes notice, turn it against the Democrats. He is a turd, and no mater how you turn it, he will always be a lonely turd! He has no friends! He and Jeff Flake are made from the same material.

  4. If one truly believes as Romney did, that his conscience helps him with his decision, so be it. I admire someone who stands up for what he truly believes. However, did Romney truly believe that Pres. Trump committed such impeachable acts? I do not see how he could as there was no absolute truth proven in that. So, I do not in my opinion feel he did the right thing; however, the thought of physical attacks on him? No way. We cannot stoop to the level of the Democrats. Romney possibly will be forgotten in the political world, unless he defects and becomes a Democrat. I doubt his faith would convince him of that, however. I feel really bad because at one time I truly admired this man, and I hate to see him end up his career like this.

    1. Mutt Rummy’s explanatin reminded me of certain old-time preachers who CLAIMED God spoke to them directly and gave them Divine interpretation of scriptures and “current dispensations”. OR – on a more modern scene – current evangelical ministers (Southern Baptist, Pentecostals, etc) who preach Jesus and God’s love while fully supporting modern demoncrap politicians and agendas. In many cases, they even include demoncrap “talking points” in their sermons. Talk about oxymoron ! I just cannot reconcile those opposing ideas. Can anyone explain to me how God directs members of a political party that attacks everything about Christianity as evil and champions evil behavior and agenda as holy?

    2. I campaigned for Romney and thought he was an upstanding and honest man. But, I was wrong. He stabbed Donald Trump in the back after Trump endorsed him twice! He is a backstabbing user who has now been discovered taking money from the Marxist, Ex Nazi George Soros! He has discredited the Mormon church and must be ex communicated now! A disgusting man and his children and grandchildren will have to live down his treachery. His wife has been strangely silent. Women in the Mormon church don’t have much of a say. He is lying when he says he did what he felt his country expected of him. His jealousy has consumed him.

  5. Mittens is a POS egotistical traitor…vote his conscience ?? A true devoted “humble” elected official would vote the “conscience” of his constituents, the ones who trusted him to support THEIR views ! His narcissistic actions made it obvious that HIS opinion is far more important than the 10,000’s who put him in office. And to drag God into it !! Does he think God approves of the classic back stabbing JUDAS personality ?… a two-faced lying phony who deceives his fellow Utah citizens into thinking he will stand and be counted for conservative values !! Oh, and lets not talk about him being a true resident of Utah with his mansion “resort” in Park City. A true cowardly, scam artist….his name will forever be associated with disgust and repulsion. An arrogant #*@^+* if ever there was one !!!!!!!!!

    1. Mutt Rummey has a history of changing where he lives in order to run for elected office. When he announced his candidacy for the senate, a reporter asked if he intended toi use that office as a run for the presidency. He quickly answered, “Oh, no! I have already done that and I have no desire to again enter that arena.” When asked what he thought his chance was he said he had “name recognition” and enjoyed the “trust” of people in his state. He further stated his intent was to “serve the people of Utah and America” and NOT his own personal goals. THOSE PHONY PROMISES AS OPPOSED TO PERSONAL BEHAVIOR ARE THE REASONS HE IS SO HATED NOW. He ignored the desires of his constituents and subjected them to his own personal desire for revenge. He DID do some good things. He created a situation where even RINOs want to get rid of him. He revealed to the entire nation – even entire world – how evil, arrogant, and deceptive he really is – and THAT should guarantee he will never again be elected to any public office.

  6. I totally disagree with Mr Romney voting to remove Mr Trump from office, and have struggled with the way both he and John McCain turned on the country and particularly the people of their states, but I don’t believe it is ever right to threaten someone’s life, and especially their families, because you disagree with a political stance. That only adds another wrong, and 2 wrongs do not add up to a right.

  7. I do not agree with Romney’s voting to impeach President Trump, but I also feel it is wrong to threaten anyone. I voted for Romney when he ran for president. I believe he is still angry at losing. Perhaps he should switch parties and vote with the Democrats who are heaping him with accolades.

  8. Now he knows what it is like to be a Trump supporter in an ultra-liberal city or state. Not fun at all, is it? Not even comfortable.

  9. It is always wrong to threaten anyone’s life. Shame on those who are doing it to Romney even if they do not like what he did. I for one, did not like it nor do I respect him but we all have the right to our own opinion. I hope he gets his mind set straight from hate towards President Trump and be helpful instead of harmful to our Nation.

  10. Romney is not a good person. Never was and never will be. I feel sorry for his family though. He has put a great burden on them because his actions will live forever even after he is gone.

    1. I am sorry I read these comments! What ever happened to staying true to your convictions of RIGHT AND WRONG. I applaud this man. He showed character and courage; knowing his actions; although he thought was BEST FOR AMERICA, could lead to difficulties for him. Better than that lying sack of poop you all bow down to although he lies, back tracks and his priority is costing the USA to look terrible to the world. Won’t read anymore of these stupid comment pages, too depressing. So if you want to waste your time to try to make me feel bad, forget it! All you Trump backers are just too strange for my taste. Don’t know a lie when you hear one!

      1. Joyce Harris,
        the only “conviction” mittens has EVER HAD, is to himself. He is nothing but a “carpetbagger” just like hitlery clinton when she invaded N.Y. state. (two peas in a pod) If you care to open your eyes, and stop your RABID HATE and actually see what PRESIDENT TRUMP has done for this country, you might get your”opinion” changed. By you post it seems you are listening ONLY to the lame stream “hate TRUMP LYING media”. BTW, MY thought is why do we need the CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNIST “party”, BECAUSE, for three years they have done NOTHING for the American People, but still collect their salary and suck MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to keep on “investigating” looking for a “crime” that doesn’t exist (except in their feeble brains). PRESIDENT TRUMP on the other hand continues to DO HIS JOB and make this country GREAT AGAIN, economy is doing GREAT, JOBS are being created, unemployment is WAY down, our MILITARY is back up to snuff after the FRAUD OBUNGHOLE depleted it, the WALL is being built.. (for starters there is MUCH more) SO…PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT, that make the democommunists look like the worthless fools they are.

  11. Have we (or the world?) REALLY gone down this far?? Whether or not you agree with the action of Mitt Romney, a “death” threat is hardly (or NEVER) a RATIONAL answer. Anyone who believes such BS is obviously deficient in gray matter upstairs. In politics, ‘Parties” make STRANGE bedfellows. So be it here — Mitt just happens to be a “never Trumper” dressed up as a republican. As long as the President is not involved, he votes with the other republicans. So be it! Let HIS voters decide “AT THE BALLOT BOX” if THEY wish to continue supporting him OR NOT !!

  12. Romney is completley safe from Republicans who are so annoyed with him for not being one.
    However, we Conservatives do not ever resort to physical violence. He felt the feeling when he was not nominated in 2016 and knows that he is not popular today. We don’t need to physically destroy anyone or anything when we have a ballot box at our disposal. No need for primative or childlike behavior.

  13. So what did Romney with his warped criminal traitor mind expect would happen ? Obviously not as intelligent as the rest of the republicans who voted against the liberal criminals and FOR America ! And worthless Romney thinks HE should be POTUS , ha ha ? !

    1. When did the death threats come about? Is it the only way Trump haters can justify his action of going against the people who elected him, as far as integrity, he has none.

  14. Yes Romney is a traitor to his party and the people who elected him, but it is also wrong for him to be getting death threats. I hope nothing bad happens to him or his family, only hope he steps up and admits who he really is and officially leave and join the Demorats, where he truthfully belongs. Same for all the other RINO’S.

  15. Certainly Sen Romney must have known what kind of reaction his vote would engender when he
    voted with the Democrats on an issue that would not be effected by his vote. These so called
    “Death Threats” are as likely to be from the leftists as the far right but only for different reasons.
    The Left want to make the GOP look as extreme as their most radical elements clearly are. If there
    are any on the right who harbor these sentiments, they should cool it. God help us if anything should
    happen to Mitt and the whole Party would be tarnished by it. I was more concerned with McCain’s
    famous (and deciding) vote that shot down the attempts to end ObamaCare. If Romney has any sense
    at all, he will cease his attempts to get under the skin of our popular and effective President and play
    nicely with his fellow Republicans in the future. I seriously doubt the voters of his State sent him to
    Washington to destroy Trump’s agenda that has been demonstratively so effective for all of us. Trump
    has his foibles, get used to it. He is our best shot at getting America on sound footing both domestically
    and on foreign affairs.

  16. Well Mitt you treasonous snake you what what the Bible says:”ye sow what ye reap”. How dare you align yourself with the treasonous Democrats who have been robbing taxpayers blind and giving our tax money to enemies of the United States .Giving everything to illegals while taxing us who work to give ti away ,yet when we need help or assistance we GET NOTHING !! So lie in your bed you snake .You want sympathy ? it is “between shit and syphillis in the dictionary “,coause you won’t get any from Patriotic Americans.

  17. It is about time that REPUBLICANS started sticking together. Since President Trump was elected, it appears the party has finally grown a spine. (BUT they still have a ways to go in my opinion. Mansion had better wise up or he too will be gone. I have relatives in West Virginia that are NOT happy with him talking out of both sides of his mouth, and many of their friends feel the same way.

  18. It is probably from the Democrats Romney has most to fear for not voting with them on both of the impeachment articles. The thugs are in the Democrat party, maybe Afta is after him.

  19. Thank god we still have two honest republicans. Mitt Romney and me. Hopefully, one day their will be more of us. Until then I will have to vote democratic.

  20. I am not a fan of Mitt Romney and certainly feel that the impeachment process from the very beginning was a farce. However, when we behave in this manner we are no different than those who oppose the President. Someone, is this extremist climate needs to show some grace and class when people disagree. I think it’s sad when conservatives react in similar way as Nancy Pelosi and her narrow minded crew. I really would like to see a positive difference in the way the supporters of the President behave. This tit vs tat mentality isn’t good for any of us. Vote, stand your ground, stop listening to the liberal media and then be civil. Someone has to be an example of civility and grace. We used to value different points of view. May we return to that. My hope is that Republicans will lead the way!

    1. They all are part of DDROTG (Democratic Domestic Racist Obstructionist Terrorist Group) That is what from day one, you see it, you know it. Who dies not real interest to them They gave you who they are. Mitt in costume posses as what he is not and he is part of this group. Take them all down as anyone who is terrorist. We know how

  21. I expect better form a Mormon I have been around Mormons almost all my life but mit has caused me to question the way they act these days im finding out that a whole lot of them are really full of shit
    im finding out that the LDS church is not what I thought it was after 55 years in the church I have learned a few things

  22. Mitt, remember what happens to people who stab someone in the back as you have. There is no respect for that person, but here you stabbed America in the back and the old saying is What goes around comes around and your is just a short distance for returns. You deserve what American’s will send you so be sure to thank them if you are able too.

  23. As a Utah voter, I told as many people as I could NOT to vote for Mitt. He has proven to be the same as he has always been: a spineless backstabber.. As a Mormon I am truly disgusted by his claims to being religious. Mitt’s religion is and always has been “Mitt”.
    He is such a renowned liar that I would not be surprised to learn that his “death threats” were manufactured by Mitt himself to weasel sympathy out of his constituents!
    I feel sorry for his family.

  24. If you look at politics’s and his past he one of those that have rode the fence and his position is if it’s good for Romney that’s what’s important.It’s unfortunate being the polished politician he profession to be and his knowledge of government and the manner of how this impeachment was handle without do process to the President.He then got up in the hearing and said the evidence was overwhelming and he had to vote his conscience what a bag of Bull SH–.The people of Utah deserve better.

  25. Trump insulted Romney among a lot of others . I think he’s just too bull headed to put the country before his personal feelings .

  26. I don’t think anyone wants to get their hands dirty by harming trash! He is a Back stabber, hypocrite, who thinks he’s a saint!

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