Trump’s War on Traitors In Its Next Chapter

Trump’s War on Traitors In Its Next Chapter

One thing would be for sure if it weren’t for the impeachment and all the “witch hunts,” the majority of the “Deep State” would have never gotten exposed.  This is the only good thing we can say, and President Trump also stated this fact in his speech after being acquitted.  All of America had to sit through along with the president, these grueling times.  Now that the truth is all on the table, the next chapter in the “Deep State” takes its next phase.  It’s payback time!

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman is banished from the White House and sent back to the Pentagon.  The Commander in Chief said the Defense Department would go after the colonel also if Trump had his way.

Trump told reporters who questioned if Vindman would undergo disciplinary actions for going against the president in the impeachment trial.  He said, “That’s going to be up to the military.  But if you look at what happened, I mean they’re going to; certainly, I would imagine, take a look at that.”

This week alone, Vindman was thrown out of the White House, and the case of Roger Stone, who is a close friend of the president, has been handed over to the Attorney General William Barr.  That case is expected to be overturned and thrown out.

This is just the beginning of the next phase as more axes will fall abruptly.  The stones have been lifted, and the snakes have nowhere to hide now.  It is now time for action, and the proper moves are being made for justice to be served finally.  This one of the greatest times to live in and witness payback for the American people and for President Trump and his family.

In the Pentagon, a senior official is in the crosshairs of losing her nomination to a higher position in the Defense Department.  She questioned the president’s call of holding back the aid from Ukraine while investigations were to take place.  This leaves the suspicion of whose side was she on.  Suspicion has no more place in our Nation’s capitol.

A National Security Council official is also in the crosshairs of being dismissed along with dozens of career officials who were transferred from the White House to other positions that may have their careers ended by the end of this week.  President Trump is doing some early Spring cleaning and cleaning up the corruption for good.

This next phase or new chapter is going to give President Trump the upper hand for greater control of who he can trust in the government.  It will set the stage for Trump 2020 as we all pray he will land his greatest victory in the history of America.  These last two weeks have been in Trump’s favor, and he is no longer worried about impeachment.  He is in full steam ahead!!

Robert C. O’Brien, the national security adviser, who supervised Colonel Vindman and his brother, Yevgeny Vindman, said, “The president is entitled to staffers that want to execute his policies, that he has confidence in.  We’re not a banana republic where lieutenant colonels get together and decide what the policy is.”  Colonel Vindman’s brother was also removed from the National Security Council staff.

Trump went after those who targeted his associates and demanded to know why justice had not been served when it came to Tony Podesta.  Trump tweeted in an attack against Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

He wrote, “Is this the Judge that put Paul Manafort in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, something that not even mobster Al Capone had to endure?  How did she treat Crooked Hillary Clinton?”  Podesta still has not been prosecuted.

Trump knows exactly who they are, as many of them testified against him in the impeachment trial.  Every one of those who went against Trump will now suffer the consequences because they didn’t do it for justice, they did it to get rid of Trump.  This is the “Deep State,” and Trump is fulfilling his biggest promise to America.  He is “Draining the Swamp!”

With Colonel Vindman, Trump added, “We sent him on his way to a much different location, and the military can handle him any way they want.  General Milley has him now.  I congratulate General Milley. He can have him. And his brother, also. We’ll find out. We will find out. But he reported very inaccurate things.”

Trump made a statement during his SOTU.  “The best is yet to come!”  It’s coming full throttle now!!!


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