Uh-Oh! Tension Between Sanders and AOC?

Uh-Oh! Tension Between Sanders and AOC?

When Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York decided to endorse presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and then join him on his campaign, leftists from all over rejoiced. It was a match made in liberal heaven. Sanders, according to them, has a lot of great ideas, but being an older white male, it was unlikely that he would have much success unless he could gain quite a few minority votes, as well as some from younger generations.

Enter AOC.  She has just about everything that counters who Bernie is while also holding much of the same ideas. In fact, outside of the Vermont senator, few are as radical or left-leaning than AOC.

So it’s no wonder that Sanders chose her and a few of her squad members to help him out on the trail while he was stuck in Washington for the sham impeachment trials. But apparently, things didn’t exactly go as planned, leaving tension between the want-to-be president and his much younger counterpart.

During AOC’s three-day “stint” as Sanders’ surrogate, she not only forgot to mention his name at all but seemed to take the senator’s views on immigration a bit too far, leaving some to speculate that she was campaigning for herself.

According to Vanity Fair, “Sander’s campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, texted AOC’s campaign manager to express his dissatisfaction with aspects of her performance, according to a source familiar with the exchange. Specifically, the Sanders campaign was miffed that Ocasio-Cortez didn’t mention Sanders by name when she closed out a campaign event at the University of Iowa on Friday night at the end of last month.”

And as the article notes, the Sanders campaign was not the only group of people to notice her lack of credit to Sanders. Fox News also picked up on it.

Now, forgive if I’m wrong, but when you are campaigning for someone, logic says that mentioning that person’s name is crucial. Then again, we already know AOC lacks a bit in that department.

And that brings us to her second mistake: taking things a little too far.

Vanity Fair states, “Ocasio-Cortez’s comments about the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Patrol were also seen by some within the Sanders campaign as going too far, straying from Sanders’s stance on the issues in encouraging people not to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, according to this source.”

AOC was reported to have said during one event, “Organizing is about tipping people off if you start to see that ICE and CBP are in communities to try and keep people safe.”

Whether or not Sanders and some of his supporters actually agree with this or not, you just don’t say this during a presidential campaign. No one wants a president that is ok with breaking the laws or not working with the officials who keep them.  I mean, wasn’t that the Democrats whole reason for bringing impeachment charges against Trump in the first place?

Not that it will make much difference. As the article mentions, Sanders’ campaign manager was miffed, not Sanders himself. And, as we all know, Sanders needs AOC too much to cause too much of a rift.

As I mentioned before, AOC is the perfect complement to him in just about every way. Plus, he already owes her a great deal.

When she endorsed him last fall, he was still recovering from his recent heart attack, and his campaign looked to be dying. Her sudden support and allegiance got things moving for him again, as well as gave him a whole new crowd to speak to. While those on the far left already looked to him, she brings a much younger and more colorful group of supporters along with her, one that he was previously lacking.

Besides, her crazy independence and non-stop social media drama, means that when she is in the spotlight, as she always is, Sanders will be too. His campaign will just have to pray it’s for all the right reasons. After all, she has a bit of a wild streak that often leaves a bitter after taste.

Some have even said that she is the left’s version of Sarah Palin. She can draw in a crowd like no one else, which is what Sanders needs. But sometimes what she says just isn’t a good look for anyone.

For now, all seems to be patched up. Only time will tell if Sanders has to set her loose so she doesn’t ruin his chances.


16 thoughts on “Uh-Oh! Tension Between Sanders and AOC?

  1. Bernie—YOU do not have the health needed to even apply for the job of POTUS! The first major crisis that comes along, you will be so stressed out, your heart will give out! Don’t you even realize how demanding the job is? Now, you get to go home on nights and weekends. If elected, this becomes a 24 hour job for the next (?) 4 years! You can’t handle it!

    1. Bernie’s health is only one of his problems. He is living in the wrong country. He should be in Russia, Cuba or Venezuela stumping for socialistic/commie ideologies. But then again, the people is those countries know the truth about socialistic/communist living and his rhetoric would fall on deft angry ears. As for Bernie’s health, he is so angry all the time and screams and yells at his rally’s, I’m afraid he’s not going to make it to the convention much less November. I’m sure the DNC is banking on hi demise.

  2. I think there is tension between Sanders and the DNC as well. Kind of fun to watch. I wonder if they will screw him again. We do not need any socialists of any ilk in our Government or in any of the state governments.

  3. Thats OK AOC and the rest of the SQUAD will be in his Cabinet and they are “so talented it makes me wanna puke”! Bernie the DNC will not allow an INDEPENDENT crackpot Socialist Communist in the Presidential Race as FOR SURE the Senate and the House will be LOST for another 4 years! And that will kill Nancy, Shiftless, Schummer, Swallwell, HORRYWOOD, NY, and IL!

  4. Hey bernie, I DO NOT CARE, about you or that aoc. both of you combined , are still not as smart as a BOX of ROCKS, THE BOX OF ROCKS WINS and by more than 50%. you will never get my vote, NEVER and neither would aoc or the rest of the SQUAT SQUAD, if they were on my ballot, and I wish they would be, I would like to see THE POTUS and those running for the senate and for the congress at the FEDERAL LEVEL, on the ballot.

  5. Face it, the friction was inevitable. Due to the real motives behind Socialism there is no room for two at the top. It’s facade of being for the people is a lie and an obvious myth. It’s all about power and control at the top and to enrich the liberal, far left elites. Fortunately for us they eventually eat their own.

  6. The democrat party is forever doomed. The 2020 race is the first and one of many to come. They, the Dems, have let Jack out of the box. They have placed themselves on a platform of no return. 2020, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and on and on. There is no place to stop the trail of socialism/communism they have began. The university’s and the professors have bought in and brainwashed the millions of millennials currently enrolled. Within a very few short years they will be the majority of the voting public. Our nation has enjoyed roughly 244 years of a wonderful experiment that has functioned like no other in history, but that is in fact a matter of history. The only things that will afford our nation the opportunity to remain a constitutional republic, is a civil war, won by freedom lovers, or
    for Trump to be re-elected and him to have the support of a republican led house & senate. They could
    sit things in place to prevent individuals like Bernie, AOC and the totally blinded bunch, from ever being allowed to run for office in the US again.

  7. Bernie and Alexandria now that’s a match made for the history books. Bernie knows a lot about Moscow, Iran, Cuba and communism and Alexandria knows nothing about American History. This intelligence will get both of them elected. I for one always wanted a liberal communist and socialist to run the country. Perhaps they will provide unlimited benefits for Seniors and the middle class and at no costs. I can’t wait! Hey Bernie please define the “working class” that you refer too and does that include those that don’t work? Hey Alexandria, George Washington was our first President.

  8. Bernie Sanders’ campaign is one of promising everything to all of the citizens for nothing, and then expecting all of the citizens the Sanders/Cortez team voted against to fund and support it. Don’t be surprised when they propose free Health Care and Free Education et al and are told their are no funds–and you hear Cortez reply…”if that’s the case, we’ll have government pay for it and let them get the money.

  9. This could not happen to two more deserving people. Hopefully they can crash and burn together as that would be a good end to both of them!

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