16 pounds of Cocaine Found Inside a Karaoke Machine

16 pounds of Cocaine Found Inside a Karaoke Machine

The increased security at the border and around the nation has prompted drug runners to get creative with the loads. They know that they cannot cross at a checkpoint without getting caught. They know that they cannot traverse the landscape at the border because of the wall that stands in their way. So, they are inventing new ways to hide the contraband from law enforcement.

The usual way that they try to hide the drugs is by using sealed bags and stashing them in parts of their car. They hope that the drug scent has been sealed off well enough to fool even the most devout K-9 nose. These four-legged heroes have an incredible way of pinpointing the drugs and tipping off the officers as to where it is hidden.

The latest bust came from a K-9 officer in the state of Texas who had pulled a Chevy Avalanche over between Houston and San Antonio. The two drug runners had a bunch of cocaine stashed away in the vehicle that was just driving the K-9 crazy. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office decided that a more thorough search of the vehicle.

Randy Thurmann is the officer that made the stop. After he met with the driver and the passenger he was led to believe that there was something that needed to have further inspection. It was then decided that the K-9 unit would be called out to further investigate the air with their nose.

The police and border agents have to be creative and knowledgeable. They have to know what to look for not just in the vehicles they pull over, but also watch the people for suspicious behaviors that could lead to an arrest. Thurmann suspected that the driver and passenger were hauling drugs and it was about to be revealed.

Once the K-9 arrived on the scene it did not take long to identify where the drugs were being hidden. The K-9 was named Kolt and was very good and sniffing around the vehicle. Kolt had found several large bundles of cocaine placed inside of a large speaker box. They also found that inside of the karaoke machine was more drugs spray foam to the sides. When it was all said and done there were 16 pounds of drugs found with an estimated value of $750,000.

These drugs and other shipments come up from the south and slowly work their way across the country to the areas where the market is hot for illegal drugs. Children and adults become hooked on the substance which in turn drives them to want more of it. All the cash that is collected is then sent south to the drug lords, so they can live in luxury at the cost of thousands of lives.

This is the money that entices kids in Arizona to transport drugs and weapons across the border. It funds the digging of the tunnels under the border so people and drugs can be taken without being seen. This time the shipment was intercepted and the drive Mendiola and the passenger Alifonso Garza Jr. were arrested and placed in jail. The drug routes that these people drive change all the time. But K-9s like Kolt keeps exposing the drugs.

President Trump has been saying all along that the border needs to be secured to keep these kinds of things from making its way into America. Drugs and weapons are continually brought into the country for sale. Gun control will never stop the illegal flow of weapons on the black market. Criminals and shooters will always be able to find a gun to use.

The Democrats want to take guns from law-abiding people. But this just opens them up to attack from the criminals. The only thing that keeps people safe anymore is the right to carry a gun. Criminals are less likely to attack a person if they suspect that they are going to be shot killed in the effort. People need to have the right to protect themselves.


31 thoughts on “16 pounds of Cocaine Found Inside a Karaoke Machine

  1. The whole idea behind so-called “gun control” is not to control guns, but to control the law-abiding Americans that want to protect themselves from the criminal element, as well as TYRANNICAL “government” operatives, that KNOW the ONLY way to “take over” a country, the citizens have to be disarmed first. (which then makes them “subjects of the crown”) this was proven throughout time. If you want to remain FREE, Vote out ALL democommunists, because CONTROL and ABSOLUTE POWER are what these corrupt SCUM are LUSTING for, and will do and say anything to achieve their “goal”. (including just what “bernies” aides “spilled the beans about, sending people to reeducation “gulags” to “convert” or be executed. Don’t believe it? Type in fema camps and guillotines and prepare to be “enlightened”. I have seen these first hand right at Fort Drum N.Y. where I was employed. (caskets and a guillotine, delivered to a secure fema detention area on post that is still there according to a soldier friend that is stationed there)

    1. I disagree with your comments on Gun control laws. Gun control laws are needed for fanatic right-wing republicans, typically white older males that feel threatened by racial deferences. I am a Veteran of the armed forces and was trained to use a M-16 (Automatic, semi-automatic assault rifle.) Gun control laws should prohibit the use of Automatic, semi-automatic assault rifles. THAT IS IT!!!!!!! You really need a gun, go buy a 45 and call it night. If you still are frightened that the “boogie man” is going to get you, I recommend psychiatric therapy. No, I am not a liberal I am a Libertarian.

      1. BEEN WATCHING “THOUGHT PROCESS”, OF LIBERTARIANS….{ ON THE DEMONCRAT POLITICAL STAGE}……THEY DON’T FIT INTO AMERICA….”EITHER”! Ignorant about defense…..& about our Constitution, & what “other” countries have been miserable failures at……Libertarians, & *Demoncrats, want that for America! { NOT “US” PATRIOTS!}

      2. You can call yourself anything You would like , But You read like Michael ( The Fascist Dictator ) Bloomberg or George Soros or one of their Useful Idiots or Quislings , You obviously have a limited knowledge of History and when You use words like Fanatic Right Wing Republicans You read exactly like one of the Domestic Enemies of My country that I swore an oath to Uphold , Preserve and Protect the Constitution from

      3. No Problem Francie!! You are afraid of guns so buy yourself a slingshot. I on the other hand have many guns and Hnt as well as protect my home with them! I Concealed carry as well!! Don’t like it why don’t you move to Australia!!

      4. You are stupid I am a former Marine Captain and a lawyer and criminals will always have guns, You don’t know about the six FBI agents killed by the bank robbers who had M-16s. You are a fool. and do not use the brain God gave you

  2. Why do we have to put down everyone? Can’t we just be kind and have real news and ideas on here? I don’t like the idea of putting people down or putting our noses into other peoples business.

    1. Let’s just join hands and sing Kumbaya and We are the World. “Putting our noses in other peoples business” is a necessary evil if you want to stop the importation of drugs into this country

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself Cliff. It’s time to clean house, the Democrats have got to go! Vote Trump/Pence in 2020, Make America Even Greater!

      1. Michael Bloomberg is a Fascist Dictator that cares only about Power and Control that is why like every other Socialist , Fascist and Communist that has relentlessly attacked our Constitution and Bill Of Rights for over 100 years He is determined to disarm the People , Study and learn history , Adolf Hitler , Heinrich Himmler , Benito Mussolini , Hideki Tojo , Michael Bloomberg , George Soros , Which one of them is more dangerous ?? Michael Bloomberg and George Soros because they have not yet had the opportunity to do as much damage as their Predecessors have done

        1. What a waste of a good Karaoke Machine. Take all 16 pounds of the cocaine and shove it up Nancy Pooper Scooper Pelosi’s nose and the rest of it up her rectum (for medicinal purposes only)

    1. Spurling, the old adage “it’s better for people to THINK you’re a fool, then to open YOUR mouth and remove all doubt” fits you perfectly!

    2. Totally agree with Buddy and Cliff. Democrats are now embracing Socialism and you know what comes after that. Unfortunately, Bernie is setting the stage for Socialism/Marxism right now, but more unfortunate is the thousands that believe and follow him. To me they are “the deplorables”, and very ignorant.

  4. Trump made a campaign promise to cut the US payment to the U N,I am waiting.aLso the military court has sentenced the Fort Hood major to death.I am waiting also for that sentence to be carried out.Promise all you want,I am one who waits to see if they are carried out.Trump has the rest of the year to do the above or I will not vote for him.That does not mean I will vote Dem.

    1. Wait a minute…. He’s kept a lot of his promises in spite of the tumultuous 3 years because of the Dems evil malicious attempts to bring him down.

  5. Socialism does not work in a free country. It has been proven time and time again. You will become a puppet with no say or any way to protect yourself. Good God man, read your history.

  6. Ayers, Dorn, Soros, Obama, Holder, Kerry, The Kilgores, The Ohrs, HRC, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi, these people must be hung for treason, and there are many more but these first!

    1. I agree, Rob! To this first group I would also add the crooked Clintons, ugly Maxine, and lying Bidens. And you’re right, there are many more, too many to list.

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