Teacher Sends Student to Hospital Over a Juice Box

Teacher Sends Student to Hospital Over a Juice Box

Teachers are supposed to be the educational influence in a child’s life along with the parents. They are also to protect the child while they have them in the classroom. But the problem is that children will sometimes rebel in class and the teacher has to deal with that behavior. The sad part about having to deal with the behavior is that the Democrats have taken the authority role of the teacher and removed the discipline factor from it. This has led to some teachers losing control which ends up putting the child in danger.

The teacher should maintain control over their emotions. But on this one occasion, the teacher lost control and ended up sending an 11-year-old boy to the hospital. The young man had to have six stitches put on his forehead because of a fight with a much larger teacher. The young man’s mother is Kiana Randolph, and she would receive the call that her son had been airlifted to the hospital.

The student is Kauri Williamson. He is a student at Post Elementary School in Houston, Texas. His mother came quickly to the school to find that her son had a large cut on his head. It was decided to be so bad that a helicopter would be needed to rush the child to the emergency room. As the story began to unfold the mother was stunned to know how it all happened.

The item of the dispute was a juice box. A juice box that normally is enjoyed for lunch. The enraged mother stated that “They’re supposed to be in a safe place while you’re at work and to get this type of reaction of a head being busted open, especially over a juice box. Nobody deserves this, especially my son. I would never have thought that would have happened to my kid.”

Randolph saw in the video footage the teacher grabbing her son by his hood and slamming his head into the countertop. For any parent, the rage is beginning to build. The video showed the teacher using so much force that the boy’s feet come off the ground and it appears that he is being choked by the force. Excessive force was used to make a child give up a juice box.

Randolph stated that “You see him at one point, my son’s feet lift up off the ground and he is basically being choked.” So much force was used on this little child that there was no way he could have ever hoped to defend himself against a much large person. Not to forget that the insane teacher grabbed him by the hood which would have caught him off-guard.

No child should ever be attacked at the hand of a teacher. The teacher has been put on leave and the school has issued a statement that says “A Post Elementary School student had a medical emergency last Wednesday that precipitated the need for emergency treatment. The employee was placed on administrative leave, and the incident is currently under investigation.” The teacher will have to be prosecuted if found to be guilty of such actions.

The boy’s mother has a lot of faith in the judicial system as her lawyer would state on her behalf “I have a lot of trust in the justice system, so I hope this guy is going to be prosecuted for doing something he shouldn’t have. More so, other teachers need to be aware that if you’re around children, there are certain ways to manage it and certain ways not to manage it.”

The boy has finally returned to school but there is always the issue of his safety at this point. The parents have every right to demand justice and an explanation as to why it all happened. The teacher should never be allowed to teach again. They have demonstrated that they cannot control their own emotions under stress which should be a factor of consideration when working with kids. A child should be able to learn in a place that is free from violence and free from threats.


46 thoughts on “Teacher Sends Student to Hospital Over a Juice Box

  1. Gabbard might be the last Democrat alive everybody else has turn socialist communist it’s a shame she had to drop out just think if it wouldn’t of been for Hillary Clinton backstabbing her she might become the first woman president and Democrat at that sucks to be a dumb Democrat does it not

  2. I’m not teacher slamming her child’s head to the desk sending him out to life flight to the hospital that teacher should receive jail time the school should be charged with a criminal offense of not protecting its students from an irate teacher I pray that parents get $1 million cash settlement from the teachers union for allowing that teacher to teach and another million dollar cash settlement from the school district for hiring a teacher that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it and dammit Tired of all of this crap being taught by our teachers to our children that are not proper such as anything to do with the LGBT or the touchy-feely program or any other stupid program the Democrats keep coming up with this is ridiculous it’s time we take back America take back our schools and save our children from the radical left that has infiltrated our school system and our college systems throughout all of America

    1. As far as the teacher ever teaching again, it would be appropriate if the teaching license was revoked and that should take care of teaching again. The result of the prosecution, if there is one, is up to the court, and that is a crap shoot at best.

  3. Don’t care who the teacher was, it is not the right of a teacher to do that to a child, especially over a lunch box. The teacher should be fired and I hope that the mother sues the hell out of the teacher and the school system. Such injustice. Shows what the liberals have done to same people. They don’t care about the students any more, they go there for a paycheck at the end of pay period. I am aghast at what our educational system from elementary through college has become. Pitiful doesn’t even come close to describing our educational system.

    1. I taught public school AND your question is germaine. I once was subbing for a class of 7-8 yr old kids. As soon as the principal introduced me and left the room, all h–l broke out. I actually feared for my own safety until the principal and “security” officers returned. On another occasion, a 7 yr old boy offered to sell me some DOPE. I immediately notified the principal (as required). The kid claimed he was just making a joke and nothing was done. In both these cases, the kids involved were black and had a history of family violence. ON THE OTHER HAND – I enjoyed many joyous educational experiences teaching well behaved kids (their parents were actively involved) of a variety of races.

  4. What did the teacher see, OJ, as Orange Juice, going bonkers? That kid needs an Upper cervical spesific only chiropractor now, more than never. Wait 4 – 5 days after an accident or hit to the head. Upcspine. Nucca, TheSpesific. Upper Cervical Health Centers.

  5. The report is extremely vague, What reciprocated such an attack that a boy goes to the hospital in a air lift? There could never be a reason for a teacher to act this way but, there are two sides to every story. Why are we not being told the entire story.


    2. Exactly! WHAT DID TEACHER SEE OR HEAR? I can picture numerous senarios. Did the kid throw the OJ at another kid or the teacher? Did the kid curse or even attack the teacher and the teacher instantly responded defensively? Did the kid – WEARING A HOODIE – threaten the teacher with some kind of weapon? Even prison inmates sometimes use sharpened pencils and tightly rolled up magazine pages as dangerous weapons. There is way too much info NOT given.

  6. You know, the part that has been totally left out of this story is what the kid did to enrage the teacher in the first place. Obviously I do not condone what was done, but the way we got to this point is that for years parents have sent their uncontrollable little brats to the schools, and then sued the teacher when the teacher made “little johnny” sit in the corner. It has compounded to this. I want to know what the incorrigible little brat did, to be able to make a teacher become so unhinged!!!!! I seriously doubt “little johnny” is guiltless!!!!

      1. Why is Harley an asshole because he voiced his opinion. Right or wrong in this country you can actually do that. If anyone is a moron it’s you . This country is in a fight where people like you try to silence people that don’t agree with them .get over yourself in no way shape or form do you have a right to take someone’s voice

      2. YOU – Mark – are the “ASS HOLE BRAINLESS MORON”. Harley is simply asking for additional info about the situation. I agree with Harley. The situation needs to be fully investigated and appropriate action taken – against the teacher OR the kid according to finding what precipitated the incident.

    1. That is also what I noticed Harley. I do not condone what the teacher did; but, I would like the whole story instead of just enough where the pc people want you to accept that the teacher went bonkers and the kid is totally innocent of wrong doing. Anyone who has children know how frustrating your own children can be so how does a teacher keep it together??!!

    2. 1. In 1951 I suffered a HUGE cut to forearm and drive to hospital was over an hour.
      The scar is quite visible as I type. Cut was much worse than head cut on age 11 year boy.
      2. There is much more to this incident than reported.

  7. Helicopters should only be used if transport time is over 30 minutes which is highly unlikely, do I believe the teacher was overly aggressive, yes certainly just as I believe the wuss man Kindergarten teacher I had at Howe Elementary school back in 1966 over reacted by calling my father at work and demanding he come and get me to bring me home, why, well because I bit him.

    1. As a former teacher, I 0nce hit a kid with my fist . WHY? He was sneaking up behind me – I could see other students watching. One students yelled, “Look out Mr —“. As I turned the kid jammed a sharp pencil into my arm – and my instant reaction took over. After principal questioned everyone in class, including the parents who were NOT there, it was learned the kid had a history of violent anti-social behavior. The parents wanted me fired, but the principal said that I had the right to file charges of assault against the kid or drop the matter and “let it die”.

      1. David – I believe there is a great difference between an instinctive self-defensive reaction to aggression, and what would “seem” to have happened here. Equally I am sure we do not have all the facts by any means.
        There does need to be a proper enquiry – and I mean PROPER, not just a Kangaroo court. Fortunately it appears this school has live video monitoring which given calm investigation may doubtless help “them” reach the correct conclusion.
        However – I very much doubt this particular “teacher” has a future in the child indoctrination industry !

  8. The child’s age, weight, gender, or religious beliefs are not the issue here people – when does an adult have the ‘right’ to hit or make child’s head come into contact with counter or anything else for that matter? Seriously, boil this down – EVEN if said child hit another child or teacher – two wrongs DO NOT make this okay under any circumstance.

    1. 1. In 1951 I suffered a HUGE cut to forearm and drive to hospital was over an hour.
      The scar is quite visible as I type. Cut was much worse than head cut on age 11 year boy.
      2. There is much more to this incident than reported.

      1. Teacher has mini Mike mentality.He does not want anyone to drink soda or junk food! To that I say fuc* him!
        MAGA TRUMP 2020

    2. 1. In the mid 1970s, a 9-12 grade student charged at a teacher on the teacher’s first day at school.
      2. The student was knocked across two rows of chairs.
      3. That student as I understand, did not charge at teachers again.
      4. Other students as I understand, did not charge at teachers period.
      5. The teacher was NOT disciplined.
      6. The school principal in adjacent classroom, upon hearing the incident, left his room to learn what happened, stated after learning, that he wished he had seen the incident.
      7. BTW-1, the new teacher had just returned from serving as a combat infantryman in Vietnam.
      8. MORAL: Don’t mess with combat infantrymen and expect pleasant consequences.
      9. BTW-2, the school was neither a public nor charter school; it was an expensive private school.

  9. The demonrats are the cause of this type of problem. They have taken away the parents right to properly punish children when they need it, for fear that the government will take the children. They have taken away the schools right to properly punish students. The children know this and push the teachers to the breaking point. I do not condone what this teacher did by no means, but I can understand why. The demonrats need to stay away from trying to tell parents how to discipline their children. They need to get their socialist, alphabet people, communist agenda out of all levels of education.

  10. we did not get a full story as far as I am concerned. That being said. NO Teacher has the right to inflict that kind of injury on an Eleven year old Child. If they cannot tolerate or handle Children then they need to make a Job change. 99% of Teachers do it because they love Children. I would like more of what all happened in this situation.

    1. You are correct we never get the full story. That said I see no way this child was any kind of imminent threat to the teacher or other students over a juice box therefore no amount of force should have been used much less the kind that sent him to the emergency room with possibly life threatening injury.

      If the parent had done that they would already be in jail facing charges.

  11. Nothing justifies that teachers actions no matter what the justification the jerk uses or claims. Kids are not in control but grown ups are suppose to be and if they can’t handle the kids, then don’t be around them. Any parent know even a baby can cause stress. The adult like this one is often violent and handles child stresses badly. The fact that this guy was violent in this instance makes me wonder what was hidden in hiring him and if his background was even looked at. That is a truly scarey thought. I want to know and be known by the teachers of my grandchildren and I did the same with my own children. Be involved and know who teaches your children and down to even the bus driver and custodians at the school. Trust no one today, too many lunatics.

  12. What a mess..whose to blame. A teacher whose probably pushed to the extreme by bad behavior..the parent who allows..or a child..innocent or not. In my day there wz a paddleboard with holes or even nails in it. Rarely used..usually by a teacher with issues..still the kids feared it so that they didnt dare misbehave & we had a better society…even with issues of its own. Nowadays everybody can do wat they want & society has suffered for it. I live in a town ..as most these days where people steal watever they want & do wateve they want & it seems to not matter. Where in the hell are we headed from here.

  13. I am quite amazed by this whole incident. To see that a “Teacher” a member of that sacred profession which demands the entire “rights” to every childs’ indoctrination process ( Democrat speak ? ) and acts supposedly “In Parentis Loci” in order to garantee the promotion of the liberal (anti)Democrat process, has actually “Lost it” when confronted by a recalcitrant 11 year old – WOW !!
    Its almost reminiscent of scenes in the House of Representatives over the past couple of years – where the leading lights have daily displayed tantrums and actions bordering on insanity 😉

    Seriously though – I suggest we let Justice have a chance to resolve this – and THEN we can have a great big LYNCHING PARTY – HOOEE !! ( victims to be announced later ) 😉

    Grow up America – dump the nutters party and rejoin the sane World before its too late.

  14. And Gov Lee of TN is pushing to have everyone carry a gun without needing a carry permit…except in restricted areas! Would that cover teachers? I don’t think so since teachers are being encouraged to carry voluntarily……I worry about the children if that happens…if teachers can’t keep their temper now, how would it be if those same teachers are carrying a gun?

  15. Well that teacher will never teach again, unless it is to criminals in the BIG HOUSE, 10 yrs minimum, assault and battery, child abuse, child endangering.

  16. What I don’t get is that when we see the police summoned to a domestic violence scenario and a person (juvenile or older) is battered abut the head, then the suspected batterer is immediately taken into custody for at least the first night until making an appearance before a judge. If found guilty, more jail time is given. The guilty party is usually barred from coming close to the child and in the case of a teacher, or caregiver for children, that person is barred from being in a caregiver role anytime soon. So how is it that this teacher is only put on administrative leave?

    Also the child may have lasting psychological trauma from such an incident like this. I am sure the school district and that teacher may face damages in a civil court case.

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