California is Draining a Reservoir Over Democrats Senseless Fears

California is Draining a Reservoir Over Democrats Senseless Fears

The Democrats in California are a group of what-if crybabies. They decided to have the Anderson Dam reservoir drained because they are fearful that a major earthquake will destroy the dam. People rely on water to live. The decision to drain the reservoir is another example of the lack of care that the Democrats have for people.

This February has proven to be dry for the region. Which has made people rely on the water from the reservoir to water their yards and for them to drink? The Democrats are afraid that an earthquake could cause the dam to collapse. So instead of building a new facility downstream and then draining the water, they have just drained the water without thinking it all through.

David Capka is the director of the FERC’s Division of Dam Safety and Inspections. He stated that “It is unacceptable to maintain the reservoir at an elevation higher than necessary when it can be reduced, thereby decreasing the risk to public safety and the large population downstream.” And the rest of the nation has to wonder why it was ever built in that location in the first place? The dam has been in place for over 70 years. There has never been a problem. To assume that there is going to be a disaster is wishful thinking on the part of the Democrats.

The Democrats are just inventing ways for them to appear to be caring because it is an election year. It makes perfect sense why they would drain the water in the middle of a drought and take away one of the few means to fight wildfires. The duplicity of the Democrats is going to get someone killed.

There are always other options to keep from having to empty reservoir. They could have increased the size of the dam to make it stronger. And they could have reduced the amount of water in the lake so there was not as much pressure on the dam. But the Democrats were never good at thinking of other options.

Such fears that are being pushed on the people are being fueled from flooding that happened in 2017, 14,000 people had to be evacuated because of the Coyote Creek had crossed its banks and flooded the area. But this has nothing to do with what-if situations. The fear of a pending earthquake is nothing more than speculation. There could be one soon or not at all. They should rather build a dam that can withstand the feared earthquake. So, the residents can continue to enjoy living in the area.

There has been some talk of rebuilding the dam but that is still up for debate. Norman Camacho who is the CEO of Valley Water stated that “Valley Water has been working with several state and federal agencies through the years to secure the proper permits as the scope of the project has increased due to additional safety and design requirements. A priority will be to design and build a large outlet pipe, which will provide greater control over the water levels and increase public safety.” These things could have been done without draining the entire water supply.

The Anderson reservoir serves over 2 million people. The effects of the drain are expected to have severe environmental impacts as it destroys the habitat that has developed over the years. Camacho has also stated that “While residents have done an excellent job of conserving water since 2013, another drought during this time frame could require everyone to significantly decrease their water use.” All the effort to save water by people has been for nothing because of the draining by the fearful leadership.

The short-sighted Democrats think that it will take about five years to build the improvements. They have not planned well for growth or emergencies that will come up. The region is set for a major disaster because of the Democrats. Any earthquake that may or may not happen is pointless at this point because the real disaster will be at the hands of the fearful liberals who have drained all the water from the Anderson reservoir.


44 thoughts on “California is Draining a Reservoir Over Democrats Senseless Fears

  1. When was the last time a dam or reservoir was built in California?
    How many have been torn down?
    Why are the corrupt Socialist Democrat Establishment Elite so bent on destroying America?

    1. Al I have to say is — I live far, far away from Commiefornia; I could care less what insane crap they do anymore; if the “good” people that live in Commiefornia won’t take matters in hand and stop this insanity, then they deserve everything that happens to them and their state. It’s time to stop whining and playing the nice guys and do what our forefathers do!

      1. Part of the Agenda 21 control directives is to shut down all dams as “unsustainable”. There was too much heat on Oroville for them to “Neglect” it into destruction but it looks like they are getting away with Anderson. Look next to San Luis Reservoir, Folsom, Shasta, Isabella and probably those smaller, lesser known.

  2. This is the very reason for the writing of the second amendment period. The democratic party has brought it down to due to their total insanity we must now defend our virtual existence over their brain damage.

    1. So instead of proper & proven ‘Forest Management’, such as controlled burns to mitigate repeated wildfires regardless of man caused (arsonist) or natural cause (lightening)…
      These MORONS have drained a water reservoir ‘in case’ an earthquake strikes the area & causes compromise to the dam…
      Hell, IF my Aunt had testicles – She’d be my Uncle & IF a frog had a tail – it wouldn’t bust its’ ASS every time it hopped…
      It’s WAAAYYY PAAASSSTTT time the Good & Solid People of the beautiful State of California put a STOP to the MENTAL ILLNESS known as California State Government & is brought to a modicum of ‘self-control’ by The People of California – what Ya’ll have going now ain’t working for the good of the People nor the environment… Mac😎 KAG 2020

      1. Fellow Californians, It is Imperative we take back This once Beautiful State for the Corruption that is”The Democrats”. Voting and running GOOD Politicians is the only way. It may take time but it can be done. Keep the Faith.

    1. “89000 sick and 2900 dead”
      That is around 1 in 30.
      About the dame as regular flue at 1 in 36.
      And that produces tens of thousands of deaths each year.
      And sometimes even more in a ‘bad’ year.

  3. Has not the Socialist+++ state of California seceded from the Union yet? We can hope. Destroying water should be a crime, if it is not. But for those that are bent on destroying this Country, destroying water is a logical step. Now watch, before the year is out, fires will break out, mostly arson started, and the State will beg for all kinds of help in putting them out and saving existing structures.

    1. California threatened not long ago to SECEDE from the Union and I wonder where from they got cold feet..


  4. We need to fire every damned politician in this state and start over. Put people with sense in office and get rid of the pelosi clan that is running the show now

  5. Hey! Election year coming up. Vote to get rid of liberals. As a whole, they’ve been instrumental in destroying just about everything they touch.

    1. There’s an similarity between King Midas of ancient Greek mythology and the liberals: with King Midas, everything he touched turned to gold, a good thing in many ways, but with the liberals, everything they have a hand in or touch turns to SHIT. California and New York being prime examples of this concept. Time long overdue to recall newsom, pigliosi and ‘fart’ faced fienstein and all of the other liberals of which there’re too damned many to list here who’re destroying the once golden state that ‘s now the CRAP HOLE of the USA.

  6. Do these people in Calif. ever think anything through. Do they expect the dam to hold if their is a major earthquake? When they are without water when the droughts come, as they always do, they will cry for help. They do not build dams or power plants, no, they rely on other states, with dams and reservoirs, to supply them with electric power. Then they call for electric cars, knowing they have not even close the power grid to support millions of cars charging on their grid. They are like children, always waiting for someoneone else to fix the problems they create. My grandparents lived in LA area, and I spend summers wating their mindset up close.

  7. When the hell are people going to wake up realize it’s time for pelosi and schiff for brains to go? Just think what could of been accomplished if they would have spent the last three years doing the job they were hired to do, and used that forty million dollars to fix that dam.

  8. Politicians should rely on people who are trained to know about any given situation. In this case it should be Engineers who can give advice on how to shore up the dam instead of destroying a water source that so many people depend on. It seems that once people get elected they become experts in any and all fields of endeavor and as a result they make disastrous decisions based on their “beliefs” or “emotions”. God save us from such ignorant people.

  9. Didn’t Trump (president) just signed an executive order on California water so that they couldn’t do this kind of stuff, Could this be just another way to fight the president? I would guess that is more the reason, and quakes was a phony story because they are to cowardly to say what the real reason is…..Thomas Jefferson said, “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” And you can’t argue with that, What country in the history of the world ever gave it’s people the green light to take the tyrant’s out by force if necessary, None! so before they remove the second amendment let’s use it to do what it was given to us for. sadly it seems that is going to be the only way to save our nation from these leeches that have attached themselves to every part of our Republic. They have backed us into a corner, and if prop 13 gets passed they will be able to take your home threw massive property tax increase it’s hidden at the end of the bill that is of course “for our children ‘s schools” (again).

    1. Good ole gavin ‘giveaway the store for free’ newsom got up on television to ask for a vote to improve the schools, so what else’s new here? This disgusting social climbing pretty boy , first class asswipe, piece of festering SHIT, snake in the grass and low down weasel must think the people of California are stupid. This is nothing buy a money grab form these fiscally incompetent buffoons, pure and simple. These thieves tried doing something like this years ago ‘for the schools,’ and where are the schools now, but in worse off shape. My question: where is all the money collected for this? Oh my bad, i’s been ‘reappropriated’ and pissed away on BS and nonsense that doesn’t benefit anyone. There ought to be a national law: taxes collected for specific purposes must be used for the purposes for which they’re collected and to defer them even by one cent, shall be grounds for legal action against all those complicit and all funds be accounted for down to the penny (this is what’s done in private businesses) and no ‘funny stuff’ Gee, what a simple solution but in California this probably wouldn’t go as the politicians look at the voters here like walking ATM machines, sad to say.

      1. Want to improve the schools and save money too?
        Only teach the classes in English. Do away with free lunches if at the beginning of the year the parents can’t prove citizenship. Nuf

  10. well just like a demo-donkey politician, think they have fix on problem and walk around gloating of what a great thing they did and make 2 or 3 new problems. Not all minds are great and work together, and they the demo-donkeys are living proof of that. VOTE THEM ALL OUT , in NOVEMBER 2020

  11. Democrats are brain dead and insane. WHY would anyone EVER vote for a Democrat? They are the party of HATE and they are destructive and divisive. Vote for conservatives. Trump 2020.

  12. The only reason dumb democrats are elected, is they have dumbed down the population in their retarded schools. Does that state have any intelligent any more?
    This note may get removed, because I have offended someone.

  13. Time to round-up ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS in California & put them on TRIAL for Placing the American citizens lives in danger with this crazy Sanctuary insanity, bad decisions, allowing NON-AMERICANS to VOTE, homeless pissing & defecating on the streets…this to include Governor, Mayors, & City councils… Not all are guilty, but the innocent/guilt to be determined with their votes on Wildfires, drinking water, safety, immigration…all things that affect the SAFETY & WELL-BEING of the American citizens of California…this INSANITY NEEDS to END…. these shit-holes NEED to END!!!! ALL BAD IDEAS!!!!!


  15. The left coast is a lost cause! They keep (re)electing STUPID FOOLS into gubbermint offices at ALL levels. Unfortunately when they leave the left coast, they continue to vote the same way that turned the left coast into a $H!Thole states!!

  16. The big reason the Dems = Liberals = Socialists = Communists stay in power in Cal is that stupid Dem voters and RINOs and Illegals vote and revote them in for all the welfare and then work the illegals and the voters are brainwashed to the point of ONLY voting who they are told to vote for and that is the Dems who are destroying Cal and want to destroy America the same way.

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