Shocking Video: Six-Year-Old Girl Being Put Into Handcuffs by Police

Shocking Video: Six-Year-Old Girl Being Put Into Handcuffs by Police

It is every parent’s worst nightmare to watch their 6-year-old child taken away by the police for being violent. This is the case for one family that would learn that their little child was arrested at school for being violent. Kaia Rolle is the 6-year-old that was arrested by police for hitting three staff members at her school. The issues stem from her behavior and the policies that could have prevented her actions.

The violent child is seen begging for her freedom as they pull out the handcuffs to place around her little hands. The video shows her begging and crying as the police officer takes her and places her hands in the restraining devices. At this point, it is clear that the child has snapped and has learned her lesson. But the cop continues to take her into custody.

The fit that the child threw is nothing new to that age. Kids everywhere act out and throw a tantrum when they do not get what they want. But they still have to learn that their behavior is wrong. The careless Democrats have stripped the authority teachers once had in the classroom by claiming they do not have the right to discipline in school. So, the kids learn right away that there are no consequences for their choices.

Once the parents found out what had happened they were enraged. The family would turn the video over to the media hoping to get the attention of what was happening at the schools. The officer that took Rolle into custody was Dennis Turner. During the video, Turner tells the school that the child is going to have to be arrested. It is at that moment the child realizes that her recess time is gone. Turner said to the kid “Stand up, stand up … come over here.”

The dialogue between the kid and the cop only gets crazier from that point. Rolle has no idea what is about to happen as she asks what the handcuffs are for. Turner’s response is cold and impersonal to the point that it scares Rolle. He stated, “It’s for you.” Turner’s actions violated a rule that says no child under the age of 12 can be arrested without a supervisor’s approval. He violated protocol and would later be fired for his actions.

Turner got what he had coming to him for violating the rules. But the child still had a lesson to learn. If she was not getting the right instructions at home and school, then there had to be some other way that she could learn. It would seem that the handcuffs were going to be that device to teach Rolle that she cannot hit people when she has a problem with authority. In the video, Rolle is crying and screaming out saying “No, no, I don’t want handcuffs on! No, don’t put handcuffs on! Please!”

Rolle was taken out of the school and placed into the SUV that had her name written all over it. The trauma that Rolle went through is going to be with her for a long time. But it might be what was needed to show her that rotten behavior has terrible consequences. To the family’s relief, the charges of misdemeanor battery were dropped and that would be the end of the drama.

Rolle would learn her lesson has she would cry out “Please — give me a second chance! Please, let me go!”

All the other kids watching would soon learn that crime does not pay. Turner did violate company policy and lost his job, but there is nothing on the books in Florida that sets a minimum age for the arrest of a child. The parents of Rolle are hoping that the video will spark a change in the law to state an age.

Rolle was taken to the police station where she would have her picture and her fingerprints taken. She was so small that she had to stand on a stool to have the picture snapped. The school has spoken out and said that they had no intentions of pressing charges. But one thing is for certain, Rolle will think twice before hitting another person.


35 thoughts on “Shocking Video: Six-Year-Old Girl Being Put Into Handcuffs by Police

  1. That little girl deserved to be scared out of her mind but I bet she thinks twice before doing something stupid again. Sometimes “tough love” is the best medicine for an out of control kid. More parents need to teach their kids how to behave both at home and out in public.

  2. This troubling account of the detainment of this six-year old girl did not expose the rhetoric she shouted before and during her arrest….Words such as, “Give me a second chance…” and ” I have rights”…….belie a certain familiarity with encounters with the police. Has this girl heard those statements before? And by whom?
    She seemed a little too sure of herself and her “rights”. Further investigation could uncover an history of family or friends’ arrests. It’s a little too self-righteous for a six-year old.

  3. Don’t feel sorry for this kid, and don’t paint her as being innocent. She knew right from wrong in that situation, but she chose the wrong because she didn’t think she would have to pay any consequences. When I started teaching in the public schools in the late 80s, the district would bring in speakers to start off the new year. The first speaker I heard was a child psychologist, and to paraphrase one point I vividly remember from his speech was: “If the parents don’t discipline their child(ren) to behave and act accordingly in you classes and you’ve done your best, don’t worry about it because the police will do the disciplining for them later.”

  4. The policeman should not have been fired. This kid brought her home life into the school. Her parents most likely have been teaching her how to act, and themselves have been taken into custody is where she learned to say these things. Rehire the policeman.

    1. I agree when are these idiots going to realize if you do this kinda shit to a police officer pretty soon you wont have any police officers that would want to be on the force hummmmm wonder what happens to a city when the police force disappears??? no need to answer that one

  5. The Girl had the perfect role model for her behavior ! She more than likely learned it
    from her Ghetto Mama ! They all act up and make a lot of noise when in public !

  6. The fired officer should sue the city and be reinstated with all back pay; he did nothing wrong. The girl was clearly a threat to all with whom she came in contact.

  7. I am an elderly lady who probably sees this action differently, BUT, where was the Guidance Counselor or Principal of the School. I fully understand the school’s calling the police. They didn’t want to get sued because they tried to restrain the child. I believe most schools forbid them from doing this. However, what a “copout” to call the police on a 6-year old. Why not call the parent and have someone come to school to calm the child by sending her home for the remainder of the day. Then have a meeting the next day with the parents and child as to how and whether they could resolve the issue. I think maybe the policeman lost his job due to a principal not doing theirs. I believe calling the cops for a 6-year old who’s having a tantrum is inexcusable, and this cost a man his job and livelihood.

  8. what country was this in ?? UK , and true many kids have no manners and are not taught how to behave, because the parents do not know how to behave either,

  9. Sometimes the hardest learned lessons are the best learned lessons. I doubt the little girl was hurt. Maybe she learned her lesson.

  10. The police officer was placed in an untenable situation. From different points of view no matter what he did would be wrong. I believe he did what was best by letting the law deal with the violent little brat. She probably learned all about her rights at home from mommy and daddy. This is really typical behavior …… I’m surprised the race card wasn’t played.
    The officer should have been given a commendation for appropriately responding to a no win situation.

    1. It will be if the parents are called to the school and have to discuss their daughter’s behavior with school officials. Dollars to donuts the little brat will be mouthing off because she’ll feel since her parents are there she can get away with it. If the race card is played I’ll bet the school will back off!


  12. I dont know……i mean as soon as the office asked her age and the staff said 6 years old, he said that was a new record….the youngest had been 8. I have to wonder….if the kid had been 4 years old, would he have taken her in? And why would they send a huge male officer to a grade school to pick up a child? Shouldnt it have been a female office with CPS or a Social Worker? There has to be more to this story…..because if there is not more to this story, then what the heck is wrong with the staff at the school AND the police dept???? Why didnt they call her parents? There are a lot of autistic kids who have issues with violence…..

  13. Officer should be reinstated with back pay and kids parents should be charged and tried for kids offences . when I was 6 there is no way that I would have done anything like that my parents had integrity and taught us right from wrong and to respect our elders.

  14. I taught school for 25 years and no way would I teach now. Teachers need to be able to discipline their students. Students don’t learn in a disorderly atmosphere.

  15. The people who thought that a talking to from a guiding counselor would be the best thing are dead wrong. By having an officer do the talking the child will learn a lesson. The child will take this as a warning what can happen if you don’t follow the rules. I hope the scare works and the girl will lead a better life.

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