Whoa! Biden Camp Admits He Lied and Tell What Really Happened

Whoa! Biden Camp Admits He Lied and Tell What Really Happened

The one lesson that old man Biden should have learned by now is that lying never makes things better. His campaign has been riddled with lies from the very start. His actions towards women and little girls have grossed everyone out. And now it seems that his morbid past in catching up with as his mind slowly deteriorates before the world. For some time, old man Biden has been telling people that he was arrested in South Africa while on a trip to see Nelson Mandela.

For years old man Biden has led people to believe that he was arrested in South Africa. But that claim is being proved to be a lie by his very own campaign managers. He was only “separated” from the group at an airport. Being separated and arrested are very different. If he had been arrested, he would not have been able to get out of the situation as fast as he did. Joe Biden had lied to attract African American voters. He needs them badly to win in the coming states.

Joe Biden is in a sad third place for the nomination of the Democratic Party. His circus clown rival Bernie Sanders is leading the way of defeat. Biden has received support from James Clyburn who holds the key to what Biden believes is a major sector of voter support. But just because he has the backing of one man does not mean that people are going to vote for the crazy old man.

The claim that he was arrested is a far cry from the truth. He did go to South Africa to visit Mandela in prison. Biden states that he “had the great honor of being arrested with our UN ambassador on the streets of Soweto.” He stated that he was arrested on his way to see the imprisoned Mandela on his way to Robben Island. Except the island is more than 760 miles away from where he alleges he was arrested. There are a lot of closer places to access the island from.

He even lied about what happened when he stated that “He threw his arms around me and said, ‘I want to say thank you,” Mr. Biden told onlookers. “I said, ‘What are you thanking me for, Mr. President?’ He said: ‘You tried to see me. You got arrested trying to see me.'” Mandela would have never known whether he was arrested or not being in prison. So, Biden had to lie to this man as well.

Biden’s claim has also been put to shame by the ambassador that he supposedly traveled with. Andrew Young has told a different story. In response, the campaign manager for Biden lied to cover the lie and stated that Biden was referring to another time in his life. So, either he is lying, or his mind is going crazy, and he cannot remember things anymore.

It was said that the whole issue stems from the color of one’s skin at the time. Biden was supposed to go through the white door while everyone else had to go through the black door. But Biden was trying to make a statement and wanted to go through the black door to identify with the rest of the party he was with. This is the story that he campaign manager Kate Bedingfield is pushing to cover the mistakes that Biden is making.

She would state that “They, he was not allowed to go through the same door that the – the rest of the party he was with. It was apartheid, South Africa. There was a white door, there was a black door. He did not want to go through the white door and have the rest of the party go through the black door. He was separated.” At this point, no one cares because the loser is losing big to a man that is even older than Biden is.

What makes the story even heavier is he provided a statement that gives even different details than what has already come out. He stated that “When I exited the plane I was directed to one side of the tarmac, while the African American congressmen traveling with me were sent to the other side. I refused to break off, and the officials finally relented.” No one knows the truth because he has twisted it in a bunch of lies. And this is the way the Democrats work.


52 thoughts on “Whoa! Biden Camp Admits He Lied and Tell What Really Happened

      1. Gerald is not a racist, but you are. Don’t you know that it is Democrats and all those on the left who are the racists. Don’t you know that what the left accuses the right of is exactly what they are guilty of. Don’t you know the divisiveness in the country is being caused by the left and all those way left, and, it was the previous black man who began dividing the country?

      2. There is no such thing as racism. It is a label created by the left as a catch all to intimidate the people. Scripture provides that facts that the negro is NOT a race of man, they were created separately. If you don’t believe in scripture then maybe science can provide the same fact. According to the Linnaeus System of Taxonomy, that ALL scientists use to categorize life on earth, negros and mongoloids are separate species, not races, because of the distinct differences between each of the groups. But of course, the left doesn’t believe in science either, considering that they insist that there are more than two sexes, that homosexuality is “normal”, and that CO2 is dangerous.

    1. If a democrat would actually tell the truth, that person would strongly ostracized by other democrats and removed from the party.

      1. Wrong! He is half coon and ALL mudslime! Mudslime is NOT a “race”, it refers to ethnicity, specifically followers of islam!

    2. Good ole Joey touchy feely biden’s just another liberal idiot thinking the American people will vote for him ’cause he was a vice president once. Really, this old fart was ‘obozo’s’ white ‘token’ and lackey and was used to get the White House, pure and simple, nothing more. The black bastard treated him like a lackey and this buffoon ate it up.. Does anyone with at least half a brain think the black idiot and charlatan who ended up flim flaming America and taking an 8 year long luxury vacation on the taxpayers dime (while nothing he promised got done) would come within one inch of the White House if he had a black vice president, get real.. Not only is biden a liar, her’s a thief as well as his demon seed hunter. One good thing though he and his communist opponent liar, thieving goniff and ‘yiddiot’ sanders won’t stand a chance come November against Trump. Donald trump might be abrupt and brash but he gets things done. Look at it this way, Who doesn’t love seeing the liberals eating up each other and spitting each other out ( the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire and Nevada primaries being examples), and throwing each under the bus. Thank God these two moronic idiots are the contenders as it’ll be a slaughter come November, guaranteed. Who in their right minds wants socialism and communism? If the black clown didn’t endorse joey biden, his former vice president with whom he worked for 2 terms, (if you could call what these two clowns did was work), doesn’t this give anyone a hint about the character, actually lack of ‘character’ of the liberals in general.

    3. Yep! and still won’t admit his real father was Malcolm X. They look more alike than that round faced man who
      substituted to get into the U.S. legally. Also put a photo of Malia Obama next to Malcolm X and tell me they are not related!

    1. Our president doesn’t lie, it is the Democrats and MSM who lie and constantly twist or reverse the truth as it is said and facts as they happen.

      1. Nora clearly lives under a rock. She makes very clear that she likes people that lie to her so of course she adores Donald Trump who was recently awarded the Worlds Ckampionship Medal for his almost 17,000 documented lies told since he took office. And this accumulation of lies do not include the many thousands he told throughout his miserable life nor the lies he told to his 3 wives on their weeding days……the ones where he said he would love, honor, and obey them. Poor Nora, I can only imagine how terrible her life must be what with everyone lying to her day in and day out.

        And now a word to Gerald Ladd: a racist piece of human scum like yourself must have about zero self esteem which is making you such an outspoked turd. Your calling President Obama a “coon” shows the thinking world not only what a low-life you are but equally just how f**king stupid you are. Normally I would pity anyone that does not live his/her life according to the Golden Rule, nor worse, that doesn’t even understand what it means. What does make me feel better after reading the garbage you posted here is knowing that President Obama and indeed the large majority of the worlds black population are smarter, have a much higher moral standard, are better educated, are kinder, more thoughtful, and certainly are a whole lot happier and content than you are or ever will be. If I wasn’t such a nice person I’d be wishing for you things like cancer of the testices that would prevent you from re-producing and increasing the number of morons in the world just like you and our dimwitted President who we know thinks a whole lot like you and your ilk. The world will be a better place under President Biden and especially after you and Nora crawl back under your respective rocks.

        1. Cancer of the testicles? Nah, why don’t just let him impregnate women and then “you and your ilk” can just murder the unborn and therefore take care of the problem.


    3. So Einstein, tell us some of those lies! And try providing a link to the physical evidence that proves them to be lies! We’re waiting!

  1. Next thing we will hear out of Joe’s mouth is that he fought in the Civil War and was married to Queen Elizabeth and had one child (Purple) Barnie.

    SERIOUSLY JOE, Get Some Mental Health Help.

        1. No were you ever in the military? I was USMC51-55, if you weren’t. Be Quite.
          How do you know if Trump lied to stay out of the draft. The democrats did away with the draft

    1. You are a POC Trump did go to military school granted it wasnt the military but I will tell you this your god dam democrate hero bill clinton was a f – – cking draft dodging asshole, potsmoking ,rapist oh and by the way cashes clay to was a god dam draft dodger they all should have been brought back in body bags. Did you serve you poc. I did I served 25 years us Navy I knew I would be drafted so I signed up for the Navy and waited for my draft number to be called 1969 – 1995

    2. Unlike all of the leftist who are “stolen valor” warriors, Trump has never claimed military service, he also never dodged the draft like most of the left has, he was refused by the military for medical reasons, THAT IS DOCUMENTED FACT! Anyone with even one brain cell knows that there are a lot of people who have been turned down by the military for many reasons — medical, education, criminal background…

  2. We’ll I know trump’s brain’s are addled but I didn’t know he used drugs for year’s. But it should have been obvious from his child like mentality and stupid comments

  3. Biden is a dumbass old bastard with shit for brains. Ain’t nobody is gonna vote for this cocksucker. He stinks like shit. Smells like Obamatherfucker.


  4. I sure wish you guys would stick to the issue contained in the article. Responding to an ill informed troll does nothing more than feed him, You guys are allowing him to bait you into a response. you can fix ignorant, but not stupid.
    biden lies about meeting Mandella (among other things), Bernie lies whenever he opens his mouth, hilary lies bigly, remember when she and Chelsea were fired upon in Vietnam and had to run for cover. It is just a common practice. You tell a lie and a lot of people will believe it and it makes a lasting impression in their opinions. People have a hard time changing their mind once an opinion is formed. It is a proven psychological fact that people avoid decisions whenever possible. For example, buying the same brand of toothpaste. toothpaste Politicians know this and it is an effective campaign tool. The lie isn’t as important as the opinion hearing it does Like saying someone has told “X” number of lies. That statement has no validity as there are no numerical facts to back it up. Anything said that cannot be backed up with hard evidence is generally an untruth.

  5. There are no liberal candidates. Just fools spending other peoples money…even during the campaign! And yes, Sanders is an idiot blowing his socialist horn like the jerk off he is! He has never done anything and if elected you would see the SOB as he really is. Dump them all and reelect Trump. Everything he has done was for us and the media has been lying to cover Hillary’s sorry aXX We were so lucky to dodge her bullit! Why would anyone not vote for the guy that was doing everything for us and not to us like the liberals do!

    1. You are so right. The Democrats have done nothing for the country they just obstruct everything good or great it doesn’t matter. Just never make Trump look good. They don’t deserve our vote now, they have abandoned us and we should do the same to them.

  6. All the Do Nothing Democrats do Is Lie 24/7 What’s NEW? TRUMP 20/20 .
    Picture of Hunter and Joe Biden after they took Billions of Dollar’s from Ukraine Gas businesses , they posted the picture after receiving Billions of Dollars, SICK

  7. Come on Democrats stay together! We know the truth. No matter what Biden or Hillary or Obama say is the truth even if they are lying. They only speak the truth. The Press in this country know that Trump never speaks the truth even if he says it is sunny on an intensely sunny day. The Press ALWAYS spots that lie and corrects it and tells you it is not sunny. It is a snow blizzard…even in July. They are Democrats so they ALWAYS speak the truth so start shoveling you driveways.

  8. The MSM idiots claim that Trump tells lies and started that ignorant “count.” Have you ever looked at their “list” of so-called lies? They list things like “He says he likes someone’s purple tie. But the tie is lavender!” They count that as a lie. It’s all stupid twisting of facts and fooling the susceptible public.

  9. For years the democrats and there main stream news have told and retold and told again to hate Trump and if they say it enough times people really started to believe this is called brain washing. It does not matter who is the President is, it’s a matter of what there doing for the country, look at what’s being done not the man
    A very strong economy, more jobs for ALL people Woman, asians, African American, Hispanic Americans. Fair Trade, Higher wages , rebuilt the Military and meany other things Not as a man but as The President far more then any
    Other President in the last 50 years. The Democrats hate him and wants you to hate, yet they claim there GODS children we as a society condemn HATRED, BULLYING but practice it daily, That’s Being a HYPOCRITE .
    People say there WOKE NOW but have no clue what it really means People just need to think for them selfs instead of being told what to think !
    95% of people are LAZY and DO NOT think for them selfs and refuse to research and question
    The DICTATORS that tell you what to think and believe. I started to look at all sides after all the Democrat claims were proven false after years of investigations even after the Democrats
    SPUN THE RESULTS to mislead there party and
    Outwardly look like righteous people, but inwardly are filled with hypocrisy and lawlessness.

  10. He did not run Trump University or pay more than $100,000 each to pay off a porn star and a Playboy model (and lie and claim that he didn’t) or alter a hurricane forecast map with a sharpie or say that his inauguration crowd was the largest in history or say that the Corona virus was not serious or say that if you had the Corona disease you should go to work.

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