Peace Deal with Taliban Bringing Troops Home

Peace Deal with Taliban Bringing Troops Home

Tuesday, American Troops began to fulfill their end of the bargain with the Taliban as they began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.  As part of the peace agreement between the Taliban and the Afghanistan government signed at the end of February, both sides are finally starting to show compliance.  America has only been in Afghanistan to police the nations of the Middle East. Since the American invasion, this is the longest-running foreign military campaign in history.

While America was in Afghanistan, there was never put into place an exit strategy until President Donald Trump started looking for one.  This was one of his biggest campaign promises, which got him elected as the President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief.

The US military’s spokesman in the Middle Eastern country, Sonny Leggett, put out a statement, “The military has begun its conditions-based reduction of forces to 8,600 over 135 days.”

There are around 13,000 soldiers who are currently in Afghanistan.  There are 8,000 of those soldiers who have been advising and training Afghan’s National Security Forces.  The remaining have taken up anti-terror operations.  Basically, this means “policing the nations.”

As this 18-year war is coming to an end, it is up to the Taliban to hold true to their word and ceasefire and continue their talks with the Afghan government for continued peace.

While this is happening, America will slowly pull out and let them handle their own affairs.  We have spent more than enough time over there, and it is time to bring our men and women back home where they belong.

The next step, which is expected to happen, is continuing the talks and build a roadmap to Afghanistan’s future with peacekeeping as its primary source.

Over the next 18 months, some American troops will remain behind to assist in peacekeeping as it does with other nations.  The primary help America will give to the Taliban is to help fight off the terrorism in the nation.  As for the peace talks, America will not get involved any further.  The ball is entirely in the Afghanistan government and the Taliban’s court.  It is up to them now.

During this past weekend, Zabihullah Mujahed, the Taliban’s spokesman, stated they were committed to keeping their agreement with the US and requests Washington works to free their prisoners.  The problem lies with the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani, who is in a political rival with Abdullah Abdullah for the President’s seat.

Ghani is in no rush to release the 5,000 Taliban prisoners.  Within the US-Taliban deal, this was the agreement.  This is the only part America may have to push their hand to get things moving, or we may be right back where we started.

The US-backed up President Ghani over Abdullah and Ghani finally agreed to show signs of releasing the Taliban prisoners.  Ghani and Abdullah faced off for the Presidency, and there has been a year-long dispute of voter fraud charges which came up in last year’s election.  This is what held up the process of the talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government.  Now that it’s being taken care of, Ghani announced he will start up a negotiating team.

Zalmay Khalilzad tweeted Tuesday morning, “I hope the two leaders can come to an agreement on an inclusive and broadly accepted government.”

Taliban officials confirmed there were large signs of compliance on Ghani’s part of releasing the prisoners.  This gives hope for not only America, the peacekeepers, and Afghanistan but the entire world.

On Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo put in his two cents on how things will happen.  He warned against, “Any use of force to resolve political differences between Abdullah and Ghani.  Prioritizing an inclusive government and unified Afghanistan is paramount for the future of the country and particularly for the cause of peace.”

The news of the US finally beginning to withdraw our forces from the region is historic.  When America invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Taliban was in charge of Afghanistan.  Upon the arrival of the coalition, the Taliban was thrown out of Afghanistan.

Fighting has been ongoing for centuries.  With America’s involvement over the last 18 years, we have lost over 2,400 troops in a war we could not get out.  For this day to finally come, what a great victory for America to leave behind peace.  And what a great success for President Donald Trump to get the job done!


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