If You’re Over 80 in Italy and Have Coronavirus You Are Out of Luck

If You’re Over 80 in Italy and Have Coronavirus You Are Out of Luck

How bad could the coronavirus pandemic get? The UK Daily Mail describes the situation in Italy, a country that is being hit hard by the disease.

“Italian coronavirus patients who are 80 or older will not receive intensive care if the crisis worsens, under emergency plans being proposed in Turin. The plans drawn up by civil protection officials warn that ‘it will be necessary to apply criteria for access to intensive treatment’ if there are too many patients. The document, seen by the Daily Telegraph, proposes that these criteria must include the age of less than 80. Doctors have already described making life-or-death decisions about who can be treated and who may effectively be left to die.”

One Italian doctor has described the situation as something akin to being in a war. Too many Italians, many of them elderly and some with other health conditions, are coming down with more serious forms of the coronavirus that need a stay in an ICU with a ventilator and medications to get them through. So Italian healthcare authorities are contemplating an extreme form of triage, in which the old are allowed to die in order to give the young and sick a chance to survive.

As of this writing, the daily list of new infections is listed in the thousands and the death rate in the hundreds per day. One in five Italians is over the age of 60. Italians, common with most Europeans, tend to smoke more than Americans, hence they tend to have more respiratory ailments.

As ABC News reports, the entire country of Italy is in lockdown. That means that Italians are not allowed outside except to buy food or medicine or unless they are employed in an essential occupation, such as healthcare or law enforcement. The order, designed to inhibit the spread of the coronavirus, came too late to prevent a spike in infections and deaths, straining the Italian healthcare system to near the breaking point.

Ironically, the Italian healthcare system is something similar to those that exist in the UK and Canada. International Living notes:

“Italy ranks among the World Health Organization’s top 10 countries for quality health services (by contrast, the U.S. only holds 37th place, despite being the highest spender). However, although medical facilities are considered to be adequate for any emergencies, some public hospitals are reportedly overcrowded and under-funded.”

Even so, to quote something that Bernie Sanders likes to say, healthcare is considered a human right in Italy. The annual fee for the public health insurance system is relatively cheap, at about $236 a year, and non-urgent hospital visits cost a small co-pay.

Why is Italy at the brink of allowing some of its older people to die from coronavirus? The quick answer, according to healthcare experts, is that the central planners who run the Italian healthcare system never envisioned a pandemic that makes so many people so severely sick in such a short period of time. To be fair, few people imagined such a situation before it appeared with a vengeance.

The Italian example, as many have pointed out, has given other countries, the United States, a bad example not to follow. The current effort to socially isolate people, restrict international travel, close down non-essential businesses, and scrounge extra ICU beds, ventilators, and medications will, it is hoped, blunt the edge of the pandemic in America. Maybe American doctors will be spared the kind of heartbreaking triage that their Italian counterparts are currently faced with.

In the meantime, as CNBC notes, Italians trapped in their homes are trying to keep one another’s spirits up by singing.

“Videos have been shared on social media of Italian citizens singing and dancing during a nationwide lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. The videos, from various cities and towns, show people singing from balconies and windows in an attempt to boost morale, with all non-essential shops and services still closed in the country.”

The lockdown, as one may imagine, has been psychologically trying to Italians. With entertainment venues, cafes, and restaurants closed until early April, few places exist to go to in any case.

Some healthcare experts express the hope that with warmer, more humid weather drying close, the transmission of the coronavirus will die down similar to what happens with the flu. In such a case, countries in the northern hemisphere will have more time to prepare is the coronavirus returns with the onset of winter.


26 thoughts on “If You’re Over 80 in Italy and Have Coronavirus You Are Out of Luck

  1. Very sad state of affairs and you would think “now” the Chinese would actually “take” the responsibility for what they have caused world wide rather than trying to blame it on the USA. China should be hit with “world wide” costs for the creation of the Pandemic, I would just deduct USA costs from the TOTAL CHINESE DEBT and if they don’t like it have them take it to the World Court!

    1. The problem is that certain medication, although they were developed here, get sent to China to be manufactured, an I just read that the Chinese side they may stop shipping them to the US because of what we are saying about them. The thing is that to many products that were once made here are now made in China, which include 90% of out medical equipment.

  2. So the Rothschild and Globalists are going to start depopulating all people for the Communist one party government .. This was planned for decades .. We were warned and now it is too late …Satanic people worship Lucifer .. They really believe he is the true god… They need the blood from the kids they are trafficking

    1. China has been trying to figure a way they could take control of America since the 1960’s. They wanted to gain control without destroying the infrastructure and this is it. God bless America.

  3. RE: Coronavirus in Italy and the leaving of those 80 and over to die is disheartening. As a person just two years shy of 80 I have begun to feel through conversations with young people here in the U. S. that they would like us euthanized. They seem to think we are a drain on Social Security as well as government entitlements. Should we adopt Italy’s way of culling the population during this pandemic?

  4. The Chinese made this virus for the express purpose of controlling human population aimed at the old and infirm. A book written in the 1980’s describes exactly that !

  5. Is this self isolation working? If this virus can spread so easily I have to say NO. We are a month into this virus in the US and it is still spreading at a unprecedented rate. If you isolate yourself for 14 days and then go out in public you can get this virus or you have the virus and are not sick, but you can spread it to others. When no one is safe from this virus, then self quarantine means nothing. The fact that this virus can be fatal to older people and people in poor health tells me that it is these people who should stay in there homes. I can agree that self isolating can slow the spread of this virus, but until this virus loses the ability to spread no one is safe. I get the impression that healthy persons who can get this virus can get well and have the ability to be immune of this virus. If this is true, then the only way to stop this virus could be to be exposed to this virus and beat it. This is true with the “common cold” and the Flu bug. I am forced to disagree with the doctors who claim this virus is spread by touching or breathing infected air if people still get sick after 14 Days. There has to be something else that is triggering it’s spread. It seems to me that there must be two types of facilities to treat this virus. 1. Treat those who test positive who are sick from this virus and 2. Treat those who test positive and who are not yet sick for 14 days. The rest of the world should go on with their lives as if there is no virus and only treated if they become sick or test positive. I look at this virus as if it is a mountain stream. If the water keeps flowing the water remains clean, but if somehow the water stops flowing the water become stagnant. Stagnant water has to be treated before it is healthy to drink. If this virus is the water of this stream, then it has to play it’s self out before we can deal with it properly.

  6. True our Democrat / Republican (turncoat for the almighty Dollar) leaders knew it and thought it was wise to invest in that kind of depopulated control
    This is as old as mankind’s history of human race and for control with power, the one with the best toys will win…heck who they crush in the long run
    Although the human race is viewed as expendable, cheap labor…oh B-T-W…History reveals that even the oldest civilizations did the same and eradicated themselves almost to a point of non existence …not to include the Reagan Speech of “out there threat”, yes we would become fodder for those out beyond our precious earth…they will eat us alive! We are only food out there!
    The truth is out there and elites are covering it up for their own agenda…sold their souls already!

  7. Dannie: If a person recovers from the virus they ARE NOT immune. A 36 year old Chinese man recovered, went home, week or so later got it again the next day he returned to hospital. He died that night. There was seven different strains of common cold. A person does keep catching them over and over. Every time you get well your immune to that particular configuration. But viruses constantly mutate. So take this a little more serious. Plus this is the first time ANY human has had the new virus. Moral of the story. Don’t eat bats.

  8. There is a lot of real paranoia here. It is a variant of the flu. Just more lethal. It will pass. The effect of the quarantines is to depress the curve of incidence such that medical facilities will be able to handle the majority of the cases. Eventually, the number of cases may remain the same as without a quarantine, but the number of survivors will be greater.

    As to selecting patient for treatment. There is no such thing as a hospital that takes emergency patients that is without a TRIAGE group and protocol. Patients are always prioritized for treatment. If you did not know this, you are too ignorant of medical procedures to have made a comment.

  9. Chloroqvine with added zinc or Remdesivir with added zinc has helped people with Covid 19. Don’t give over 100 MG a day. 2 MG of copper for every 15 MG of zinc.

  10. Chloroqvine with added zinc or Remdesivir with added zinc has helped people with Covid 19. Don’t give over 100 MG of zinc, a day. 2 MG of copper for every 15 MG of zinc.

  11. A truism that the vulnerable infirmed & 20% elderly are more prone to deadly illnesses/diseases.
    Hard reality is the birth, life, to death cycle. People dying daily can’t be minimized, cynicism aside.
    Stats-120 million deaths annually world wide, In US 2+ million yearly & 7500 daily.
    Fact-yearly are flu epidemics that claim near 60 k global lives unfortunately. A cure may be around.
    Responsible precautions have to be observed to mitigate morbidity/mortality This contagion shall pass.

  12. Remember the leprosy plague, just quarantine and isolate the sick and let the healthy free. Use the same detectors, as the drugs and guns detectors, to let them in.

  13. Italy sold their leather manufacturing businesses to the chinese about 10 years. 100,000 Chinese relocated to Italy to run the plants. 100K. The majority from Wuhan China. Where the virus was born. Italy and China have direct flights back and forth. The Chinese brought the virus into Italy. This is likely why Italy is hit the hardest and currently has the most severe form of CV.

  14. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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