Sigh: Biden Plagiarizes Again

Sigh: Biden Plagiarizes Again

Most you know that former Vice President Joe Biden has been a life-long politician, working his way into the US Senate since 1973 and then into the White House under former President Barack Obama’s second in command in 2009. However, you may not know that this is not the first time he has for the position of president.

He campaigned for the White House in 1988 against former President George H.W. Bush and eventual Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis. When the race for the Democratic nomination first began, it was perceived that Biden was the favorite, and, for all extents and purposes, it seems like he would take the nomination.

At the time, Biden was seen as someone who could break the chains of the establishment Democrats and move the party to success. Time reporter Laurence Barrett noted, “The Democrats had taken two shellackings at the hands of Reagan, and there was this thought, not really based on a lot of facts, that the Democrats were too soft, too feminine, too much into interest politics, and Biden was seen by his own people as an antidote to that – good looking ad athletic – who would come across as stronger.”

But much like he does today on a seemingly daily basis, he stuck his foot in his mouth and got himself into quite the pickle early on in the race, leaving himself no room to move forward.

It was revealed that the presidential candidate had plagiarized nearly an entire speech from British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. Biden had even claimed a few of the man’s life events to be his own. Then as the media began to scrutinize his campaign more, it was found that this wasn’t the only time he had used other politicians’ ideas and words as his own.

Naturally, this spelled disaster for the would-be vice president, cutting his campaign short and essentially handing the presidency to Bush.

You would think Biden would have learned from that lesson. But nearly 33 years later and he is still pulling the same stunts, this time taking President Trump’s ideas as his own.

On Thursday, the White House hopeful criticized our current leader’s efforts to fight the spread coronavirus, stating that he would do things differently. However, what he said he would do turns out to be the same things Trump has already done and in continuing to do to keep America safe.

Biden said, “The administration’s failure on testing is colossal. It’s a failure of planning, leadership, and execution. We have to help the world to drive a coordinated global strategy, not shut ourselves out from the world. Unfortunately, this virus laid bare the severe shortcoming of the current administration.”

He then said that “Coronavirus does not have a political affiliation.” Of course, by even saying this, at political campaign event no less, he is proving that it can be used in that way. And apparently, Biden and his party don’t see a problem with doing so.

But as the Trump campaign noted, that wasn’t the real kicker. Instead, it was that everything Biden claimed he would do wasn’t really his idea.

The Trump campaign’s website said, “Joe Biden’s coronavirus remarks today sounded awfully familiar. Listening to him, we felt a sense of déjà vu. Here’s why: Biden blatantly ripped of President Trump, and bizarrely called on him to do things he has in fact already done.”

They went on to explain point by point.

“Joe Biden said ‘no efforts should be spared’ to get private labs and universities working to rapidly expand testing for coronavirus. President Trump already acted on this weeks ago, ordering the FDA to allow hundreds of private labs and academic hospitals to rapidly begin testing for coronavirus.”

Biden wants to waive all copays for anything coronavirus affiliated. But “President Trump already got it done,” making sure insurance providers nationwide do not charge copays for virus testing and include its treatment in all benefit plans.

Trump also accelerated the search for a vaccine in January, something Biden said needed to be done.

Biden had also stated that businesses, especially small and local ones, should be given relief if the economy fails them. But, as the campaign pointed out, Trump has already set aside $50 billion in funding for small business owners and is still pushing Congress for more.

And while this isn’t precisely like stealing a speech, taking ideas from your competitor and promoting them as your own certainly isn’t honest.

Then again, by doing so, Biden essentially just endorsed Trump’s plan.


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