According to Bernie We’ll All Be Bankrupt by the End of the Year!

According to Bernie We’ll All Be Bankrupt by the End of the Year!

Forget the Covid-19 scare, according to the math from the Sanders camp, we will have much bigger problems to worry about like eating, clothing, and shelter. In fact, based on Bernie’s math, most of you are already facing that struggle right now. Hey, don’t look here, those are the facts straight from the Senator’s campaign.

Of course, those numbers aren’t right, or even close to right, but this story isn’t about bad math, even really bad math. No, it is about something more important and potentially more frightening than any virus. First things first, however, because we don’t want anyone to go starving or homeless!

According to the story, the news about our impending financial doom came straight from Bernie’s war room. In particular, the “news” came from Briahna Joy Gray, who is the press secretary for Bernie’s campaign. The simple tweet read:

“It’s great that everyone is coming together around this crisis. But people are in crisis every day. 500 mil Americans go bankrupt from medical debt every year. 68 mil are un or underinsured.”

And the tweet went on to say, “We’ve been in a state of emergency. We need a president who acts like it,” almost as an effort to rival the urgency of Covid-19. Before addressing this urgency, that incredible math must be discussed.

For those of us who weren’t aware that, as our story reminded us, “there are only ~340 million Americans” which creates an obvious problem with those numbers. Even if we weren’t aware of that fact though, the math within the math doesn’t make any sense.

If 68 million people are headed for bankruptcy every year as a result of medical debt, then in approximately seven years, everyone in America will be filing for bankruptcy. Well, that’s better than 500 million, because that would have meant that we were all already broke!

Fortunately, and especially for Bernie, becoming President of the United States doesn’t require being a mathematician – or even being good at math. But it should require some common sense.

The only thing close to right about the Sanders’ camp tweet, is that there is an issue with the healthcare system that still demands our attention. It is a problem that the President and the government have been continuing to work on. What it isn’t is an emergency that rivals this most recent threat to the security, health, safety, and way of life for not only America but the world.

This is also a time when the country needs leadership. So what kind of President would Bernie be? If this most recent tweet of such urgency is any indication, we might be in trouble.

Does this mean that Sanders would be the kind of President who doesn’t have at least a general idea of how many people are in the country he leads? Would he be the kind of President who would fail to recognize obvious and glaring errors, even mathematical ones?

Would Bernie Sanders be the type of leader who wouldn’t put the urgency of solving a worldwide deadly virus ahead of America’s healthcare system issues? According to the twitter statement, America has been in a “state of emergency” so Covid-19 will just have to take a number.

Based on this reasoning though, maybe we wouldn’t be so concerned about a virus if we were starving, lacking clothing, and homeless. That is the kind of President Bernie Sanders would be, one who would know how to prioritize and handle a crisis.

There isn’t much going on in the world that is more frightening than Covid-19. Few things inspire such scary scenarios, but Bernie Sanders as President? Imagine relying on Bernie leading us through these uncertain and dark days? There are few things that rival the fear of Covid-19 but that idea, President Sanders? It isn’t far behind.

Hopefully, you have enough food in the house, you have clothes to wear, and a roof to sleep under. If you are one of the few who are fortunate enough to have the basic necessities, you might also want to take note of a lethal virus now spreading across the country too.

If only we had a President like Bernie – because it is important to keep our priorities straight.


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