Trump Proves He is Not Abandoning Us During Pandemic

Trump Proves He is Not Abandoning Us During Pandemic

President Trump is once again showing that he has his hand on the pulse of the nation. He knows what the state of the economy is going to be like. He knows what people are thinking amid a global pandemic. He knows that people are going to need help and is making moves to provide what people need to weather the storm that is affecting so many people. His latest act of compassion came by way of a request for Congress to approve a huge amount of funds for the sake of the country.

His request to Congress is to help people in need because they have lost their jobs or hours because of the coronavirus. He is asking for at least $850 billion to be pumped back into the economy to help shore up the leakage caused by the pandemic. The amount of money that the president is requesting is thought to even be as high as $1 trillion. He is urging lawmakers to work together and put their political differences aside.

The idea is to be swift and effective. There is no need to do things in small steps. He stated that “We want to go big. We and to get it done and have a big infusion.” Even Mitch McConnell has stated that the Senate will not rest until they pass the bill. He is in full support of the president’s actions and his request.

Congress has been trying to push through their little versions of what the president wants to see happen. McConnell has to vote first on the $100 billion sick pay bill. It would also pay for emergency food items and more testing kits for states. This idea of the president is having a good effect on the stock market as things are on the rise once more.

President Trump’s idea is a lot larger than what was done in 2008 and 2009. The bill would produce huge tax cuts, help the struggling airlines and provide $250 billion for small companies. The bill that the president is proposing is tremendously larger than what the Democrats are looking to do. They are being rather stingy on their efforts to help people because they do not want to let go of the money.

The Democrats have come up with a $750 billion bill. Their focus is to release the money to other places such as hospitals and the unemployed. Their bill fails to address the people hurting that still have jobs. They leave out the middle-class families and seek to aid the poor. The Democrats need to listen to the president and work with him to do what the country needs. Everything that he has done so far has worked to improve the nation.

President Trump stated with hopes that it continues that “There’s great spirit. I can say that for Republicans and Democrats.” Even after they attacked the president for over three years he is giving them the benefit of the doubt that they will work with the Republicans. In a way, he is saving their public image. The Democrats are going to owe the president plenty of thanks for what he has done for them through the past few months.

The issue that all lawmakers are facing is what people say is coming. The peak of the curve is going to hit, and they want to be ready. In any case, the people will be ready because the president has acted accordingly. There was no reaction. There was the only action that was appropriate for what needed to be done.

President Trump loves the nation and only wants to do what is best for it. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has even asked what the president is suggesting. They are asking that it be done very quickly to keep things from getting out of hand. The president has said that he believes that when things are over that the economy is going to come roaring back and people will be in a much better place.


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