What Mainstream Media Isn’t Reporting on the Pandemic

What Mainstream Media Isn’t Reporting on the Pandemic

George Papadopoulos has stated that “Many Italians in Northern Italy sold their leather goods and textile companies to China. Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese from Wuhan/Wenzhou to move to Italy to work in these factories, with direct Wuhan flights. Result: Northern Italy is Europe’s hotspot for Wuhan Coronavirus.” His retweet from David Vance causes a lot of questions as to the motives that China really has.

The very fact that this area in Italy was the hardest hit proves that the virus started in China. The Chinese government has tried to pass the blame to the United States for the start of all the infections. But China bought up a lot of factories in Italy. The Italians then brought in Chinese people to work in the factories. These people came from the source of the virus. In essence, Italy shipped the virus right to their very own doorstep.

In addition to them bringing in infected workers, Italy also has the problem of socialist healthcare and an open border concept. These are two major issues that the socialist Democrats are trying to push down the throats of Americans. Obama had a form of this when he made it illegal to not have healthcare. People would be fined if they did not buy what he was offering. This is nothing more than government-run healthcare. They call all the shots as to who gets the care and which people do not.

To better understand what socialist healthcare is all about, The Atlantic news agency is stated that “Those who are too old to have a high likelihood of recovery, or who have too low a number of ‘life-years’ left even if they should survive, would be left to die.” Doctors are being forced to determine who gets to live and who has to die. They are limited to what people they can treat and who has to suffer through it all.

When the virus broke out because Italy shipped in all the infected workers their socialist healthcare system could not keep up. So, the government chose who was to live and who had to die. The same things would happen in America if the socialist party had their way with the healthcare system. The healthcare system in Italy is monitored heavily by the government. Care is only given to those select few. Many of the elderly are sent away with no treatment because they have come to the end of their life according to this system.

The destructive Democrats have also opted to push for open borders. They believe that people should be able to come and go as they please through America. What they do not see is the devastation that has come to Italy because of open borders. They could not control who came into the country infected and where their people were going. So, they became a hub of infections and a source of infection to other countries. Italy has one of the highest infection rates behind China.

The Democrats will never tell people the horrors that can happen because of open borders. But the virus has exposed them for the liars they are. The Democrats and the socialists will never tell a complete picture when making a proposal or demands. They only will tell people what they want them to hear. They will only tell them the good stuff. They will never tell them about what will take place behind the scene as the government determines who will live and who will die.

The socialists in Italy put it all this way as to the care of their infected population “Those who are too old to have a high likelihood of recovery, or who have too low a number of ‘life-years’ left even if they should survive, would be left to die. This sounds cruel, but the alternative, the document argues, is no better. ‘In case of a total saturation of resources, maintaining the criterion of ‘first come, first served’ would amount to a decision to exclude late-arriving patients from access to intensive care.’” They plan to kill off the elderly which is one reason why their numbers are so high regarding the mortality rate of the virus. This is what the Democrats want for America. They want to have all the power and the right to dictate who gets medical attention and which people do not.


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