Whoa, Bernie! Sanders Blows Up at Reporter; Has He Lost it Too?

Whoa, Bernie! Sanders Blows Up at Reporter; Has He Lost it Too?

In the 2020 Democratic presidential race, we’ve all seen evidence that suggests that former vice president Joe Biden just might be in the early stages of some type of dementia. Between his constant gaffes and his numerous angry outbursts, it’s hard to imagine that the politician has all his marbles still.

But after a recent interview with his opponent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Biden might not be the only one with mental instability.

This conclusion is the result of a thought-provoking press conference with Sanders on Wednesday, during which he attacked a CNN reporter for asking him a question about his presidential run.

As the press conference took place only a day after another resounding defeat in several state primaries, the question on everyone’s mind was whether or not Bernie Sanders would continue his race. Biden has won nearly every state but a few in the last three Super Tuesdays, giving him a nearly unbreakable lead over the self-proclaimed socialist Sanders. Naturally, another win for Biden causes many to wonder if Bernie will soon cut his losses and end his presidential campaign.

However, it must be a slightly sore subject for the man because when CNN reporter Manu Raju asked about his campaign plans, the Vermont senator lashed out, saying, “I’m dealing with a f–king global crisis.”

And while some might presume that means that he like so many others, including President Trump, are more worried about the spreading of coronavirus than politics, as they should be, his next words gave an entirely different impression.

After Raju noted that he was still currently in the presidential race, Bernie said, “Well right now, right now I’m trying to do my best to make sure that we don’t have an economic meltdown and that people don’t die. Is that enough for you to keep me busy for today?”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but what exactly does Bernie think he can do to avoid an “economic meltdown” or to stop people from dying?

Essentially, the answer is nothing. After all, Bernie isn’t president. And at this rate won’t ever be. Only the president has that kind of power. But Bernie’s statements here make it sound like he is solely responsible for fixing this or that he is already the president.

Furthermore, when he does get down into the nitty-gritty and describe what he thinks should be done, his solutions are the same exact ones he has proposed time and time again.

His first call for action is that Medicare cover all health care bills during the coronavirus outbreak. And no, this isn’t just about the immediate testing, care, and treatment of the virus. It’s everything. If I should happen to fall off a ladder while cleaning out my gutters within the next few weeks, it should be covered.

As I said, this is nothing new. Bernie has always said healthcare, regardless of what it involves or who it’s being administered to, should be free and government-controlled. However, in a crisis such as this, it isn’t what we need.

What we need are more supplies, more doctors and nurses, more beds in the hospitals, etc. It won’t matter who is paying for the care if there isn’t care to be provided. But Bernie doesn’t get that; all he wants is his socialized medicine.

And his socialized income.

He also proposes that every American should be receiving $2000 every month until the virus is over. Now, Trump is also willing to help out citizens during this time, but it’s nothing like Sanders is proposing.

Just like with his presidential campaign, Sanders has been tight-lipped on how all this would be paid for. I mean for starters, where do you think the government is going to get funding for the $256 billion per month that will be needed for every American to get $2000? And that’s just if this crisis lasts until July. What if it lasts longer?

What about the money to cover every American’s healthcare from now until this is over? We might as well add another $4 trillion to the national debt.

But for Bernie, this could be his last hurrah. He’s pretty much out of the race, and he knows it. So rather than talking about his future plans, he is trying his damnedest to get his ideas into some kind of play, with the hopes that America will see what he sees in them.

Too bad, we won’t.


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