Beijing News Outlets Says China is Faking COVID-19 Recovery

Beijing News Outlets Says China is Faking COVID-19 Recovery

As of last Wednesday, the city of Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus and the subsequent pandemic began, reported that no new cases of the virus had been found. For many, this is a sign that the worst is over, that the virus had run its course, and light at the other end of this terrible tunnel is visible. However, considering that the source of this would be joyous news is the communist government of China, this may be less than accurate.

The Associated Press reported, “Wuhan once was the place where thousands lay sick or dying in hurriedly constructed hospitals, the first place in the world where medical facilities appeared overwhelmed. But Chinese authorities said Thursday that all 34 new cases recorded over the previous day had been imported from abroad. ‘Today, we have seen the dawn after so many days of hard effort,’ said Jiao Yahui, a senior inspector at the National Health Commission.”

In addition, the communist nation has reported people going back to work in droves, causing production and industry to pick up where they left off and their economy to grow once again.

But some within the nation have proof to the contrary.

Caixin, a Beijing-based news outlet, tells a much different story and one that shows China to be a fraud.

The outlet says that China is not only not recovering, or at least far from it, but it is lying about everything. According to their sources, businesses are struggling to meet quotas set by the communist government due to the current lack of workers.

But rather than admit defeat and appear to be weak, the government is making it look as though all is well and that production is back up to speed.

And for most companies, this means leaving the electricity and air conditioning systems running, even while no one is working. Caixin says that local managers are using a constant supply of power so that they can report being productive even if they aren’t.

The headline for the article read, “Lights Are On But No One’s Working: How Local Governments Are Faking Coronavirus Recovery.”

According to the outlet, “Leaving lights and air conditioners on all day long in empty offices, turning on manufacturing equipment, faking staff rosters and even coaching factory workers to like to inspectors are just some of the ways they helped manufacture flashy statistics on the resumption of business for local governments to report up the chain.”

After all, any company that has machines running and the lights on must be in business, right?

And to Chinese officials, it’s these numbers and statistics that really matter. China, being the nation where the pandemic originated, needs to redeem itself. As one of the largest and most economically advanced countries in the world, they cannot afford to lose their hard-earned reputation.

China has already joined with its allies like Iran and Russia to purport the idea that coronavirus didn’t begin in China and instead was started in America. Early whistleblowers of the virus in China were punished, silenced, and then covered up.

And the disinformation has run rampant. Naturally, Trump-hating, liberal backed mainstream media in the US has been more than happy to jump on that bandwagon and blame the President.

But reports, such as the one from Caixin and information gathered by sources both within the US and China, indicate that if China had taken the threat of the virus to heart instead of covering it up and then lying about it for weeks, the world would not be dealing with the pandemic. Or at least the number of those infected and killed by it would be far, far less.

Axios reported, “A study published in March indicated that if Chinese authorities had acted three weeks earlier than they did, the number of coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 95% and its geographic spread limited. This timeline, compiled from information reported by the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the South China Morning Post, and other sources, shows that China’s cover-up and the delay in serious measures to contain the virus lasted about three weeks.”

It is believed that the supposed “recovery” of the nation is to show the world that they have done well in taking care of the pandemic. Axios says, “China is now trying to create a narrative that it’s an example of how to handle the crisis,” when it was their corruptness that started it.

And so the lies continue.


26 thoughts on “Beijing News Outlets Says China is Faking COVID-19 Recovery

    1. The chinese government only cares about power. Their current economic state gives them.less power so they are going to lie to improve their economy and have more power.

      On the other hand I hope they make lots of toilet paper for Australia so bvb this whole toilet paper bull Schiff will be over with.

      Australia needs to find a fast growing polar tree that grows in their desert to make trees farms to make paper out of. The reliance on china for everything is stupid.

    2. They lie, China must be punished, they must pay for what the have done and we must stomp out communism! When you go into a store to buy something, if it says made in China, you must not buy it, if we don’t buy it they can’t sell it! You also need to remember that 90% of everything made in China is made with child/slave labor! It is time for Americans to stop being stupid, stop buying products made in China, stop supporting communism!

  1. Swallowed willfully by Dems & media are the patently false China/Russia/Iran propaganda machinations since this Pandora unleashed viral outbreak unquestionably from China, spread to Italy/Iran/So.Korea, EU, USA, more.

  2. That may be true, but no one can believe anything communists say. They are liars by nature, because they need to deceive people so they get followers. I wish it were true, but I do not trust them.

  3. I also have a very LOW level of confidence in ANYTHING that the Chinese government says. I have STOPPED buying anything (mainly on eBay) that ships from China. It will be a long while (if ever) for me to “trust” anything that comes out of China.

    And, yes, in spite of what some “experts” claim, I do believe that Covid-19 was created in a Chinese lab, and “escaped” into the “wild”. If you read, carefully, what the experts are saying to the contrary, it boils down to them claiming that since THEY don’t know to make such a virus in the lab…then, “obviously” no one else knows how to do it. How ignorant!

  4. The” Demorats”have proven that they are as guilty as there communists brothers in China in trying to deceive the hard working Americans. Too bad the left ideaollogy has turned to socialism and communism as there normal way of doing business!!! They are beyond dirty politics. GOD and GOP help us and PresidentTrump stay focused and for the Senators and Representitves stick with the President. Time for the President and A.G. Barr to drop the hammer on the deep dirty State of and criminal actions of those who aren’t True Americans!!! Good bye to the Clintons Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler too name a few. God Bless America

  5. God Bless America and it’s time for Americans to tell the Media to get honesty in there reporting and “Demorats” that only American values will be accepted!!!!!

  6. China knew about the Coronavirus well in advance and failed to alert the rest of the world. Instead of Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her Democratic allies trying to help the American Workers they are more interested in how they can line their own pockets. I say impeach them all. When they could not get President Trump in the impeachment hearings they have decided to attack him by falsely accusing him of only caring about the richest people in the country. Remember President Trump is the one who is trying to help American workers with stimulus checks while the Democratic Congress is dragging their feet.

    1. Yup the democrats have rely shown us that you cant even be Independent anymore. The democrats are so evil you have to be republican. So now it gas to be a one party system because the Democrats are such schiff heads.

      Never ever ever vote for a democrat ever.

  7. The scientists splice together viruses that are far more deadly than they are normally found in nature as ordered by the ChiCom Government as a tool of terrorism for the whole world. The Same ChiCom Government also used media and political terrorism to blame the United States for starting the virus when it was them from Xi Jing Ping’s oligarchy who started ALL this.

    1. Democrats cant wake up they are too busy being but hurt cuase trump won.

      To that I say trump 2020. Trump jr 2024 2028 and baron trump 2032. Because democrats are schiff heads

  8. They are pissed at President Trump for showing the world that they want to take over the economic control of the world and through President Trump’s business knowledge and renegotiation of treatries and reworking outdated import & export tariffs, the Chinese have (government) has suffered a major economic downfall.
    They will, just like the liberal socialist demo-rats, will use all forms of lies, decete, and anything that they can develop into a weapon to use against the U.S. and President Trump. And they do not care what effects it will have on the rest of the world. They are a CONTROLLING DICTATORSHIP, even if he has a title as a president, just like the demo-rats are trying to do here.

  9. I hate to say it, but the Governments of nations do not seem to understand the true nature of this virus. If they did there would not be so many victims at this time. Scientists claim this virus stops killing people if those who test Positive and do not get sick for 14 days. If you then test Negative does it mean you can not infect others? With the speed of infection, apparently they can still infect others or there is some other way this virus spreads. What do we gain when we self quarantine ourselves if we can meet one of those who “beat the virus” after 14 days yet still get this virus? I am convinced that there must be another trigger of transmission the governments do not understand. We have millions or people sheltering in place who have never been exposed to this virus who can possibly still get this virus when we go back into the public. If just one of these people gets this virus we are back to square one. If I were in charge I would put people back to work demanding they wear a mask while in public. This will insure they do not breath in this virus or breath out this virus to others. If someone gets sick and they then tests Positive for this virus they should go to a facility to treat the sick and stay at this facility until they test Negative to be released. There is no doubt this virus kills, but the fact remains we have millions of citizens who are healthy and could or could not have this virus. No matter how long they self quarantine, they will be forced to go out in public for any number of reasons. Those who test Positive may fight this virus, but they can still spread this virus to others. Those who do not have this virus can get this virus if just one person gets it, so what have we gained? I agree with the concept of quarantining the sick , but not the healthy. The key word here is HEALTHY. The sick and those more likely to get this virus should be kept away from the healthy.

    1. It is an easy concept. If we slow the speed of this virus now it allows us time to relieve the strain on the medical industries. We have time to make masks, ventilator, move two military hospital ships into place, produce more hand sanitizer and more.

  10. Don’t believe them for a second. False hope is what it is. I’m sure the democrats believe them though. As soon as we let our guards down and open borders wouldn’t put it pass them to send infected people here.

  11. We as Americans , should not let any goods cross into the USA from china, they will be filled with more virus, they are not truthful , much like our dumocrabs.

  12. Back in early December 2019, EARLY DECEMBER… i saw a video with captions. It was a doctor and he said he was infected with the coronavirus and would likely not survive it. He said it was an accident and that a vial had dropped and broke in a lab at the University. He looked healthy but was very scared. He said the virus was extremely contagious and that it mutates making it hard to test or to vaccinate against. He said it can remain dormant in your body but that when it wakens, it will attack the weakest organs. He said it was lethal. He said it could be passed to animals and from animals to people. He said he was giving this video to a citizen journalist….he was crying at this time and he said he was sorry. But i cant remember where i saw this or how i came to watch it….i did not take it seriously and forget about it until my friend called and told me that her friend from langley said to prepare for a monster virus heading our way…it was called corona virus….and then i remembered the chinese doctor…and actually started researching it.

  13. My comment, would be with the lab x the market, someone went there, and had been screwed by then, didn’t know it and boom it went wild. They know who and when and to them this was a project gone wrong, or maybe not wrong at all. Just got away in the wrong place and time.
    If you can throw a live pet in a boiling pan of oil alive, do you really think this is anything they care about. I screamed when I saw that screaming animal done that way and I prey you get all this bull shit stopped. Satan is sure their helper.

  14. As it so happens, my company has employees in China, and they are back to “business as usual”, and so are their vendors.

  15. When will it dawn on people that having found this created virus was already loose,China decided to use it as an attack weapon against the free societies of the world allowing conquest without physical destruction of the free world infrastructures China wants for themselves. China is a active enemy,and I believe they just fired the opening shot in a new war!

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