Feds to Start Buying Bonds to Help with the Economy

Feds to Start Buying Bonds to Help with the Economy

The coronavirus is taking its toll on the world’s economy. The growth and prosperity that has been realized for the past several years since Trump took office have been reduced quite a bit. Experts are saying that the economy will bounce back stronger than ever. But the Federal Government is having to take steps to ensure that it does without much delay. President Trump has gone on national television and stated that he believes things will be just fine when all of this is over.

To help the economy, the Federal Reserve has stated that they are going to buy up an unspecified number of bonds. The number of bonds that they said they are going to buy will be to help stop the effects of the coronavirus panic that people started when the panicked and started selling everything they had. It was about the same time that all the crazy liberals bought up all the toilet paper.

The Federal Reserve is also taking extra steps to ensure that credit aspects of the economy are addressed as well. They are starting a bunch of new programs that will free up the frozen parts of the economy that had to be shut down by order of the authorities to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The actions that they are taking are enormous and are only designed to help.

Their actions are said to be greater than those taken in 2008. Mostly likely because there has been a tremendous amount of growth under President Trump’s tenure. So far the interest rate has been taken to near zero and other programs have been fired up to help out. The central bank is taking action as things progress. They aim to keep everything from collapsing.

The feisty Federal Reserve had one official that stated, “The Federal Reserve is committed to using its full range of tools to support the U.S. economy in this challenging time.” They know that things are hard for people. Many hourly employees have been told to take a vacation and stay home while the stores close down. Others have simply lost their jobs. These are the people that are the hardest hit by everything that is taking place.

The exciting part is that many around the country have bonded together because of the threat America faces. The decision-makers of the central bank were all in agreement on this course of action. It’s too bad that Nancy Pelosi and her band of President Trump haters cannot get past their hatred and just work with him. They seem to want to fight him at every turn even when it comes to the wellbeing of the country.

The direction that they are taking is now to minimize the number of people losing their jobs. They plan to come up with three lending agents that will help buy bonds that are issued by major corporations. The goal is to develop securities that back by an entire legion of loan types. These loans are then back by the Small Business Administration. This move will help stabilize the debt sector which in turn provides a solid foundation of growth for everything else.

The setup will supply $300 billion in funding during this unstable time. They are also looking to help out small companies by setting a lending program designed to help them stay above the water, so they do not go out of business. These businesses could expect to see fast loans being provided, so they can pay their bills and employees without interruption. Many of these businesses do not have the cash flow because no customers are coming through their doors.

There is still a lot that has to be done, but each day that goes by the president is taking the steps necessary to keep things moving forward. The Democrats continue their fight to destroy the country, but they are finding it harder to do than they think. America is strong and the more they continue to grow the stronger they will become. It is a proud day to be an American supporting one of the best presidents the world has ever seen.


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