Joe Biden Flip Flops on His War On Oil and Gas

Joe Biden Flip Flops on His War On Oil and Gas

As you may remember, when Vice President Joe Biden went up mano a mano against Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont during the recent debate, he declared war on the oil and gas industry. Biden proposed no new fracking and a blanket prohibition on new conventional drilling. The ploy to attract Bernie supporters was transparent. Sanders was said to be quite pleased that even though he was not winning, his ideas were.

But as the old saying goes, that was then, and this is now. Hot Air takes up the story.

“Well, obviously somebody pulled Joe aside after the debate and let him know that he’d basically just given the election to Donald Trump. His aides quickly got to work walking the statement back and when reporters began asking about it, they were informed that Uncle Joe’s position was unchanged. He only opposed new fracking or drilling on public lands. So, was he lying during the debate to make his platform look closer to where the far-left base lives? Not according to the Washington Post’s fact-checker. He simply described his position inaccurately.”

People who regularly tear their hair out about how slanted the mainstream media is must still be agog at the brazen nature of what the Post just did, in essence giving the line coming out of the Biden Campaign zero Pinocchios. One supposes that, by stretching the matter just a bit, one could suggest that Biden was not deliberately lying but was just confused. The meme often expressed that the former vice president is in the early stages of dementia would tend to support that interpretation.

It doesn’t take the sharpest political pundit to realize that the Post’s spin on the matter does not do Biden any credit. Politicians who lie are nothing new. Politicians have been lying since Themistocles and Aristides were debating what to do about the Persian threat in the Athenian Assembly. However, a politician, especially one like Biden who would like to be elected president of the United States, who is constantly confused about everything is another matter entirely.

The Washington Free Beacon notes some of the thinking that went into the Washington Post’s decision to give Biden a pass. It quotes the Post as stating, “Regular readers know that we withhold Pinocchios when a politician admits error. Biden was on his way to Four Pinocchios until his staff acknowledged that he misspoke. So we will leave this unrated and let readers make their own decision.”

The Post also wagged a finger at conservative news outlets for “pouncing” and calling Biden on his declaration of war on the oil and gas industry. The Trump campaign came in for some criticism as well. “Republican operatives cut a short video of Biden’s remarks, to use as a cudgel in races against moderate House Democrats.”

In other words, those rascally republicans actually quoted something Biden said with the hope that the voters would be upset. The nerve of them.

The media likes to present itself as disinterested guardians of the truth who hold the powerful to account. But, as Glenn Reynolds often says, they are really Democratic Party operatives with bylines. Reporters constantly accuse President Trump of dishonesty, along with a breathtaking list of other sins, even when more often than not he speaks the truth that the media finds unpalatable.

President Ronald Reagan was often the target of such behavior. When he would say something that the media thought was untrue, especially when Reagan’s media office would clarify such statements, the reporters and TV talking heads of the 1980s would roll their eyes and wonder what was there between the president’s ears.

The same media that shied away from commenting on Biden’s senior moments would often claim that Reagan was senile. The president managed to turn that around during the second presidential debate in 1984 when he pledged that he would not use his opponent Walter Mondale’s “youth and inexperience” against him.

Sadly, Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s – about six years after leaving office. In the meantime, he had overthrown the Soviet Empire. Biden, on the other hand, has a nearly 50-year record of political mendacity to argue for being elected president on his third try.

That the media will cover for Biden rather than call him to account should be frightening to anyone who will vote this November.


18 thoughts on “Joe Biden Flip Flops on His War On Oil and Gas

  1. Uncle “SLEEPY Joe” is like walking on a SLIPPERY FLOOR or ICY sidewalks outside . . . You NEVER know where he stands, or WHERE you are with him, either. WAY TOO much political POSTURING. Don’t vote for him if you VALUE your country! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. If you want to really expose Joe Biden ask him to recite the Preamble of the Constitution.
    Better yet, give him a card with the Preamble printed on it in big letters, and see if he can read it!

  3. Stop taking about or giving this Alzheimer’s patient Biden any more press or attention because he’s totally irrelevant!

  4. Google symptoms for Alzheimer’s/Dementia and you will see Joe Biden and 10 reasons not to vote for him. Take those symptoms and watch his debates, rallies and news interviews, and you will see one or more. How much humiliation can one take.
    Bernie went easy on sleepy Joe in last debate … Trump would tear him apart. His wife would have to get up and rescue him after the first question…

    1. The Democratic communist party will draft someone like open borders Governor Cuomo, the other open borders governors in CA, NJ, and Conn are too stupid. Global Socialist Obama is now telling people do not return to work, like he gives a shit about their health. The guy screwed us over for eight years, left office with countless millions. Now from their multi- million dollar palace in Martha Vineyards on their 58 acre ocean front estate their telling us they feel our pain? After proven evidence of his involvement in the First planned failed coup, not a single indictment was made if the criminals worked for Obama. The American people know they got F over, the House Democrats will keep feeding the fires until there is an explosion, eventually the people will clean the federal government up and remove the fifth column deep state left behind by Barrack. The democrats want the economy to collapse, they want illegals voting, they would kill us to regain and shove socialism up our asses.

  5. HAHAHA if anyone votes for Biden or any democrat for that matter are either just plain stupid or too uneducated to see / comprehend what they have been doing the last 3.5 years and past 50 years to the AMERICAN PEOPLE all while enriching themselves and their families 🇺🇸

  6. I associate biden with obama and I hate them both, Obama was never my president, I hated him as much as you hate trump, so include Biden. Hunter biden in that dismiss. All Democrats are liars and thieves.

  7. Just look and listen to this man. It pains him to open his mouth. I hate to admit it, but I would take a “Puppet President” over a SOCIALIST president any day. The Democrats are stuck with Biden, because at this point they have no other choice. Even Romney(who should change Parties because he is more Democrat than Republican) would get more votes than Biden or Sanders. At least he makes sense when he opens his mouth.

    “POLITICS MAKE STRANGE BEDFELLOWS”. In the case of our current US Congress the strange bedfellows are the Socialists and the Unconstitutional Islamic Muslims. The Congress gave them a voice in government, even though their voice may tear the US as we know it apart. These Traitors got a voice, not because they are Patriotic, but because they represent votes. Add the big money interests from the Republican side of the aisle, you have a Government destroying America from within. The Politicians call it Political Correctness, but there is NOTHING US CONSTITUTIONAL about this Political Correctness. It is a wonder that our US Congress gets anything done at all because of the Liberal Left ideals represented within our US Congress. Our Congress is the proverbial Hen House and we have let the fox into this Congress to eat the chickens (the citizens). We do not have a government for and by the people, we have a government for and by the Political Parties. The US Congress has thrown Rule of Law away and replaced it with Political Correctness. What will save our Republic? Simple answer: Return to Rule of Law and Political Correctness be damned.

  8. You cant believe anything the dem suck up media tells u .Biden with tell people anything u want to hear to get in office.just a puppet for the corupt Democrat party .he will just sit back and let his party run the country.more homeless, more over run by illegals. That Obamas White House..we dont need to go back to there..trump is for the people and trump.

  9. Biden and his son’s deeds in Ukraine and Communist China are a threat, his early signs of dementia a weakness. Sanders is a Soviet Union style socialist nearly as crazy as the lunatics in majority in the House whom Soros bought for the new world order for the destruction of our free republic through loss of sovereignty through continued open borders. The house democrats are pretty much acting as the steel pole the Global Socialist plan to shove up our fanny, by debt and lunatic regulations. A plan guaranteed to destroy the republic. Even the socialist nitwits that immigrated here from poverty countries and made it to Congress, appreciate nothing, and took our generosity, now plan to screw us by destroying our republic. Everyone is racist accept those who adopt their near socialist agendas. The only racist I see are in control the House. God save the republic from the democratic socialist workers Party.

  10. Take it easy on Sleepy Joe, you don’t want the powers that be changing their mind about a candidate. Especially after the way the Mayor of Shitcago is addressing the folks along the lakefront. Guess that’s what happens when a dumbocrat gets a little power.

  11. Who are you? You sure act and talk like you think you are the expert on all that is going on but your not. Just like trump thinks he can do anything he wants to do and get away with it. And he lies and does things that no president would ever do, well actually no one would do if they had a brain and some sort of compassion for the country. But he doesn’t. He’s a horrible person and will get worse as time goes by. Mark my words. I think any one would and could be a better leader than him.

    1. Lois kocon,Whoa there lady,you are just like all liberal meat heads,you just parrot what every your masters tell you to say,how in the hell would you know if Trump lied about something or not,you have to have some truth to compare it with before you could tell for certain,and its for certain the democrats have nothing that could ever be considered truth to compare it with,mark my word,you are still full of crap.

    2. Lois K.. OMG…… get off the internet. find something else to occupy your time. quit drinking the “kool aid”. you have the IQ of 15 points below broccoli. geeezzzz

  12. We are paying the cheapest gas prices since 2001. After the dumb $#@&s rammed into the World Trade Center, gas has never been this cheap. I know, the Oboob lovers will say when Oboob first got into office gas prices were cheap, but in reality the gas price was about 30 cents per gallon higher than it is now. And Oboob also almost drove the price of gas up to where it was in July, 2008, where it was the most expensive. Even though gas prices fell some during Trump’s first 3 years, what’s going on now is unbelievable. Oboob lovers will say it’s all because of an oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia. While this is partly true, what had more to do with cheap gas prices was Trump encouraging U.S. oil companies to produce more. Most
    REAL Americans love cheap gas. We don’t like being forced to drive little sardine can cars that get stuck on wet pavement and are a moving coffin in an accident. Someone on Biden’s staff must have done a focus group poll and found out only the Marxist screw balls want high gas prices and sardine can cars. Never win relying on just the votes from those idiots. But it really doesn’t matter what Biden says, he’s a loser no matter what. Just keep an eye on the grave yards this November. Another dummycrat resurrection might happen.

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