The Islamic Regime of Iran Refuses to Let the Christians Go

The Islamic Regime of Iran Refuses to Let the Christians Go

Iran has reached a new low in its terrorist activities. In their hast to release 85,000 prisoners from prison to avoid the spread of the virus, they must have forgotten about the Christians living in the borders. They must have forgotten to free the Iranian Christians that have been thrown in prison for practicing their faith. The Islamic terrorist regime is only showing their true colors by taken their hatred of Christianity and the West out on their people because of their beliefs.

There are many Christians that are serving 10-year prison sentences because they are not Muslim by faith. They have had their requests of release denied, even temporarily. One Christian organization stated that “We at Article18 ask for the immediate and unconditional release of all Christians detained on spurious charges related to their faith or religious activities. This is even more urgent given the current health crisis that threatens these detained Christians and their families back home.”

The facts do not change that Muslims hate Christians and will put them in prison because they have different beliefs. Iran hates the West that identifies as Christian. But they also hate then all because of the sanctions and other penalties that they are under for their terrorist ways. So, it stands to reason that they will not let the Christians go based on their hatred for them.

The words of Article 18 fall on deaf ears in Iran. But they hope that their plea to the world will be heard. They stated that “The international community should also demand that Iran upholds its obligations to guarantee the right to freedom of religion or belief for every citizen, regardless of their ethnic or linguistic background, including converts from other religions.”

Iran is also at the center of the virus outbreak. It may have started in China but because the Iranian leaders failed to act responsibly, their people are dying as a result. The numbers that Iran is reporting are high, but medical professionals believe the numbers are worse than what is being reported. Just goes to show that no one believes them any longer.

Mike Pompeo has even gone on the record telling the truth of Iran’s lies. The number of deaths and infections continues to be a concern because they refuse to do anything about the problem. Iran hates everyone and every nation that opposes their desires. From a religious standpoint, they see Christians as standing in their way of world domination. From the political side, all other nations are the enemies that refuse to let them develop nuclear weapons.

And yet in the middle of all the accusations Alireza Miryousefi, who is the United Nations spokesperson for Iran, states in their defense, “All Iranians imprisoned for various crimes are judged by the judiciary on an individual basis as to whether they should be released or furloughed on medical grounds or other consideration. Tens of thousands have already been released from prisons. There has been no discrimination on the basis of religion or race.” But once again actions tell the truth.

Iran considers it a crime to convert from Islam to another faith. They convict people and throw them into prison based on their decision of how to worship. They also make examples out of Christians much like the Romans did thousands of years ago. Prison time and eventually death is the result of being a Christian in Iran.

In some cases, they are denied any kinds of rights granted to regular citizens. Iran is not tolerant of other religions. Their greed for money and power has defined their leadership as horrible and evil. The U.S. State Department has said that “For years, the Iranian regime has prioritized its proxies over the Iranian people and stolen the money the Iranian people deserve and expect to go for their healthcare. In July 2019, one billion euros intended for medical supplies ‘disappeared’ and another $170 million allocated for medical goods were instead spent on tobacco.” Point proved that Iran is corrupt and cannot be trusted.


20 thoughts on “The Islamic Regime of Iran Refuses to Let the Christians Go

  1. Nations have had their Gods and based thire government control according to these Gods. Egypt and China flourished under their living Gods. In fact, these nations left the world with technology advancements we use today. Some of this technology was even lost through time. Every empire had one thing in common, they eventually collapsed from any number of reasons. The Jewish people and the Christian nations also faced the same challenges of ancient civilizations and collapsed as well. In order for faiths to survive in the modern world the different faiths had to have a Reformation. It meant they had to learn to learn how to accept the fact that you can live with other faiths instead of killing those with faiths they hate. Killing a person simply because of their faith had to be seen as a sin against their God or Gods. Iran and other Middle East nations can not or will not accept this as sinful, thus until they go through a Reformation of their own, all other faiths will remain the enemy of their God they call Allah. Islam has to accept that EVERY HUMAN BEING is a special creation of their God as well and to kill others because of their faith is a sin against their Creator. If Islam sees Allah as ONE GOD, then who or what created these infidels?

  2. Christian’s do not make war on innocents. We do not murder and butcher our kids for money or votes. We see all life as precious. The Democrats see life as something to exploit for greed and power. This will be the downfall of the left, God is coming and judgement is here now.

  3. Islam is a crime perpetrated upon humanity for some 1400 years now. Muslims are happy to persecute any Christians who still remain under their heel. Forced Islamization and violation of non-Muslims.

    Thank God and President Trump for USA is still a Christian Nation!

  4. when free energy comes out then I will consider donating, With what you stupid retarded demon-rats stand for you will loose, Fight and get this out,now,You stupid Democrats killed the water to hydrogen inventor why? I hope you know your damnation is in hell, Hillary said in 2005 ( that the average democrat voter is just plain stupid, they are so easy to manipulate, that’s the easy part ),It looks like Trump is an oil company stooge to selling us out, you stupid retarded Trump, The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. a Porge vapor carburetor sitting in the patient office that gets around 200 mpg, Volkswagen diesel gets 264 mpg, The water to hydrogen auto inventor wouldn’t sell out to the demons from hell oil company’s so the Democrat gov. had him murdered with plutonium poisoning, we are getting ripped off by the oil company owned auto company’s Don’t you think it’s time to take our world back.Once free energy gets out all prices for every thing will drop.
    Also audit all the Senator’s and congressmen, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them.
    The economy will never get better, as long as free energy doesn’t come out, and all your dreams will fade away, so spread the word, stop buying new autos and trucks.

    1. Brice – you’ve been spending too much time with that Thunberg child – anger will not change the world the way we wish – only calmly voting for the RIGHT government can achieve that !
      Remember this later this year – IF we all survive COVID-19 and an election actually happens.
      Iran is just evil – no IFs or BUTs or MAYBEs – Islam promotes black-hearted devil-worship and death to ALL non-believers ( that means ALL non-muslims in case you were wondering ! )
      They are set on the road to become the worlds’ largest glass covered parking lot – the glass being the ground. Once they have nuclear weapons either their or our days are numbered – I guess you know which way I will vote ???
      God bless America !

    2. Water is burned hydrogen. Just as you cannot take the smoke and ashes from your fireplace and get wood energy from it, you cannot get free energy from water. To get hydrogen from water, you have to put at least as much energy into separating it from the oxygen as was obtained by burning the hydrogen in the first place. The idea that “Big Oil” or “Big Auto” are deliberately suppressing hyper-mileage inventions is a conspiracy theory with no basis in physical fact. The physics are that there is a limit to the possible efficiency of a heat engine, such as a gasoline, diesel or hydrogen-fueled motor, and that there is a limit to the combustion efficiency that can be obtained by carburetor design. That’s why automakers now use fuel injection; that provides far superior combustion efficiency and motor performance to any carburetor.

      You might as well rail at the electric power companies for not providing “free” nuclear energy; 60 years ago they claimed they would almost be able to give away the electricity and just charge for power line and generator maintenance. Experience showed that wasn’t quite the case (although nuclear power could be much cheaper than windmills and solar panels if we got the lawyers out of the way).

      The closest we may get to “free energy” would be fusion power. That’s been a “Holy Grail” search for scientists and engineers for over 6 decades, for whomever develops a practical means of obtaining electricity from fusion deserves billions of accolades and dollars. The standing joke is that it’s been less than 20 years away for more than 50 years. Every form of energy conversion has some cost associated with it. That’s both economic and physical reality. Don’t waste your time being angry, live with it.

  5. The people, who are called Christian, created their own problem, making Faith, and religion to be many. Was the centurion many, that Jesus praised? Was Thomas many, when he had faith, reaching out to touch Jesus, who is the Lord of Glory? A faithless fallen angel, would not do that. Money indeed makes people to do evil to people. The church taught people, to be that way. Gods way is giving, what is requested. That has to work, both ways. We have one of two unseen masters. How is that many? Jesus is pure undefined religion, doing his good pleasure, through us.



  8. The enemy of the world is not the educated non-military Iranian population, but the mindless Godless, feckless and mainly impoverished Iranian masses who daily listen to the insane ravings of the ever more desperate mullahs gorging themselves at their evil trough of State – now subject to sanctions 🙂
    If a lie is repeated often enough and loud enough the ignorant will soon believe it to be the truth. If the ignorant do not believe quickly enough – in Iran they get thrown in jail ( if they are “lucky” ! )
    The regime which overthrew the Shah no longer exists – it has been replaced by a so-called theocracy with ways so evil the Shah would have died laughing at their presumptuousness – an evil Godless rabble driven by self-interest and insane doctrine.

  9. It is not only the Christians that the Iranian Shia regime discriminates against as other religious minorities such as the Jews and Zoroastrians are worse off than the Christians. It is amazing that the fake news media such as CNN, BBC, Euro News somehow do not report this discrimination or if they do it is not given much media time. Amazing that in the last week hundreds of Christians were slaughtered in Africa and more than 25 Sikhs were butchered in Afghanistan by Islamic terrorists. Not much coverage given by the fake Media. But when a bunch of Islamic radicals are shot in a New Zealand mosque the fake media is in a frenzy outdoing each other reporting the event. Pressure should be continued on the despotic satanic Mullah regime until it changes its deplorable racist policies.

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