Trump Forced to Address Fake News Amid Pandemic

Trump Forced to Address Fake News Amid Pandemic

In a time when everyone needs to work together and get along, the media still continues to find ways to throw President Trump under the bus with its “fake news.”  As the coronavirus continues to spread across the world, New York remains the number one state where the numbers of cases are at the top of the list.  Equipment was requested from the federal government, and President Trump and the administration provided all their resources to send to New York.

It doesn’t matter what the president or his team does for the American people, the media has to paint a bad picture.  Now they are just getting in the way.  They were trying to say how the federal government is not helping New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who are both Democrats.

The media is trying to turn everything political as everyone in America is pulling together to try to put an end to this epidemic, which plagues us.  When President Trump heard what the media was saying how the federal government was not helping, he took to his best friend, Twitter.

Trump posted Wednesday morning, “I am working very hard to help New York City & State. Dealing with both Mayor & Governor and producing tremendously for them, including four new medical centers and four new hospitals. Fake News that I won’t help them because I don’t like Cuomo (I do). Just sent 4000 ventilators!”

First off, it’s not like we can have them teleported into New York, where the ventilators are needed.  Governor Cuomo begged the government to send them 30,000 ventilators to help with the growing numbers.  With the millions of people in the state, the cases continue to rise more than the resources they have.

Governor Cuomo confirmed there were 7,000 ventilators sent to them, and 400 were immediately sent to them by the federal government upon the request.

Here is where the media screwed up.  The president went on an interview where he responded to Governor Cuomo’s request.  One statement was taken out of context where the rest of his response was edited out.  Then the media took it and ran with it until Fox News set the record straight.

Trump was saying, “Cuomo is supposed to be buying his own ventilators.  We’re going to help, but if you think about Governor Cuomo, we’re building him four hospitals, we’re building him four medical centers. We’re working very, very hard for the people of New York.”  The fake news took the first sentence and cut out the rest.

If they edited it that way, it makes it sound like Governor Cuomo was not going to get the assistance.  It seemed like he was going to handle the situation himself, and it made President Trump out to be the bad guy.

This kind of media needs to stop completely.  If they cannot report the truth for what it is, then they need to close their doors.  Some say lawsuits could even come out of all the horrible attacks from the media when this is all over with.

All this hatred and fake news are stopping the flow of assistance needed across America and turning people against each other in a time where real news is valuable.  It caused confusion between Trump and Cuomo by making the world think the federal government was not going to help.  This confuses the leaders and makes things more difficult.

New York, as of now, has over 25,600 cases of people who tested positive for coronavirus, and there are more than 200 deaths.  New York City holds the hot spot within the state, with 15,600 cases with 192 deaths.

It is time to give the news to help deliver what is needed.  What makes it heartless is people are dying and sick.  Americans are concerned, and some are afraid.  The economy is falling, people are told to stay home, and Congress is toying with people’s emotions on passing the stimulus package.

People in America are growing toward taking back their country.  We have the opportunity in November.  However, if the Democrats and the media continue to play these games, people in America may do exactly what happened in China when the people rose up against the government.

The people in China were lied to by their media sources and government.  We have complete transparency with Trump and his administration.  Let’s not let the media ruin it!


18 thoughts on “Trump Forced to Address Fake News Amid Pandemic

    1. If, as this article implies, CNN and MSNBC proliferate “fake news” the implication then is that FoxNews is the place to get your only honest and truthful news. That would have also to inclue the assumption that FoxNews is unbiased… know, “fair and balanced” as they claim every chance they get. I say, get real Trump lovers; are you shitting me? Of the 3 major cable news outlets FoxNews leads both CNN and MSNBC by a country mile as the proliferator of fake news.,,,,,that is news that favors their right wing agenda. Of FoxNews’ leading talking heads that regularly lie, fib, bend the truth, and frequently leave out of their reporting factual information that would, or might, lead listeners believe other than what the full story would reveal; tied for first place would be Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram with runner up’s being Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson. Anyone on the planet that cannot see this “truth” needs to open their eye, ears, and minds to reality. FoxNews, since it’s very incepton, has been an ultra-far-right perpetrator of the only news they want their audience to hear. Their game plan from day one has been to support whatever Republican was in the White House and to diminish any Democrat that has ever had the audacity to run for the office much less to win it. The very term “fake news” was coined by their all-time favorite occupant of the Oval Office and they have use it since 2016 as their very own mantra to cripple truth in every form, Most fortunately more than half of the country sees right through their approach and the big lie that they are “fair and balanced” could not be further from the truth.

  1. Relentless are the repeated lies, constant base unfounded blame game, devious conspiracy in aping chorus by Dems, media, Hollywood, NGOs to downplay POTUS’ solid achievements, obstruct the Admin.’s stellar agenda & resist his tireless efforts to stop, combat & overcome this Covid-19 infection & it’s vicious wreaked calamity.

  2. I am a news junkie. I listen to everything. Fake news and snarky innuendo, half truths and actual opinions. Conservative or Liberal. Half baked accusations are rampant on fake news cables. Also the blatant disrespect for the office of the President, Disrespect for our citizens, our laws and our country. If you don’t like it leave.The constant bashing, insults and lies about anyone who is a conservative or has any kind of a religious beliefs. Doesn’t matter what that faith is I don’t even think the Buddhists are safe from the insults. Threats by the mobs through social media. If anyone out there is really interested in the truth there are ample ways to find it. Just a little persistence and research. Dig, dig, dig.

    1. Grace, people in this country, are lazy and gullible!! They don’t want to spend time researching, learning, growing etc…they want to sit on the couch, with beer on hand and listen to garbage that ‘ tickles their ears ‘, and vote because, he or she, SOUNDS ‘ NICE ‘, SMILES PRETTY, and WEARS THE RIGHT SUIT! Talking to the people in the streets is MIND BLOWING! Some don’t even know who the VP is!! BOTTOM LINE TRUMP 2020!!!!

    1. It’s the other way around trump is the enemy of the media and every American that seeks truth law and justice. If it wasn’t for the media try to imagine what trump would be getting away with FRIGHTENING

  3. The mainstream news media hates Donald Trump for one reason – they can’t control him – which gives them a serious case of the red ass. The media created Obama, who was an unknown, obscure Senator from Illinois. Then, based on his ability to read from a teleprompter, they made him sound like the best thing since sliced bread and pulled the wool over the eyes of the American electorate. Obama danced to their tune and we, the people, had to endure eight years of his incompetence. Trump, not the media, is now calling the tunes and they do everything in their power trying to make him look bad. However, things are not working out exactly like the media had hoped. The more the media misleads and lies about Trump the higher his approval ratings go. The media apparently believes that the American people are so stupid we will fall for the crap they are trying to sell us. News. We ain’t stupid. We know President Trump has done an excellent job under extremely difficult circumstances and he will be re-elected in November.

  4. Sad that dems continue to go to the Russia thing over and over. It verifies their lack of credibility when they write. The constant is that there is more evidence that the dems cozied with the Russians then anyone in the repubs. Additionally, when Trump goes off on his remarks, they will be parsed and dissected by the media for the sole purpose of gotyas, rather than contextual wholeness. It is the current state of media that we cannot see them as news organizations with objective journalism as their duty and goal. They hide behind the concept of newspersons as celebrity, not as journalists. To libs who insist in wallowing in their negativity and hatred – the only damage done is to yourself and credibility, because your constant whining exposes you, truthfully and that is not of honor or truth, just being petulant fools.

  5. We know that President Trump will be reelected. Joe Bidden, who I guess is living in a basement during this pandemic, can’t string 2 sentences together without adding something that makes no sense. We need to keep the Senate and gain control of the House. If this happens the President’s 2nd term will be all about America, the rights we lost and the attack on our 2nd Amendment. He needs one more Conservative Supreme Court Justice to save our Constitution. He can’t run for a 3rd term so the media can lie about anything and who cares!! “Trump 2020”

  6. If you were to describe the state of our nation in today’s political world it could be how Trump and Biden differ. President Trump has accepted the platform of “We the people..” while Biden has accepted the platform of “We the Democrat Party”. Trump does not have to be political to get his message to get to the citizens, while Biden has to win over the citizens for his votes. The problem with Biden is that he Biden’s message his alone. His whole career is based on being a YES MAN. Unfortunately no matter what he does or says he will not save his Party. The fact that Biden is the best they can offer, then it is the citizens who have to question if this is how we run our government? Do they want a poor old political moron who suffers from some form of dementia representing US Citizens to the world? Can the nation survive with a “Puppet President”?

    We live in two separate political worlds in the US. One represents the Political Correct citizens and the other represents the US Constitutional Correct citizens. The US citizens will have to choose the world they want to live under. What world will give them what they need and still provide the freedom that they all share equally even though in many respects are are not totally free? If the US Citizens feel they can live in a nation where the Political Elite make their choices for them, they will accept Political Correctness. If they want to have a voice in their government , then they with accept our US Constitutional Republic. For those who choose Political Correctness they must understand, when they make this choice there will be no going back. Why? Political Correctness is a Socialist narrative, thus there is NO FREEDOM under any form of Socialism.

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