Texas Issues Stern Warning With an Order for Louisiana

Texas Issues Stern Warning With an Order for Louisiana

Texas and Louisiana are not just neighboring states.  They have people that have found solace in both visiting and living in each state.  The cultures of each have crossed over to the other side of the state’s border.  Many say all that really separates the two states is the Sabine River, which is the state borderline.  However, the coronavirus spreading like crazy, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas put his foot down, stopping all people from Louisiana from entering his state.

President Trump has left the full authorities to the states as to how each wishes to handle the situation at hand with the spread of the coronavirus.  Governor Abbott wants all people from Louisiana to go into self-quarantine for the required two weeks before passing through the state of Texas.

Louisiana is now known as one of the hot spots for the spread of COVID-19, as it ranks third in the nation on the charts for the spike in the cases.  As of Sunday, there were 3.500 cases.

Abbott stated the only drivers and vehicles which would be allowed to pass through his state would be those of essential value.  The list of those exempt from the order are medical and emergency response, commercial, military, or any vehicles used for infrastructure.

Florida is another state which is not allowing anyone in the state who cannot pass the checkpoints.  State Troopers have the borders blocked off, and there are checkpoints to stop anyone from Louisiana from entering.

Traffic is backed up for miles at the Florida border, and the Texas/ Louisiana border is no different.  Everyone has to provide an address who enters Texas, and the people who are traveling will be given a choice.  They will have to find a place in Texas to isolate themselves for two weeks or go back to Louisiana for two weeks and remain in quarantine.

There are provisions in place where DPS agents will check in with everyone who is in quarantine.  They must comply with the new rules.  Those who violate this policy can face a $1,000 fine or up to 180 days in prison.

While people are passing through checkpoints along the Texas border, they are being screened for symptoms of COVID-19.  Should anyone in the vehicle have signs of COVID-19, a State Trooper will be assigned to follow the vehicle to make sure they get to their destination.

Florida put in their order Friday not to allow anyone from Louisiana into their state.  Anyone driving thru to get to Florida does not have to worry about Alabama and Mississippi.  Those states will allow people from Louisiana to drive through.  As soon as they get to the Florida border, they will be screened for the virus there too.  Texas started this past weekend.

The mayor of Houston, Texas, Mayor Sylvester Turner, stated anyone who is returning to the state of Texas from Louisiana should all self-quarantine themselves.  It’s all about common sense.

Turner gave a news conference where he said, “If you leave Texas and come back to Texas, you should self-quarantine.  Nobody should be traveling unless you absolutely have to.”

Louisiana is most popular for its parades and partying from Mardi Gras, which attracts almost all of the people from the world.  Millions go there every year to experience the partying and tradition.  This year, however one looks at it, this could have been the start of the beginning for Louisiana’s part in the epidemic.

Still, no one can be to blame, but Democrats art trying real hard to swap over the governor’s orders.  Governor Abbott also added restrictions to air travel from California, Washington, Detroit, Miami, Chicago, and Atlanta.  They will have to follow the same rules as Louisiana and stay in self-quarantine for 14 days.

People are having a hard time in Louisiana and Texas.  The southern hospitality is like no other.  Everyone is always treated as a family.  Strangers are always greeted, and people wave and talk to one another.  Handshakes, hugs, and the closeness from friends and family separate them from the rest of the country.

Since Louisiana has so many people from Texas and vice versa, it makes all of this feel like we are reliving the Berlin Wall.  The wall separated East and West Germany, and people were blocked out for years.

Louisiana and Texas are not going to see this for years, but the few months ahead are challenging for each state.  Everyone misses one another.


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