China Reopens Wet Markets Regardless of the Risks

China Reopens Wet Markets Regardless of the Risks

While here in the West, we see an increase in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths, the East, or primarily China, where the pandemic originated, is beginning to recover. Reports from the communist nation say that the virus has been defeated, allowing businesses to reopen and the economy to slowly regain the ground it lost.

However, one of the first industries in China to fully reopen its doors to the public is thought to be the initial cause of the pandemic: the wet markets.

These atrocious open meat markets are places where exotic and domestic animals and critters of all kinds can be found.  You name it; you can probably find it there. Cage after cage of dogs, cats, scorpions, bats, spiders, monkeys, frogs, etc. line the crowded walkways, just waiting to be slaughtered and sold as food or for medicinal purposes.

The whole thing is far from sanitary. The cages are rusty, with animals crammed inside for hours and hours on end. And don’t even get me started on how the animals are killed, “cleaned,” and served.

A Daily Mail correspondent based in China said that “Everyone here believes the outbreak is over and there’s nothing to worry about any more It’s just a foreign problem now as far as they are concerned. The markets have gone back to operating in exactly the same way as they did before coronavirus. The only difference is that security guards try to stop anyone taking pictures, which would never have happened before.”

But it’s not just the unsanitary conditions of the market that are cause for problems. It’s the “food” or animals sold there.

According to NPR, researchers have found bats are quite possibly the most dangerous animal to humans because they are known to carry about 400 strains of known coronaviruses. COVID-19 is one of them. SARS, which ravaged the world’s population in 2002 and 2003, is another one.

And both are believed to have begun with human interaction with bats. So either someone ate or simply came into physical contact with one.

And the number one place to do either of those is at a Chinese wet market.

NPR reported, “That means 400 potential candidates to spark another outbreak. After all, a coronavirus causes a massive outbreak in China back in 2002.”

But China has refused to close or ban the wet markets, even after experiencing severe physical and economic losses. Instead, it would rather hide their existence, much as it did when COVID-19 first began there.

Doctors were prevented from talking about it. Outsider reporters, especially those from America, were banned from the country, and the number of cases and deaths was kept from the public eye.

Even now, the number of confirmed cases is suspected to be many times higher than what the communist regime allowed to be reported.

As far as the newly wet markets go, pictures are no longer allowed to be taken, and those that do get taken down as soon as they are found. Not even talk about the markets is permitted online within the country.

China has to know these meat markets are dangerous. Why else would the government be hiding them from the eyes of the world?

However, China may not have any other choice but to close those markets down soon, as many nations are demanding change. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is among several top British officials who are upset with China, not only for their complete mishandling of the virus but also over their dangerous wet markets.

One British official, who wants to remain anonymous, has even gone so far to say that there will be a “reckoning” in store for China after the spread is over, according to the Daily Mail.

Senator Lindsay Graham is also one against the wet markets. He and others are demanding the these “gross” and “disgusting” markets be immediately closed.

He told Fox News on Tuesday, “I’m going to write a letter to the World Health Organization and to the Chinese ambassador asking them to close the Chinese wet markets. These are open-air markets, where they sell monkeys. They sell bats. We think we – this whole thing started from transmission from a bat to a human. About the last three or four pandemics have from the Chinese wet markets.”

And Graham rightfully threatened, “if you don’t shut those wet markets down, our trading relationship is going to change.”


33 thoughts on “China Reopens Wet Markets Regardless of the Risks

  1. That Maddow, whatever it might be, is the most stupid person there is. It thinks ( he or she) is smart; but “the thing” is as dumb as the dumbest person there could be!! Thinks she knows everything there is to know, but it doesn’t know anything about anything, just tries to look
    smart! Blah blah, that’s all she does, talks a lot of trash!


    1. I think you are absolutely right……WE ALL are not too happy w/this horseshit keeping us all isolated from daily life !!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. As evil and horrible as these wet markets are, I’m not convinced the virus originated there. If it truly had, and the Chinese gestapo had anything to say about these markets, they would have been shut down permanently or likely been the very last and highly controlled type of market to reopen. This being said it makes the Chinese government appear guilty of a massive cover-up of the most obvious source – a Level 4 biowarfare development lab based in that region of China. Just calling a spade a spade is all.

    2. It pisses off when i see all innocent dogs, cats, that China murdered like a serial killer would murder a human being. CHINA YOU ARE SCUM, EVIL SLIME OF THE EARTH. Your leader Ping is going to hell, just remember KARMA IS A BITCH!! I love animals, and it really hurts me to see these photos. WHY?????????? Dont you about what they are doing to animals?? Humans can help themselves, but animals are voiceless and cant say what these uncivilized BASTARDS are doing. Lets do something about CHINA!!!

  3. Controversy sells air time. As long as Conservative fight with the Liberal Left the networks will continue to create controversy. As far as open air markets are concerned, these kind of markets have survived for thousands of years around the globe. If people see a threat, stay away from them. US has open air markets, but the difference is the amount of controls governing these markets. Some markets in Africa are even worse than those in China, but food is a necessity for survival. People seem to think China not the only country that can allow a infectious disease to start. History will teach us otherwise. One thing most pandemics have in common is unsanitary conditions. The US may be one of the wealthier nations, but unsanitary conditions create problem here. The State of Michigan’s water became unfit to drink because of bad water pipes that allowed parasites into their water. Does anyone recall the threat of Mad Cow disease? Corona-virus is not the first infectious disease and will not be the last. At this point in time pointing a finger at China is not the issue. Stopping the virus is the only issue. The blame game can be played out later by the politicians.

    1. Hmmmm I DON’T think WE sell monkeys, bats & all those other disgusting things that china sells……I have YET, and I’ve been cooking for YEARS, to serve a baked or broiled bat OR monkey to MY FAMILY !!!!!!!!!! That’s the difference between USA & China………….

    2. We can’t stay away from the wet markets. The Chinese shop there, become infected, then they fly here and world wide by the thousands. Then everyone else is infected. I don’t care if these filthy markets have been on earth for a million years, it’s time for some sanitation and common sense to keep people well. These markets need to go permanently, and we should have a travel ban against any Chinese until these markets are gone.

    3. Stopping the virus is not the only issue, because the next time China will wipe out the West world. They are murdering dogs and cats every freaking day, do you care about those poor animals? I care about animals, because they dont have a voice human beings do. There is no blame game here, dont blame animals blame humans. Animals were healthier before humans interrupted their lives murdering them and infecting them with diseases. When you mentioned ”Mad cow disease, that infection was done through the carelessness of humans. I am Medical Professional and i can tell you idiots a lot about humans and animals. This disease was conjured up from a Chinese lab.

    4. The primary problem with the water in Flint, Michigan was lead, not parasites.

      The bubonic plague that killed a third of the European population in the 14th Century was brought in from China by traders who picked up infested fleas from there. Disease from China is not a new problem, but it has become noticeably worse in the last two decades. There is a reason the law of Moses prohibited consumption of “unclean” animals. Bats, bears, mice, monkeys, pangolins, pigs and rats are all non-kosher. All are for sale in the wet markets. We know pigs can carry trichinosis parasites, as can bears. Many variants of influenza arise in pigs. Bears, rats and mice can also transmit bubonic plague through the fleas that infest them. And as we know, bats and pangolins carry coronavirus. It’s only a matter of time before we trace another disease to monkeys in China. In Africa, they’re a vector for the Ebola virus, along with bats.

  4. The reopening of these petri dishes called ‘wet markets’ in china doesn’t really surprise me and a lot of other people. If these people are hungry, they can wallow in their own filth and eat SHIT. Time for the world to take this as a giant wake up call and the sooner the better ‘the chinese are no friends of freedom, life, human decency and rights and this disgusting practice is a prime example of this . You can be sure the top communist officials live like king eat the best foods and have the best of everything while the rest of the population has to eat vermin and deal with this disgusting filth. Time for the USA, it’s main trading partner to put these subhuman no good bastards on notice! This isn’t acceptable in a modern society. These reopened wet markets will bring the next pandemic and only God knows if it’ll be treatable. Funny thing though, all the worlds pandemics from ancient times to today originated in the worlds largest sewer, toilet, cess pool, and SHIT PIT, china: Beginning in ancient times with the bubonic plague that killed millions in ancient Athens in the centuries before Christ, to plague outbreaks in the Roman Empire to the black death that devastated the populations of Europe from the dark ages through the 16th century to SARS, MERS, H1 N1, avian flu, swine flu to hong king flu to klebsi fever. Time to enact strict economic sanctions against china by the world trade organization, the world bank and the world health organization. Ohand this BULLS**T of ‘favored trading partner, don’t insult the American people with this nonsense. These disgusting subhuman bastards will stop at nothing to spread their filth and disease worldwide until the rest of the world sanctions them and they they can become pariahs like iran, and north korea. The USA and the free world doesn’t need china for anything. We’ve the technology to produce the best things in the world and the mistake made years ago of outsourcing jobs here to this communist country has proven time and again to be a huge mistake. Never ever trust a communist and even better, don’t do business with communists. We did it for years, time to bring that back. Doing business with china has proven to be a disaster. What more evidence is necessary?

    1. William, you referred to animals as ”shit” those animal lives matter too! Do you know the shit you’re referring are voiceless innocent beings? Dogs, cats, what ever animals they murder are feeling beings like you and me okay! I am a Medical Professional and i can tell you uninformed human all animals suffer with the same ailments as you and me. Go educate yourself William about animals, they arent shit like your referred to them. The shits are the Chinese!! They are murdering scumbags, cannibals. Do you eat cows, pigs? They are innocent beings with the same feelings as you and me. Got it! China is a cannibalistic country PERIOD!!!

    2. The Chinese people are not “subhuman.” They are our relatives, even if the connection goes back nearly 200 generations. Do some have practices we identify as unsanitary and disgusting? Yes. But that doesn’t justify disrespecting their humanity, for if you disrespect the humanity of one group of people, you disrespect all.

      I do agree that it is unwise to trust a Communist, and we should never let ourselves become dependent on Communist China for essential goods. I also believe China owes the world reparations for its criminal negligence (or worse) in the way it mishandled the Wuhan virus outbreak. Even so, I doubt that ostracism is the best answer to the problem.

      Are you aware that there are actually more Christians in China than members of the Communist Party? The first doctor to alert the world to the Chinese virus outbreak was a Christian. (He got in trouble with the authorities for doing so, and was later reported to have died from the virus.)

  5. I agree completely. ALL trade must be brought back to the United States immediately. So what if we have to pay more for stuff! That extra money will ALL be staying in OUR country supporting OUR people, OUR businesses, OUR economy and OUR precious way of life. Also, round up all the illegals, ship them all back from whence they came and tell em to get in line. Only when the USA is fully employed should LEGAL immigration be reopened and then only to people whose skills are needed AND can prove that they are financially able to support themselves.

  6. INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Reopening the wet markets where this virus originated is the extremely ignorant and selfish. The rest if the world is still trying to recover from the Chinese Virus AND CHINA IS GOING TO REOPEN THE MARKETS WHERE THE CORONAVIRUS ORIGINATED??? I am so angry right now to read that. I will never again conscientiously buy anything from China, especially big ticket items. I hope and expect that our government demands that every single item sold in America from China has a American made source available to the American public., especially pharmaceuticals.

  7. I agree with Lauren. The chinese are dispicable people. They kill and eat those poor animals. The manner in which they do it. These poor animals suffer and then the agonizing pain when killed. I am sorry. But these chinese people are disgusting. Get rid of China. They are filthy people. They will go to hell.

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