AOC Is Waiting By the Phone for Biden’s Call

AOC Is Waiting By the Phone for Biden’s Call

Now that Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont has officially thrown in the towel and has laid his sword at the feet of former Vice President Joe Biden, swearing fealty to the man who beat him for the Democratic nomination for president, one more hold out remains. It seems that Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York is waiting by the phone for Biden to call her. If the presumptive nominee for president bothers to do so, the socialist it girl has a list of demands.

The New York Post explains.

“Political lightning rod Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the process of unifying Democrats around presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should be uncomfortable and urged the former vice president to embrace more progressive policies.”

What does AOC mean by that? The price for her support goes beyond just defining “unity” as getting the Bad Orange Man out of office and replacing him with another old man who, while he has made some concessions to Bernie Sanders, cannot be defined as a “democratic” socialist.

Specifically, AOC would like a health care plan to be extended to young millennials as the price of their support. Biden’s plan to drop the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 to 60 is not sufficient to buy her endorsement.

Biden has already reached out to younger liberals with a plan to forgive student loan debt for lower- and middle-income borrowers. However, the Green New Deal is also on AOC’s list of demand, though it is unclear how far Biden is willing to go on that issue.

AOC has a conundrum. She has suggested that she will, at some point, formally endorse Biden. But she feels she has to get something in return in order to maintain her clout in the Democratic Party. The question is, does Biden really need her.

A Tweet by filmmaker Rob Reiner suggests that the fact that Biden is not Donald Trump is sufficient to support him.

“Bernie Sanders has given his full-throated support to Joe Biden. If Sen. Sanders’ supporters do the same, Decency, Humanity, Science and Justice will defeat Ignorance, Racism, Corruption and Incompetence by the biggest landslide in US History.”

This purple prose comes from the director of such films as “The Princess Bride” (ironically Ted Cruz’s favorite movie) and “Stand By Me.” It does illustrate that for many Bernie supporters, being Not Donald Trump is sufficient to earn Biden their support.

In the meantime, the National Review offers Ocasio-Cortez some sage advice. She should not wait by the phone for Biden’s call because he doesn’t really need her.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expresses disappointment that Joe Biden has not reached out to her. The only real reason that Biden has to reach out to her is if he feels that her lack of support, or lack of enthusiastic support, will make the difference between victory and defeat in some key states. There are very few voters that Biden can win over through AOC that he can’t win over through Bernie Sanders — and Bernie Sanders just endorsed Biden today. Biden is either going to rise or fall in November based upon his own strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. AOC has a vastly overinflated sense of her own importance to the 2020 presidential election.”

Biden may not need AOC but he would not turn her support down. As PJ Media points out, the young progressives are not falling over themselves to get into old Uncle Joe’s corner. Ocasio-Cortez’s lack of enthusiasm is shared by many of the young Red Guards that make up the radical part of the Democratic Party. A lot of candidates seek the youth vote, but despite enthusiasm shown at rallies, that demographic rarely shows up at the polls in sufficient numbers to turn an election.

However, Biden is now basking in an endorsement the importance of which outweighs that of Bernie and AOC combined. The Washington Examiner explains. “Former President Barack Obama will announce his long-expected endorsement of Joe Biden for president on Tuesday morning, giving a boost to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.”

If Old Uncle Joe were to be given to venting, he might mutter, “About time!” Biden has had to endure constant ribbing because the former president he served so faithfully had withheld his endorsement throughout the long, drawn-out primary contest. However, now that Obama has come around, he might inject some measure of excitement in the Biden campaign that the candidate himself has not been able to generate.

Next to the former president, AOC could wait by the phone forever for all Biden cares.


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