Democratic Governor Busted Making Secret Deals with China for Medical Supplies

Democratic Governor Busted Making Secret Deals with China for Medical Supplies

The state of Illinois has had an entire line of governors that have proved to be crooked. Every one of them has been caught in fraud or making deals that go against the very nature of the United States. The current governor of Illinois is currently talking with the very nation that gave the world the coronavirus, China, in an attempt to get medical equipment from them to use in fighting the coronavirus. The crooked governor simply does not trust President Trump to see that the supplies are delivered so he is secretly making deals with foreign nations. J. B. Pritzker is wrapped up in the conspiracy theory that the federal government is going to take what he has and keep it for themselves.

The deal was revealed as the president stopped funding the World Health Organization. The WHO did not support the travel ban that the president placed on flights coming from China. His bans certainly kept America from becoming the next Italy early on. It was also found that Illinois has spent over $174 million on medical equipment to fight the virus. These supplies were coming from China. The very nation that infected the world.

The idiotic governor has fallen victim to the game China is playing on the world. They have set themselves up to be the major distributor of medical supplies around the world. By buying things from them the governor is supporting their anti-American policies. He has even arranged for secret flights to bring the supplies to his state. His press secretary stated that “The Governor has clearly outlined the challenges this administration has faced as we’ve worked around the clock to purchase PPE [personal protective equipment] for our healthcare workers and first responders.”

He even went on to incriminate the governor by saying that “The supply chain has been likened to the Wild West, and once you have purchased supplies, ensuring they get to the state is another herculean feat. These flights are carrying millions of masks and gloves our workers need. They’re scheduled to land in Illinois in the coming weeks and the state is working to ensure these much-needed supplies are protected and ready for distribution around the state.”

The Illinois Democrat simply hates the president. Somehow he cannot bring himself to see President Trump as a fellow American that is working for all people and not just his supporters. The crazy stories that the Democrats believe are destroying their party and hurting the nation. President Trump is here to help the states. He is not here to crush them. Pathetic Pritzker shows his fear and ignorance when he says, “the failures of the White House, of the president, have visited greater illness and greater number of deaths across the country.” As if to say that the president is the cause of all the deaths in America. He just doesn’t like the way the president is handling the issues. There will always be critics of President Trump no matter what he does. And Pritzker is the worst.

He is also secretly leading a revolt against the president by trying to get other governors to open their states before the president says it is fine to do it. If he thinks that his ways are better, then why doesn’t he give any new ideas? The fact is that he has none. Like all liberals, it is easier to be a critic than to help with the solution. He admitted that he spoke to others when he said “Governors that I’ve spoken with have been very, frankly, very positive about this idea. They’ve all been thinking about it individually for their states, and understand that speaking with a common voice might be a positive move.”

And despite all the hatred, the Democrats give the president he still cares for them. He stated of Cuomo as an example that “Cuomo’s been calling daily, even hourly, begging for everything, most of which should have been the state’s responsibility, such as new hospitals, beds, ventilators, etc., I got it all done for him, and everyone else, and now he seems to want Independence! That won’t happen!” Guess it is time for the Illinois governor to work with the president and simply ask for help instead of secretly working with the enemy.


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