Watch: Trump’s ‘Nancy Antoinette’ Ad is Damning

Watch: Trump’s ‘Nancy Antoinette’ Ad is Damning

The House Speaker committed the mother of all visual gaffes by displaying her refrigerators full of overpriced ice cream on late-night TV. At the same time, she was holding up paycheck protection funding that would help small businesses remain open during the coronavirus pandemic. The Trump Campaign released a digital ad that many are calling “devastating. Hot Air explains:

“Not only are we all not here in Nancy’s Thurston Howell kitchen, 22 million Americans got a whole lot further away from any such luxury over the past month. You know … the Americans losing their jobs in an economic meltdown while Nancy Antoinette shows off her skills at hoarding expensive ice cream, rather than bring Congress back to do the jobs we’re paying them to do in a national crisis.”

The ad is 90 seconds long, which is considered too long for a television ad. It compares and contrasts Pelosi’s horde of overpriced ice cream with the plight of most Americans who are being forced to hunker down, many of them without jobs and wondering where the rent and grocery money is coming from. Hot Air suggests that the ad be cut into a 60 second and a 30-second version and put on the air in swing states ASAP. House and Senate Republican candidates should be able to use the ad as well. The “moderate” Democrats who were elected in 2018 and then turned around and voted for Pelosi for Speaker should be especially imperiled.

The ad even impressed the ladies of “The View,” not exactly a hotbed of pro-Trump sentiment. The Daily Caller explains that Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain and devout never Trumper, was particularly enthused in a Tweet,

“This ad is an absolute savage blow and an example of what I was trying to explain today regarding having empathy for the protesters and people living in fear of how they will feed their family and keep the lights on.”

Later, Whoopie Goldberg asked McCain about the ad while they were on the air. She expanded on her thoughts.

“I thought it was a kill shot. It’s not the ice cream in her fridge. It’s the fact that she’s standing behind giant refrigerators, multiple ones that cost $24,000 each, and you’re right, Joy, politicians are wealthy, Trump is wealthy, but I think in this specific moment, optics are narratives. I don’t make the rules of politics. This is just how it works and when it looks like — what she’s saying in the video and I also agree with Joy that if I were advising any politician at this point I would also say tread very carefully with a comedy show. This is not the time or the moment to be doing something like this.”

Pelosi’s preferred brand of ice cream is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. According to the company website, six pints of “EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE STASH” can be yours for $68, not including sales tax and shipping fees. By contrast, four half gallons of Blue Bell ice cream will set one back $135. Each half-gallon contains four pints, which means that Speaker Pelosi could have saved about $33.75 by buying just one-half gallon of Blue Bell. Most of that cost is shipping, so Pelosi would save even more money by just having one of her servants go to the store to pick up some Blue Bell.

The question arises, will Nancy Antoinette, feasting on designer ice cream while the rest of the country starves, be a thing by the fall election? Opinions vary on that question. The Trump Campaign is running with it, with a view of retaking the House.

The Daily Caller notes that Team Biden has spent $1100 on Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream as donor gifts. It is possible that former Vice President Joe Biden, who likes to cast himself in the role of the candidate of working people, may regret the choice.

It should be noted that another never Trumper, writer and Fox News personality Jonah Goldberg, is dubious about the power of the Nancy Antoinette meme. He sneered on Twitter, “My hot take: very few people give a crap about Pelosi’s fridge, and most of them are people who want other people to get angry about it. Also: no one will remember this blather six months from now.”

It should be also noted that most of the responses to Goldberg’s tweet were in strong disagreement.


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