Chinese Journalist is Found after Missing for Two Months

Chinese Journalist is Found after Missing for Two Months

For several months the Chinese government has been doing all it can to rewrite the truth of the coronavirus. They have tried to pass off that the United States is responsible. They have even tried to push the blame on the Italians. But, all the evidence points right back to liars living in Wuhan China. Those that worked at the lab and those leaders that are working hard to cover everything up. All American reporters were expelled from the country and even some that live in China have gone missing. All because China does not want to face the truth that they are responsible for the pandemic that has swept the globe.

But recently one journalist that disappeared over two months ago has resurfaced. Li Zehua posted a video of him being chased around by another vehicle months ago. His apartment was entered by officials storming through the front door. He was a reporter that was reporting on the virus when the outbreak started to take off. Pretty clear that the Chinese government tried to shut him up.

Once he was taken by the officials he was taken to a police station where he was charged with disrupting public order. In other words, he was telling the truth and it made the communists look bad so they took him out. The charges would end up being dropped, but he was put in quarantine because he had been to the Wuhan area. But what is being called quarantine could be called house-arrest.

He went on to say that “During the whole process, the police enforced law in a civilized manner, ensured my rest time and food. They also cared about me very much. After finishing the quarantine, I’ve been with my family. Now I’m planning for my development in this year.” This is quite the change in tone from what was shown months ago with people chasing him down. Some speculate that he was made to say the nice words instead of the truth.

China is known for forcing people to say what they want them to report. In a previous posting, he stated that “The local media can only report the good news about the patients’ recovery and so on. Of course, it remains uncertain whether that’s true because this is just what I heard from my friends.” It is evident that he was pushed into reporting nice things about China instead of the truth.

Communist China does not want any bad publishing because it makes them look bad. They have to fake a front of niceness because communism is a terrible governmental system that makes its people live in awful conditions. The Chinese leaders have been known to do horrible things to groups of people for simply disagreeing with them in public or speaking out. Much of their internet usage is closely monitored and even restricted. There is no freedom of press or speech in China.

This is exactly what the Democrats want for the United States. They want a country where freedom of speech and press are limited and restricted. They want a government that can do what they want to the people. They want to be able to take things from people that have a lot of money and give it to people that are lazy and refuse to work. The America that the Democrats want models China.

China has also doctored their infection numbers acting like they have a handle on the entire pandemic. One study proves that just in the initial stages that 232,000 people had the virus. This is four times as many as what they said had the virus. This is one reason why they expelled all the reporters so they could doctor their numbers and produce false stories. They wanted to appear that they were the smart ones in the world. When in fact their leaders are the ignorant ones. They rank right down there with the Democrats and liberals of America. No amount of evidence or media coverage will change that truth that China lies and takes out people that tell the truth.


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