Biden Faces Enormous Criticism from the Left After New Twist in Sexual Assault Case

Biden Faces Enormous Criticism from the Left After New Twist in Sexual Assault Case

It’s hard to imagine any story as disturbing as this not getting attention from the media or those who could actually do something about it. But that is precisely what is happening. And it’s clear it’s all because of politics.

When Tara Reade, a former staffer of the assumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, came out with allegations of being sexually assaulted by him in 1993 while he was a senator, it was largely ignored.

And Reade is furious about it, as well she should be.

She recently interviewed with Fox News and the Daily Caller News Foundation about her frustrations at not being taken seriously.

Reade told Fox, “I’d like my history with Biden to be examined in a dignified way that’s not slanted by political bias or sensationalized. I’d like a deeper conversation about the fact that sexual harassment and sexual assault do not have a political agenda. It’s an equal opportunity offender.”

And she is exactly right. This shouldn’t be about politics. It should be about listening to the accusations, finding evidence, or corroborating testimonies and working towards the truth.

You know, how they treated the same kind of allegations back in 2018 when Christine Blasey Ford accused then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of them. Then, the media was quick to jump on the story, making it national news in a matter of hours and demanding a Supreme Court case.

In fact, it sparked an entire movement and national conversation about women being mistreated and believing in them. Women groups popped up overnight, demanding the right to be heard and taken seriously about their claims.

And yet a mere two years later, when it’s a Democrat who’s on the chopping block, it’s somehow different.

Reade made her allegations public on March 24, and yet since then, only a minute number of stories have been written or aired on even possibility of the situation. CNN contacted her saying they would “consider doing story” but as of yet hasn’t.

ABC News, while actually going through with an interview, has only sat on those words since receiving them. Sasha Pezenik, who interviewed Reade, says her “producer’s not interested right now.”

I’m sorry, but when the man who half of the nation is preparing to vote for in a few short months gets allegations about sexual assault thrown at him, what kind of news producer isn’t “interested?”

Furthermore, as the Washington Free Beacon reported, as of April 15, “Joe Biden has been asked 81 questions in over two hours worth of media interviews since a former staffer in his U.S. Senate office accused him of sexual assault three weeks ago. He hasn’t fielded a single question about the allegation. Biden has sat for 10 interviews with major news outlets since March 24, when his former aide, Tara Reade, accused him of pinning her against a wall and penetrating her with his fingers in 1993 when she was a staff assistant in his office. None of Biden’s 10 interlocutors have asked him to comment on the allegation.”

And since that report was written, far more evidence has been put on the table, such as the Larry King video clip of Reade’s mother. And yet no one, and I mean no one is talking to him about it.

Sure, his deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield was quick to put out a statement saying it “absolutely did not happen.” But as Reade noted, the “campaign didn’t have their hands underneath my clothes and then arranged for me to be fired.” It was Biden, and he hasn’t said two words about it.

Reade told Fox News, “I think it’s shocking that this much time has passed and that he is an actual nominee for president and they’re not asking the questions.” she continued, saying, “I guess my question is if this were Donald Trump, would they treat it the same way? If this were Brett Kavanaugh, did they treat it the same way?”

The answer sadly is a big fat no. They absolutely didn’t, and they are unlikely to ever do so.

Shaun King, a Democrat and Bernie Sanders fan explains why:

“Have had a lot of prominent Democrats write me, many in the past few minutes, say they think his Larry King video is damaging for Joe Biden and bolsters Tara Reade’s credibility. But that they think speaking about it will help Trump so they won’t say anything.”

How sad. They would rather have a rapist in the White House than an honest Republican.


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