Democrats Anger Grows as Biden Refuses to Speak About Allegations

Democrats Anger Grows as Biden Refuses to Speak About Allegations

When Tara Reade’s story came out a few weeks ago, Democrats, women’s rights advocates, and progressive activists have argued on how they are going to handle the accusations against former Vice President Joe Biden. In the public eye, Biden has made it no secret he cannot keep his hands off of women and children. This is unacceptable, and Democrats not only know about it, but they also allow it to happen.

Democrats have put Joe Biden as their front runner as their primary candidate as top Democrats have already started endorsing him. The secret lies where Democrats are trying to sweep the accusations under the rug and dismiss Reade’s story, which has substantial evidence.

Democrats went after false accusations against President Trump, who had dozens of women cry “wolf,” but all were proven fake news. They have staged false allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to try and stop him from taking the seat on the Supreme Court.

Now the crosshairs are aimed at the Democrats’ primary candidate, and they cannot run from the evidence which is on the table. The evidence shows no signs of lies from Reade or the witnesses who have spoken out against Biden.

Women’s groups produced a letter demanding an explanation from Biden, while at the same time praising him for his work as “an outspoken champion for survivors of sexual violence.” But how does one cover-up evidence of being a sick individual? They take part in support groups to make it seem like they are doing something good for society.

We see this with Biden; it is the complete opposite, and it is a front. It is almost like the question, how does one hide a lie? They hide their hypocrisy out in the open for the world to see. However, with this story, Biden’s supporters are sheep and utterly blind to the fact he is a sick and lost individual.

The women’s groups want answers and put out a draft letter almost as a warning. The message began, “Vice President Biden has the opportunity, right now, to model how to take serious allegations seriously. The weight of our expectations matches the magnitude of the office he seeks.”

Biden remains silent and refuses to speak on the matter. Could this be a puppet master pulling strings as we saw in the Clinton era? We can still hear those words crying out from the hot seat, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Only, we found out later, it was a lie, and he claims he was told to deny it. But when the truth comes out…

The Biden campaign team found out about the efforts put forth by the women’s groups, and his campaign team is pushed Biden to respond to the allegations by the end of April because it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The only smart response would be to admit he did it because the evidence would put us back in time to the Clinton era. Democrats did not expect this to happen!

Though Biden denied the allegation in private, his advisors are pushing Democrats to reject the statements put forth by Reade and the two women who came forward. It is getting more difficult to deny as the campaign moves forward.

Shaunna Thomas, who is the founder of UltraViolet, which is a women’s right group working to push the Biden campaign in support, stated, “It’s difficult for survivors to see that a woman who has more corroborating sources than most survivors have in similar situations is being tossed aside and actively being weaponized by cynical political actors. It would be an incredible moment of leadership for Joe Biden to show up.” All we hear are crickets chirping and no Biden.

To go even further in showing how dirty Democrats are, Biden went on an interview with Hillary Clinton. The people who conducted the interview were told to stay away from the Reade story and not ask any questions.

Adding insult to injury, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi chimed in on CNN Fake News and said, “I have great sympathy for any women who bring forth an allegation. I’m a big strong supporter of the ‘Me Too’ movement. I think it’s been a great contribution to our country. And I do support Joe Biden. I’m satisfied with how he has responded. I know him. I was proud to endorse him on Monday.” Where was the satisfaction when Trump told the truth?


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