Bloomberg Couldn’t Take the White House So Now He is Trying to Take Our Guns!

Bloomberg Couldn’t Take the White House So Now He is Trying to Take Our Guns!

Failed Presidential candidate, billionaire Mike Bloomberg couldn’t buy the White House, but that isn’t stopping the gun-control group he founded from trying to buy our gun rights. As one story reported, the group Everytown has said they are spending at least $8 million for their cause. And as “the gun control group made clear they hope, this year, to do in Texas exactly what they did in Virginia in 2019.”

We all know how well that is working out, don’t we?

If this tactic by the billionaire’s gun-control organization sounds familiar, then you are probably having recollections of his recent failed run for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Just like Everytown’s campaign, the Bloomberg camp threw boatloads of money into his campaign. He bought his spot on the debate stage, on the ballots, and airtime on many media outlets.

At times it also simply felt like Mike Bloomberg thought he could buy the Democratic nomination, and then the Presidency – didn’t it? It was also, at least in part, one of the reasons his run at the Democratic nomination failed so miserably.

In the beginning, it even seemed to make sense, especially for a man who is Blue at heart.

He had the resources, the entire Democratic Party is like a ship lost at sea, and there is no real viable threat to challenge President Trump aboard the wayward ship. Sure, if you are Mike Bloomberg, a run at the Oval Office made sense. In truth, many of us thought that he had at least a reasonable shot, didn’t we?

Then the big bugaboo bit the Billionaire – namely, his billions. This isn’t about demeaning Mike Bloomberg for amassing a fortune though, and anyone who can build such wealth by honest and fair means (no, that is for another conversation), should be applauded. This is about a man who nobody can relate to – nobody.

Okay, that isn’t entirely fair. People who don’t have to buy their own groceries ever, or drive themselves anywhere, or who can take their private jets out whenever they want – those people can relate to Mr. Bloomberg. As for the other mere 99 percent of us, we have no idea what that life or lifestyle is like. So yes, it was difficult for Mike Bloomberg to reach his voter base, because he can’t – and he didn’t.

Now, as the aforementioned story reported, the target is no longer the Oval Office, but our 2nd Amendment rights and our guns. The results of what happened in Virginia, the story reminded, was that the “Democrats took control of the Virginia legislature in 2019, thereafter pushing a slew of new gun controls on law-abiding citizens.”

Maybe for someone, like Mike Bloomberg, who can buy a security team, hire bodyguards, or purchase a state-of-the-art, escape from Alcatraz type of security system, gun rights aren’t such a big deal. For those who have to carry their bag of groceries across a dark parking lot, for people who don’t know who is and isn’t moving into the neighborhood, or next door… for those people, gun rights are a big deal.

It isn’t Mike’s fault necessarily, that he like many wealthy politicians, has lost touch with the common man, with you and me. What is on his shoulders, however, is his lack of respect for our 2nd Amendment rights.

Everytown also said, “Between the investment and our network of 400,000 grassroots supporters, our goal is to do whatever it takes to elect gun sense candidates up and down the ballot in the state.” Yes, just like Virginia.

Here is one recent example of what has been happening there, courtesy of our story: ‘On April 10, 2020, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D) office announced he signed a number of the Democrat-sponsored gun controls, including universal background checks and limitations on the number of handguns law-abiding Virginians can purchase each month. He also signed legislation putting the onus on law-abiding gun owners by requiring they report stolen firearms within 48 hours “or face a civil penalty.”’

He couldn’t take the White House, even with all of his money, so now he is trying to take our guns – with all of his money. We couldn’t afford to allow someone like Mike Bloomberg to become President. How much more can we not afford for him to take our guns and our rights to protect ourselves too?

But this makes sense, for a man who is all about Mike Bloomberg at heart.


12 thoughts on “Bloomberg Couldn’t Take the White House So Now He is Trying to Take Our Guns!

  1. Tell the dumb ass to come and try to take my guns, the coroner will be his taxi home. What a stupid bastard, no common sense, he make good with stocks but he’ll lose it with his gun confiscation yakity yak=

  2. We have to agree that every US Citizen in America has some form of Liberal view on some issue, thus it could be said to be a Liberal America Citizen you just need to live in America. It would be Un-American to not question those we elect to office. There is a problem however when it comes to the concept of Socialism in America. A citizen can not be a Liberal under Socialism. The people can not question the actions of the Political Elite, if they do they become enemies of the State. Socialism and a Democratic Society can not function because they are NOT COMPATIBLE. We live under the US Constitution that outlines the demands necessary be a US Constitutional Republic. Certain rights are defined in this US Constitution to insure the citizens can share these rights under Rule of Law. The accuser and the victim have rights in the US, yet under Socialism the only rights they have are determined by the Political Elite. The rights to bear arms is in our US Constitution to prevent governments to abuse their power as the Socialist Democrats are doing as I type. Hitler took the arms out of the hands of private citizens, thus these citizens could not fight back against the Nazi Brown Shirts. The rest is history. Does the average US Citizen know that the US Constitution also demands Congress to make NO LAWS for the Establishment of religion, public assembly, the free press, free speech, and the right to seek grievance against a unjust government? Congress also passed Discrimination Laws, yet the government discriminated openly with Racist Politics. We have those we elect claiming White Americans are Racist because they were born White. Sadly, these people think their political stand will protect them when the nation turns to Socialism. It won’t. Under Socialism the Political Elite set the Rule of Law, not the citizens. Who prospers under Socialism? The Political Elite. The citizens under Socialism have no choices. They accept what they get it and have to live with what the Political Elite gives them. Today Americans have choices for one reason, our US Constitution demands we have choices. Take away the US Constitution and it’s Rule of Law we have another Communist run nation. Socialism and Communism may be different titles, but they represent the same concept of government.

  3. I have been a Poll Judge since 2010. Here is my view, Election on One Day, 6am-7pm, Paper Ballots, Registration required 10 days before Election, No same day Registration, Picture ID, Purple Finger, No Mail-in,Voting, No-Phone Voting, No-Online Voting-No-Absentee Voting, Military Election by Company Commanders, Ballots only in English, Voting only at Election Polls. Protocol same as Grocery Stores, anyone refusing to follow Safe Practices gets a 30 minute Time Out and goes to Back of Line. Election Results posted at Poll and In the News Paper, Radio and TV. Creator is Liberty and book “America Come Back” gives more detail, Plan to put Bible and Creation back in School, and other solutions ie What to do about Debt Public and Private, Immigration, Outrageous Medical and Education Costs. National Elections same rules for every State if State cannot agree with National Rules they do not Vote in National Election.

  4. I would like to see him waterboarded to find out who he is working for. And find out what he knows about his buddy Lucky Larry buying the 2 Towers 7 weeks before THE EVENT ! All those New York Zio-Nazis are in bed together, you know. John 8:44 explains it all.

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