Planned Parenthood Gets Blasted for Mother’s Day Greeting

Planned Parenthood Gets Blasted for Mother’s Day Greeting

Mother’s Day is an exceptional time of year—a time to come together and celebrate the gift of life, love, and family. But for many, it is a time to remember pain, loss, and regret in the form of an unborn child. A day when motherhood was ripped from them, either by their misinformed choice or a dangerous turn of events.

In either case, for those unfortunate women who have undergone an abortion, Mother’s Day is not typically a very joyous one.

And that’s why I find it so ironic that the nation’s largest abortion mill, Planned Parenthood, continues to send out Mother’s Day greetings. I mean, here they are the single most successful ruination of families in the U.S., and yet they pretend to celebrate mothers.

Give me a break.

And this year, their Mother’s Day Twitter post was even more incredulous.

It captioned, “Happy Mother’s Day” and featured a card that read, “from moms at home, to moms on the front line – thank you.”

Now, I have to ask, precisely what are they thanking moms for? I mean, it’s not like this demographic is one of their favorites. These are the people who decided not to take their advice. The ones who didn’t help promote the idea of a motherless America.

Are they thanking them for deciding to have children despite all the horrors that Planned Parenthood tells its undecided patients? Are they thanking them continuing life, even when celebrities everywhere are complaining about how their “aspirations and dreams” had to be given up or put on hold because of children, as Michelle Obama recently said?

In any case, the ambiguous greeting must not have been well received by most, if the comments on social media are to be believed.

Just check out a few of these remarks.

One user explained that if their mother had aborted them like Planned Parenthood had told her to, they wouldn’t be here.

“In 1978, you told my 16-year-old mother to abort me. She instead walked out. You can just sit this day out, Planned Parenthood. Sit every day out.”

This individual wouldn’t be celebrating Mother’s Day at all if their mama had listened to the advice of Planned Parenthood.

Instead, she would be wallowing in regret, much like this user pointed out many women in America do.

“You know, countless women are not mothers and are stuck with the deep regret of having aborted their children because of you. Not only because you perform abortions, but because you lobby viciously against informing women of better alternatives to killing their unborn children.”

And he has a point. It’s is one thing to “perform abortions” but it something entirely different to hide the truth or other options from expecting mothers, many of whom are very young and have no idea what is available to them. But instead of giving them a list of options, such as adoption, Planned Parenthood, and others only provide these misinformed souls the idea that killing their baby is the only way to go.

So these women are then left with a life of regret, continually wondering what if and what could have been.

As one user said, it’s beyond a parody that Planned Parenthood, of all places, is “saying Happy Mother’s Day.”

I wonder who in the murderous organization thought this greeting, no matter how they worded it, was a good idea. But apparently, they did. And this isn’t the first time. Planned Parenthood has put out Mother’s Day and Father’s Day posts on their social media for the past couple of years.

But as Alexandra DeSanctis of the National Review notes, simply celebrating mothers isn’t their real goal here. She found that for every want-to-be joyous Twitter post, a mass email to past and prospective donors also goes out.

So while the organization hides behind well-wishes and thank yous for all the world to see, all they really want is your money. They might say Happy Mother’s Day to you, but just so long as it might convince you that they have a human heart not bent on the destruction of life.

Good thing America isn’t buying it.


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