Biden Invents Corruption Stories Over Stimulus Help

Biden Invents Corruption Stories Over Stimulus Help

Joe Biden has crawled out from his manhole cover to pollute the American people with his made-up rhetoric once again. This time the clown is providing fake news and threats to people and businesses that would receive federal aid money. His attack comes on the notion that large corporations have fraudulently applied for aid and were able to get approved. Under this claim, he is claiming that the management of the funds has been fraudulent and will not be tolerated.

Sometimes it seems that Biden forgets that he is in a presidential race. To attack and scrutinize business owners and people simply pushes votes away from him. No one wants to be accused of illegal activity when it is not true. Biden simply has no proof of what he is saying. The brain-dead candidate is incapable of remembering why he is politically involved with the Democrats. The speeches and remarks are simply illogical.

Biden is a known womanizer. He is accused of sexual assault and touching girls when they do not want his incredibly filthy hands on them. Biden has never agreed with the president on anything related to the virus and life in general. At one point he stated that he was just going to have to call President Trump and have a talk with him. Acting like he is a big daddy trying to set straight the wayward son.

No one can trust a man that messes around with women and denies any wrongdoing. Biden simply is trying to accuse the president of favorably giving money to people that do not need it. That news is simply fake. There is a set way as to how the money is released. The application process screens people and company alike to keep those that are not able to get from having it sent to them.

The very notion that the president is mishandling money is a mockery to the president as a businessman and as the greatest president to ever serve. It is easy for old man Biden to criticize when he is not the one making all the decisions. His idea of help is to force people into a line and then he would hand them potatoes like socialist would. Biden is not good for the country. He is a cancer cell waiting to destroy the health of a nation.

He stated that “Let me issue a warning right now to anyone who participates in the corrupt giveaways of President Trump and his administration.”  He called every person that received stimulus money a fraud and crook. He has called all the homeless and jobless corrupt people for using the money that they president provided. Biden forgets that it was his party that voted to approve the measure in the House.

Biden plans to hire an inspector to go through every single loan that has been submitted. He is proposing to waste more money instead of simply trusting that the plan the president has in place is the right one. He just cannot stand the fact that his beloved enemy is looking good in the eyes of the country during an election year.

Biden forcefully stated that “Any dollar that goes to someone that does not merit it under the law, any dollar taken corruptly, we will find it, we will come get it and we will punish the wrongdoers.” He sounds like a little kid looking for the bully that stole his lunch money. He went on to mysteriously say “That should start tomorrow. But if it doesn’t, it will start on January 20, 2021.” Biden once again showed his memory problems. He already thinks he is the next president.

Biden is accusing that President Trump is somehow rigging the approval process to let businesses that he likes get the money first. What he is saying is physically impossible for any person to do. There are millions of applications that come in the mail. There is no way that the president can pick his favorites. President Trump is seeing that the process is fair and honest. The notion that Biden is claiming is simply another old man’s fantasy proving to be fake news.


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