Did Biden Screw Over These Americans for Political Gain?

Did Biden Screw Over These Americans for Political Gain?

In recent days, it is hard to turn on the radio, tv, or online publication without seeing or hearing something about the recently vacated case against Michael Flynn. For those who aren’t sitting on the edge of your seat for the newest updates, the former National Security Advisor to Trump was exonerated from perjury charges, in which the FBI claims that he lied to them.

However, recently declassified documents prove that Flynn was set up and was to play a small part in the much larger conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump had colluded with the Russian government to win the 2016 presidential election. Part of that set up required that a number of Obama officials and administration members request for Flynn’s supposedly nefarious behavior to be “unmasked.” Included in those officials were a now-presidential candidate and the assumed nominee for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.

As Vice President at the time, Biden would have high-level access to any information about Flynn and the ruse against that he wanted. But did he? Facts show that he at least knew the basics.

But facts also show that Flynn was not the first American veteran who the former vice president had thrown to the wolves in order to continue his political ventures.

As it turns out, Biden knew of four individuals who fought bravely for American freedom and justice, and yet because he wanted to gain closer access to a foreign government, he ensured that they were imprisoned.

In 2007, Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Paul Slough, and Nicholas Slatten, now known as the Biden Four, were serving in Iraq as security contractors to an American diplomat. One day while traveling, the four and their protectee were attacked by insurgents.

According to witnesses, the men were protecting themselves and their ward from what appeared to be a vehicle wired with explosives. In addition, the group also took enemy fire, as is evident by the appearance of their own car. One witness claimed that one enemy shooter was even dressed in an Iraqi police uniform.

Clearly, the attack required defensive maneuvers, and so the foursome returned fire, killing several Iraqis.

Now, it just so happens that VP Biden was trying very hard to get to close to Iraqi government officials. And so in an effort to smooth the waters and not cause a bigger scene, Biden promised to make this problem for the Iraqis go away.

So all four men were tried and convicted of manslaughter, as well as several weapons charges.

Upon hearing of this, my first question would be, ‘On what grounds?’

But of course, Biden made sure things were covered up nicely. The Iraqi police, who were known to be rather corrupt, were allowed to conduct pretty much the only investigation. In fact, it wasn’t until three weeks later that the FBI even showed up to process the scene.

And, as I’m sure you can imagine, everything was pretty much contaminated.

When the men were finally brought back to the states for sentencing, they each received at least 12-15 years in prison. Slatten got it even worse and received a life sentence for first-degree murder.

And for what? For doing their job and protecting their asset against a seriously deadly threat.

But Biden didn’t care. He didn’t care that these men had almost lost their own lives in defense of someone like him. Neither did he care that all four of these brave men have highly honored service records in the United States military.

No, all he saw was a smudge in his plans to get cozy with Iraq. So he rubbed them out.

Luckily for the foursome, Justice For Warriors Caucus has spent a great deal of time going over both the incident and the case. In 2009, they finally convinced a judge to throw out the manslaughter and weapons charges claiming Brady violations. However, the men still sit in prison.

Now, the caucus is calling for their pardon from President Trump. We can only pray that he sees their action for what it was and not what Biden claims.

We should also pray that political stunts like this will be punished for the threat to our nation and the freedoms that they are. If honorable men and women can’t do their job without having some phony of a politician run their name and life through the mud just for his own gain, what good is our freedom and our constitutional rights?


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