Iran Continues to Send Out Tankers Making Trump Furious

Iran Continues to Send Out Tankers Making Trump Furious

The countries of Iran and Venezuela hate the United States with a passion that unifies them together. Iran hates the fact that President Trump cannot be bullied as they have done to past presidents. And, Venezuela hates the United States because they are a picture of everything that they wish they could be. Both of these sorry run countries are working together to try and circumvent the sanctions place on Iran and their oil.

It is reported that five tankers have set sail for Venezuela with $45.5 million of natural resources. The gas and oil that they carry are supposed to help both countries begin to defy the United States. Third world countries with bombs think that they can push around other nations. But when they tried it with President Trump they found that it would be them that would be hurt for their criminal actions. Capt. Ranjith Raja works as an analyst that watches ships carrying oil for the company Refinitiv stated that “This is like a new one for everyone. We haven’t seen anything like this before.” As if the actions of Iran and the failed socialist nations are anything new.

Iran firmly believes that there is something special about their sick little nation. Their dictator president believes that Iran can compete on the level that America lives on. One has to wonder why these two nations are working together to supply a bankrupt country with gasoline. Raja stated that the Iranian ships were loaded in the Persian Gulf and set sail from there to Central America.

Iran is desperate for money. This move of them to badger a bankrupt nation for printed money shows how desperate they are for money. They can no longer fund their illegal nuclear program let alone operate their terrorist regimes. The sanctions on Iran are working which is only another victory for President Trump who is not going to be bullied by Iran or any other sad nation.

Iran has to look for countries that hate America in order to make a dollar. This is the first time that Iranian gas and oil has been shipped to Central and South America. The ships appear to be running with minimal identification has information on the ships is scarce. Iran has been broadcasting their efforts on their internal communication channels. No doubt promoting anti-American propaganda as they tell lies to their people.

A member of the Iranian cabinet named Ali Rabei stated that “We have to sell our oil and we have access to its paths.  “Iran and Venezuela are two independent nations that have had trade with each other and they will.” This poor little man acts like he is going to cry making Iran look like a victim in all of the trouble that they have gotten themselves into.

One news agency in Iran broadcasted their lies when they stated that “If the United States, like pirates, intends to create insecurity on international highways, it will take a dangerous risk that will certainly not go unnoticed.” They act as the Iranian naval ships are more superior to American technology. All The United States has to do is launch one drone and that would be enough to sink the naval ships coming from Iran.

Iran makes threats to just about every nation that stands in their way. They think that they can bully the American people into what they want to get out of them. Venezuela would like to see their economic situation improve to the point that they can stand on their own two feet. But a socialist nation is doomed to fail no matter what they do. The South American country has seen over 5 million of their people leave to find a better way of life for themselves.

President Trump will respond with the correct measures. He will not allow these terrorist nations to attack and bully the American people. Iran and Venezuela will pay the price for their criminal actions. Increased sanctions and military action will become a way of life for them the more they threaten the United States.


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