Gov Cuomo Says “Vulnerable People are Going to Die” No Matter What

Gov Cuomo Says “Vulnerable People are Going to Die” No Matter What

For all New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s enthusiasm in dealing with the coronavirus, he is now facing heavy criticism from both sides as it turns out he may have caused more deaths than he saved lives.

As I’m sure you well know, Cuomo has been one of the most visual governors in the nation in his address of how to govern during this crisis. In fact, his near-daily briefings have made him the face of the coronavirus coverage and earning him much respect.

From the very start, the Democratic leader seemed to make wise decisions on how to shut down his state and prevent the spread. He even humbled himself to think outside of party lines, asking Trump for assistance on several occasions and communicating personally with the president as to how best to address the safety of his constituents.

He was also one of the first to put a significant emphasis on elderly people and nursing homes, starting on April 18 that “Nursing homes are the single biggest fear in all of this. Vulnerable people in one place, it is a feeding frenzy for this virus.” And thus, in an effort to protect what he called the “number one long-term consequence of this disease,” he shut down all visitation to nursing homes.

However, this is the same man who made the decision to force nursing homes to take in patients who had contracted the disease and were released from hospitals, regardless of what their test results said.

And since this decree, 5,433 American seniors have died in nursing homes, as of Wednesday, according to the Daily Caller. This includes 1,700 who died in hospitals after getting the virus in a nursing home and were thus not initially reported. This number is noted to be higher than the total death tolls in all but three states, New York, of course, included.

Now according to Times Union, the decision was “driven by fears that hospitals would be swamped during the pandemic and that COVID-19 patients who could be at nursing homes would occupy much-needed beds. There was also concern that if nursing homes rejected elderly residents, some could be left with nowhere to go.”

And in the early days of the pandemic, I am sure that was a legitimate concern. No one, including Cuomo, knew just how bad things would get. He didn’t know that we really wouldn’t need all the extra hospital beds requested.

However, knowingly putting infected elderly patients back into nursing homes filled with the nation’s most “vulnerable people” just doesn’t make any sense. As several people have pointed out, a better solution would have been to put them in the thousands of empty hotel rooms throughout the city.

And while he admitted to a news conference on Sunday that some “mistakes were made,’ he also noted that no matter what we do try and mitigate the effects of coronavirus on our nation, people will still die.

He said, “Despite whatever you do, because with all our progress as a society, we can’t keep everyone alive. People are going to die by this virus.” He then went on to say taut the praises of the hospital system in New York, saying that it was the best “system on the globe, I believe. Best doctors, best nurses who have responded like heroes, every medication, ventilators, the health system wants for nothing. We worked it out so we always had available beds. Nobody was deprived of a bed or medical coverage in any way.”


“Older people, vulnerable people are going to die from this virus. That is going to happen despite whatever you do… You can have a situation where everyone did the right thing and everyone tried their best, and people still die.”

And he is right. It’s what President Trump has been saying all along.

But when Trump says it, he gets accused of being insensitive, hateful, and uncaring. Cuomo, as the darling of the coronavirus treatment in America, won’t even lightly be criticized for it, even though he is using it as an excuse to cover his own mistakes.


27 thoughts on “Gov Cuomo Says “Vulnerable People are Going to Die” No Matter What

  1. They will if you keep sticking infected people in with the healthy elderly you f****** moron. I am still trying to find out if you actually moved your mother out of a nursing home and into a hotel just before you moved the infected people into the nursing homes or if it is just BS. Because if that is true you absolutely knew — you would kill many of the elderly and that is premeditated murder you scumbag MF’er.

    1. You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT… & he loves those late term ABORTIONS… a Real Catholic boy , he’s just like that other POS piglosi… another BABY MURDERER.

  2. Gov. Cuomo must know that over 7000 people die in the United States every day of any and all causes
    (not sure abortion is among the causes, it would top the list if it was. The most vulnerable people of all, yes, that’s right …people)!

  3. People make mistakes with hurtful consequences, especially when they have more power than they can handle. When other people judge them based upon emotional bias, they make mistakes with hurtful consequences to both themselves and others. People who judge others unnecessarily damage their own reputation as well as their target personality.
    The few reporters who still practice journalism ask themselves 6 questions before they share with others what they know or think they know about a given topic. They are what, why, how, when, where and who. The toughest question they encounter are the “what and why” questions. They are so difficult to answer because they are two-edge swords. One edge is for their person(s) of interest; the other is for them. Why did they say or do or do that? What was their real motive behind their behavior? Why did I share that? What was my motive behind my behavior?

  4. I saw a report this morning that stated Cuomo is blaming President Trump for the nursing home deaths in New York. The report indicated that Cuomo was only following recommendations and guidance from the CDC, etc. so the President was responsible for those deaths.

    Democrats may be enamored with Cuomo, but I think he is just another mediocre politician trying to crow foot out of admitting he screwed up big time and a lot of Americans died because of it.

  5. Cuomo is a total idiot – typical dumocrap wannabe dictator enjoying his current power over people’s lives. The families of every one of the elderly who died because of his uncaring stupidity should sue him personally – and bankrupt him. Wonder if he would have such a cavalier attitude if he lost an elderly relative because of his stupidity.

    1. If I’m a gambling man, I’d wager that most of those elderly were republicans. We can’t have those voting, now can’t we? And also, the Social Security rolls are pared, no? Man, it tears my soul, to constantly ask myself, “Well, just how many have they killed already?!” Many of these “above the law” types are still playing golf.

  6. That does not mean that you hasten their demise by putting contagious people into a prison-like environment. Some folks were locked down in nursing homes with NO outside visitors. Yet you put corona virus patients in there. With the most vulnerable. Man , you guys even let the felony prisoners out.

    It is like you were cleaning out the medicaid expenses ro save money.

    1. When you order the relocation of infected with Corona virus people in to nursing homes, where as we know lives the most vulnerable people, instead of placing them in the existing empty hotels, you do this with a precise intent, and you can’t claim as a mistake. This is called GENOCIDE, which is qualifying you as a CRIMINAL. In top of this you order not to mention in the death certificate the reason of death as a Covid 19, in order to eliminate the proof of your criminal action. The DA investigation is absolutely mandatory.

  7. Cuomo trying to cover for not taking the early warnings serious .spoke to the camera on national tv.”we are new yorkers”go about your way. Trump saved his state .but did the mayor or governor cuomo say ,thanks instead they keep trashing Trump because the dem party wont like it. Sorry and disgusting..

  8. Coronavirus Pandemic Update 59: Dr. Seheult’s Daily Regimen (Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Quercetin, NAC). A YouTube video. Quercetin is a zinc ionophore, too. There are no toxic side effects with Quercetin at all. Onions have Quercetin in them. Remember Shrek? He likes onions. He is smart. Add to that upper cervical spesific only chiropractic. That can improving the immune system, up to 200 %. Upcspine or Upper Cervical Health Centers or The Spesific or NUCCA. The damn government, needs to allow us to be as nude, as we were when we were born. God made us naked, for a reason. Nude + sun = vitamin D 3.

  9. It must be great to be a Socialist Democrat today. They can say whatever the hell they want to to say and they are protect by the walls of their quarantined offices. They still get paid if they do NOTHING. They can still get on their private planes and go wherever the hell they want to go. While we have people who ople who may actually carry around this virus, the politicians can falsely claim they are protecting the public. As long as we have people confined to their homes, we will never know who poses a threat to the public. Logic says let them out and allow them to seek testing if they choose to. It is not only for the public good, but to refeave the fear that they may be infected. I have never been tested, but thankfully I have a medical procedure coming soon that requires my testing to receive this procedure. I have to test NEGATIVE to get this procedure. Truth be known I fear the procedure more than the virus. It it does not go well, I might die. If everything goes well, I pray they give me proof of testing for this virus so I can show others I have been tested NEGATIVE. Can all the politicians prove they tested NEGATIVE? Maybe they are carriers and do not know it. One thing is clear. If self quarantining has not worked by now to kill this virus after 14 plus 51 days, it never will. Thus everyone must get tested PERIOD and be given proof of the testing to protect others in a protected public.

  10. As long as New York keeps voting for Communist inspired Democrats things will suck more and more! Their true colors are showing. Give them an inch of power they take a hundred yards.

  11. Wow-what a change in tone since a couple of weeks ago when he was shouting at us all, wagging his finger, accusing us of wanting to kill people if we dared to say we wanted to go back to work to save our livelihoods! Then it was – You owe it to Me, to Save My Life! It is Selfish of you to want to go out, Do you want me to die?!

    Well, right about now Mr. Cuomo I don’t give an F if You or your little arrogant ignorant vain sanctimonious Fredo Brother Dies Too!

    This Moron is guilty of Manslaughter at best…which may be why just a day or so ago he said – Nobody should be prosecuted for the nursing home deaths. Yes I am sure he feels that way now- but if it had been ordered by Trump it would have been Tar and Feather the fool before we kill him!

    But as usual nothing will happen to the filthy rich crook as the left literally gets away with Murder!

  12. It doesn’t stop with deaths in the nursing homes No one mentioned the fact he also released thousands of criminals from prison because of the virus. So you send the elderly to die but release rapist, killers, molesters, wife beaters… He opens the state so slowly he’s destroying small businesses. May not open schools come fall. Really?? No summer camps so no sunshine and play time for kids. Last thing, he’s wants the United States tax payers to send 80 billions dollars to NY. Good luck with that. NY’ers can look forward to a 30 to 40% tax increase. Makes you want to stay, right?

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