WHO in Big Trouble with President Trump

WHO in Big Trouble with President Trump

The world has been betrayed by the organization that has been commissioned with alerting and keeping the world safe from global sickness. The World Health Organization works around the world to identify and treat viral and bacterial outbreaks before they become a global issue. But their friendliness with China and desire to cover up the outbreak of the coronavirus has violated every avenue of trust that they once had with the world. Their devious actions have been the reason so many people died around the world. This is the reason why President Trump has decided that they no longer deserve to receive American funds.

The World Health Organization still has not admitted their part of the deception over the coronavirus. They are acting like the Chinese and their attempts to push the blame onto the United States. The WHO maintains that what they stated months ago was right. They believe that they are not in error when they stated that the virus could not be transmitted through the air. But the truth is that they did not know the truth. Instead of admitting that they did not know, they lied to appear to be knowledgeable.

President Trump is now considering keeping all funding back from the WHO permanently. He is demanding an overhaul over the way that the WHO operates. Because their current methods have failed and no longer work in an everchanging world. The WHO will have to make major improvements in the next 30 days or the United States will no longer be a member of the organization. This would mean that the WHO would lose a major chunk of its funding.

The WHO deliberately joined forces with China and provided a lot of bad information to the world about the coronavirus. China did not want the world to place the blame on them for the coronavirus. The WHO thought that it was a good idea to lie and appear to know things that they did not understand. Like a good Democrat, the WHO denies any wrongdoing. But facts do not lie.

The president stated that “If the WHO does not commit to major substantive improvements within the next 30 days, I will make my temporary freeze of United States funding to the WHO permanent and reconsider our membership.” The WHO highly depends on the funding of the United States. The United States is the largest contributor to the WHO. Money talks that the WHO would do well to stop lying and start working on fixing their operation.

The WHO will have to break from their allegiance with China. They are going to have to stop lying with them and start telling the truth. There is proof that China has tried to keep information from reaching the rest of the world. They kicked journalists out of the country because the truth was leaking out. They have also kept out inspection teams and other scientists from looking at the truth behind the virus.

China cries like a baby when they state in defense that “The U.S. leadership’s open letter is filled with phrases of suggestions, maybes, and potentialities, and is trying to mislead the public through this specious method, to achieve the goal of smearing and slandering China’s efforts in epidemic prevention and to shift responsibility in its own incompetence in handling the epidemic.” China is all about their image and not about the truth. No one can trust their statements or news broadcasts.

The WHO is in bed with China because China is supposedly funding an independent review of the situation. But China has demonstrated that they change the truth to fit their image. So, no one is going to trust the falsified study. There is no reason to believe that the WHO would act any differently.

President Trump is not going to let them get away with covering up the truth. Both China and the WHO have to be held accountable for their actions. Hundreds of thousands have paid with the lives because not one person in China or the WHO had the guts to stand up and do the right thing and tell the truth.


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