China Plays the Hurt Card and Cries in the Corner over Taiwan

China Plays the Hurt Card and Cries in the Corner over Taiwan

China is a massive country run by a bunch of people that are incredibly selfish and prideful. Their main desire is to have a favorable reputation for others around the world and they are willing to do anything to keep that image. They have evicted all the American journalists from their borders because they were telling the truth. China wanted to have them report what they wanted them to report. But they would not tell the lies coming from the communist leadership. The journalist was told to get out or face trouble.

The reporters left and the stories that started coming out of China were fabricated lies designed to make China look like the hero and the United States look responsible for the entire viral outbreak. China is also upset over the fact that they cannot compete with the Americans economically. The tariff war was won by the United States and it forced the Chinese to come and deal fairly and work to make up a new trade deal. At every turn, President Trump has dealt a knock-out blow to the Chinese people. This is one of the reasons why they hate the United States.

Mike Pompeo is the U.S. Secretary of State and he angered the Chinese by issuing a big congrats to the Taiwanese president and her win to another term as the leader of another nation that the Chinese hate. The Chinese look at Taiwan and think that the little island belongs to them. But the United States rightly supports it as another nation. China cannot move in or they will incur the wrath of the mighty United States.

China used his speech as a means to deepen their hurt puppy dog state by stating that serious damage has been done to international relations between the two countries. China just wants to find a way to get out of the trade negotiations and out from under the blame of the coronavirus. The very notion that China believes that they own Taiwan is seen in the fact that they believe Pompeo’s speech violates the one-China belief that they have over the tiny island.

China hates what Taiwan represents. They are the picture of what a free China would look like if communism was not strangling the country. The Chinese stated that “China urges the US side to immediately correct its mistakes. The Chinese side will take necessary countermeasures to respond to the above-mentioned erroneous actions by the US side. And the US side should bear the consequences arising therefrom.” This statement is a threat to the United States.

Pompeo further rubbed salt in their wounds by stating that “Her re-election by a huge margin shows that she has earned the respect, admiration, and trust of the people on Taiwan. Her courage and vision in leading Taiwan’s vibrant democracy is an inspiration to the region and the world. As we look toward the future, I am confident that, with President Tsai at the helm, our partnership with Taiwan will continue to flourish.” China will use anything to try and cause tension between both nations to keep from having to admit President Trump is right.

The funny part about Taiwan and its relation to China is that the president of Taiwan wants to have good relations with the larger neighbor. But China seeks to subdue Taiwan and make them a part of the larger mainland. China wants to annex Taiwan so they can push America out of the region. The Chinese leadership knows that they cannot get away with illegal activity while the United States is sitting on their borders.

China has demanded that Taiwan be recognized as a part of China. But Taiwan will never agree to those demands. Once people taste freedom they do not want to give it up. China is a communist government. And that type of government will never give the kinds of freedoms that democracy can give. President Trump will never bow to Chinese demands. Taiwan has every right to keep their freedoms and be seen as an independent nation.


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