Two-Faced Nancy Pelosi is Having to Eat Her Own Words

Two-Faced Nancy Pelosi is Having to Eat Her Own Words

Nancy Pelosi cannot help herself in the House. She just has to pick a fight with the president any chance that she gets. Her hopes of controlling the White House went up in smoke when her impeachment trial dinner was canceled because of the truth. So now her only recourse is to say things about the president that attacks his person and his beliefs. This time around Pelosi opened her big mouth and stated that the president was overweight. She believes that it is her job to vindicate others that may have been offended when the president spoke to them last.

As old as Pelosi is in age one would think that she has outgrown the grade school notion that revenge has to take place. But she lives in a junior high school drama club that just can’t help it to ridicule other people. She wowed herself when she stated “I gave him a dose of his own medicine. He’s called women one thing or another over time, and I thought he thinks that passes off as humor in certain cultures. I was only quoting what doctors had said about him, so I was being factual in a very sympathetic way.” There was nothing sympathetic about her statement. She had no business making fun of private medical information about the president.

The Democrats have resorted to name-calling and sticks and stones fighting because they cannot find anything wrong with this president. The president sees Pelosi as a “waste of time.” He is no longer going to crouch down to her little level and entertain a toddler. He can hire a babysitter to take care of baby Pelosi. The president serves on a higher level than the Democrats can even think. He does not have the time to entertain their childish endeavors any longer. He has a country to save from them.

Pelosi has been picking fights with the president for the past four years. And every time he knocks her out with responses and actions that make her look dumb and stupid every day of the week. Pelosi wants power and the president stands in her way. She thinks that just because she influences the countries checkbook that she can make people do whatever she wants. She has forgotten about the checks and balances that the Constitution has in it to keep people like her from ruining the country.

Pelosi developed a mimic bill that looks very similar to the one that the president signed into law a few months back. She wrote this bill all by herself because she wants to be the one that the people remember that helped them financially. It all comes down to Pelosi wanting to engrave her name into Washington before she is too old to walk anymore. But the president keeps scratching her name off of public walls like it is graffiti that should not be there.

Pelosi’s bill got eaten alive in the Senate and that may be why she took a jab at the president. Mitch McConnell laughed at the bill and called it “unserious and so far left.” Meaning that the bill is highly anti-American that it cannot come up for a vote. Pelosi is acting on her own and it is going to get her into a mess of trouble.

The claims that Pelosi is making about the president has not affected what people think of him. 39 percent of women in 2016 voted for him and 52 percent of the men followed up with their support. He spars with the liberal media because they are out of control and needs someone to challenge them to do and report on what is right. He does not let them get away with falsifying their stories and screwing up the facts. The media and Pelosi are tied at the hip with spewing words that are hateful and disgusting.  Pelosi puts down the president for allegedly saying hurtful things, but she does the same things. She opens her mouth and sticks her foot in it. At least the president thinks before he speaks.


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