President Trump is Protecting America by Pulling out of Open Skies Treaty

President Trump is Protecting America by Pulling out of Open Skies Treaty

President Trump is on a mission to keep making American safe and great. He has told members of the Open Skies Treaty that he is no longer going to allow the United States to be a part of this treaty. The treaty allowed 30 nations to conduct flyovers of each other’s territory as long as the planes were not armed. The treaty was designed to grow trust between nations and keep the United States and Russia from conflict.

The problem with the treaty is that the United States is being spied on by countries seeking information about top-secret facilities. Russia is violating the pact which is the reason why President Trump is pulling the country out. The president simply wants to keep Americans safe. Russia is violating the treaty to the point that the country is no longer safe. Many critics say that Moscow will not like the move because they will not benefit from the flyover data.

Russia does not dictate U.S. policies. When the proposal was first suggested back in 1955, Russia did not want to go along with the plan. But later on, in 1989 it was brought back up and they were all for it. But, Russia appears to have been using the treaty for its own secretive usage.

The flyovers do allow for countries to see what each other is doing with the military and other sensitive matters. When the rogue nations of the treaty are ganging up on the United States it is no longer in the interests of the United States to allow its enemies to have a bird’s eye view of what is going on in the country. The treaty mandated that each country let the data be available to everyone. But Russia was not allowing flights in certain areas and they certainly were not honoring the part of the treaty.

Alexandra Bell, who is a former State Department official, stated that “I absolutely cannot see a single upside to abandoning this treaty against the advice and wishes of our allies, other than for the people who never liked this treaty and don’t like the idea of the transparency and openness the treaty provides.” Bell obviously is blind to the danger of the treaty when it is used to spy on each other and not honor the full extent of the treaty.

Bell also drags political lines into it by saying “It’s a Republican legacy treaty.” It has nothing to do with being a Republican or not. It was done for the reason of trust and transparency during a time of distrust and there was a need to talk with each leader. The Democrats of course are not in favor of it because it is President Trump making the move. They stated that “The administration’s effort to make a major change to our national security policy in the midst of a global health crisis is not only shortsighted but also unconscionable.” The Democrats obviously are looking for more things to smear the president with, so they are going to disagree with his move at this point. They are even trying to set him up by asking him to reconsider his decision.

There is no reason to think that Russia will ever stay in the treaty or even honor the agreement since they are not doing it now. These treaties that the United States has been a part of for the past few decades have not been to the advantage of the country. These treaties such as the Flyover Treaty and the nuclear treaties have only hurt the country.

Officials have stated that “Russian violations of the treaty were the main reason for exiting. Russia has restricted flights over Moscow and Chechnya and near Abkhazia and South Ossetia.” These are areas of major concern because of the people that are involved in the region. Russia just does not want any interference in their rough dealings with its neighbors. They must be held accountable and the only way that they can be is if flyovers are permitted to take place.


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