Liberal ‘Karen’ Gets What’s Coming to Her by an Innocent Birdwatcher as She Chokes Her Dog

Liberal ‘Karen’ Gets What’s Coming to Her by an Innocent Birdwatcher as She Chokes Her Dog

As droves of people were enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, with many of them taking full advantage of their first release from senseless home captivity, the ‘Karen’s”, still trembling with fear, ventured out as they remained cautiously hidden in the shadows, still not willing to share their overrated airspace, even though we were pretty much told to go out have fun. Which is what we did.

NYC’s Central Park is located on the Atlantic flyway. In an area of the park called the Ramble, certain types of vegetation are planted to attract birds of varying species. This particular area attracts birdwatchers such as 57-year-old Christian Cooper who sit in silence hoping to catch a quick glimpse of whatever type of rare species may happen to fly in, which is exactly what this African-American man was innocently doing. Until…

Why she was walking her unleashed dog in this specified area of the park is anyone’s guess, but Mr. Cooper wasn’t pleased with her intrusion or her blatant disregard for several of the parks’ steadfast rules. The white woman, Amy Cooper (no relation), also was not pleased when she spotted a black man whom she recklessly assumed was hiding in the woods awaiting his next victim. As the man began to approach her. and realizing she had no snowflake appointed safe-space to crawl into, she braced herself, most likely believing she was about to join her dearly departed liberal friends in the deepest pits of hell. But as those types always are, she could not have been more mistaken in her ridiculous assumption.

Here is how their initial conversation played out:

CHRISTIAN: Ma’am, dogs in the Ramble have to be on the leash at all times. The sign is right there.
AMY: The dog runs are closed. He needs his exercise.
CHRISTIAN: All you have to do is take him to the other side of the drive, outside the Ramble, and you can let him run off-leash all you want.
AMY: It’s too dangerous.
CHRISTIAN: Look, if you’re going to do what you want, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.
AMY: What’s that?
CHRISTIAN: (to the dog): Come here, puppy!
AMY: He won’t come to you.
CHRISTIAN: We’ll see about that…

Christian Cooper, meaning no harm, pulled some treats out of his pocket which he carries for possible encounters with stray dogs. As he attempted tossing one to the pooch, the woman grabbed her dog around the neck and started yelling at the man to leave her precious Fido alone. Sensing the entire scenario was on the verge of turning dark, as Ms. Cooper’s face was turning redder, Mr. Cooper pushed the video button on his iPhone to record the woman’s clearly unjustified rage.

This is when Amy Cooper told the man she was going to call the police to tell them an African-American man was threatening her life. In a calm manner, Mr. Cooper replied, “Tell them whatever you like.” And she did.

By the time the NYC Police responded to the 911 call, neither of the Cooper’s were there. There were no arrests made and no one was summoned. However, feeling the need to make a statement, Christian Cooper, assisted by his more technologically advanced sister, Amy, released the video on social media, and needless to say, it made quite a splash when it was picked up by major news networks, with the majority of them, in their propaganda agenda based ways, slanting it entirely in their favor, not wishing to offend their tender-hearted base with the truth.

Amy Cooper has publically apologized for her outlandish actions, but only after being lambasted for being the raving lunatic she is. But what would you expect from a simple-minded snowflake who’s afraid of her own shadow? She later admitted how she knew unleashed dogs were not allowed in the Ramble.

Seeing how this whole thing went down, and obviously knowing her apology was only out of fear, one question remains. Was she really sorry? What do you think?


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