Liberal ‘Karen’ Gets What’s Coming to Her by an Innocent Birdwatcher as She Chokes Her Dog

Liberal ‘Karen’ Gets What’s Coming to Her by an Innocent Birdwatcher as She Chokes Her Dog

As droves of people were enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, with many of them taking full advantage of their first release from senseless home captivity, the ‘Karen’s”, still trembling with fear, ventured out as they remained cautiously hidden in the shadows, still not willing to share their overrated airspace, even though we were pretty much told to go out have fun. Which is what we did.

NYC’s Central Park is located on the Atlantic flyway. In an area of the park called the Ramble, certain types of vegetation are planted to attract birds of varying species. This particular area attracts birdwatchers such as 57-year-old Christian Cooper who sit in silence hoping to catch a quick glimpse of whatever type of rare species may happen to fly in, which is exactly what this African-American man was innocently doing. Until…

Why she was walking her unleashed dog in this specified area of the park is anyone’s guess, but Mr. Cooper wasn’t pleased with her intrusion or her blatant disregard for several of the parks’ steadfast rules. The white woman, Amy Cooper (no relation), also was not pleased when she spotted a black man whom she recklessly assumed was hiding in the woods awaiting his next victim. As the man began to approach her. and realizing she had no snowflake appointed safe-space to crawl into, she braced herself, most likely believing she was about to join her dearly departed liberal friends in the deepest pits of hell. But as those types always are, she could not have been more mistaken in her ridiculous assumption.

Here is how their initial conversation played out:

CHRISTIAN: Ma’am, dogs in the Ramble have to be on the leash at all times. The sign is right there.
AMY: The dog runs are closed. He needs his exercise.
CHRISTIAN: All you have to do is take him to the other side of the drive, outside the Ramble, and you can let him run off-leash all you want.
AMY: It’s too dangerous.
CHRISTIAN: Look, if you’re going to do what you want, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.
AMY: What’s that?
CHRISTIAN: (to the dog): Come here, puppy!
AMY: He won’t come to you.
CHRISTIAN: We’ll see about that…

Christian Cooper, meaning no harm, pulled some treats out of his pocket which he carries for possible encounters with stray dogs. As he attempted tossing one to the pooch, the woman grabbed her dog around the neck and started yelling at the man to leave her precious Fido alone. Sensing the entire scenario was on the verge of turning dark, as Ms. Cooper’s face was turning redder, Mr. Cooper pushed the video button on his iPhone to record the woman’s clearly unjustified rage.

This is when Amy Cooper told the man she was going to call the police to tell them an African-American man was threatening her life. In a calm manner, Mr. Cooper replied, “Tell them whatever you like.” And she did.

By the time the NYC Police responded to the 911 call, neither of the Cooper’s were there. There were no arrests made and no one was summoned. However, feeling the need to make a statement, Christian Cooper, assisted by his more technologically advanced sister, Amy, released the video on social media, and needless to say, it made quite a splash when it was picked up by major news networks, with the majority of them, in their propaganda agenda based ways, slanting it entirely in their favor, not wishing to offend their tender-hearted base with the truth.

Amy Cooper has publically apologized for her outlandish actions, but only after being lambasted for being the raving lunatic she is. But what would you expect from a simple-minded snowflake who’s afraid of her own shadow? She later admitted how she knew unleashed dogs were not allowed in the Ramble.

Seeing how this whole thing went down, and obviously knowing her apology was only out of fear, one question remains. Was she really sorry? What do you think?


243 thoughts on “Liberal ‘Karen’ Gets What’s Coming to Her by an Innocent Birdwatcher as She Chokes Her Dog

  1. They were both idiots but she is losing her job. Any adult male in the bushes with binoculars would be suspect, white, black or brown. Like many pet lovers she puts her animal on a pedestal and above the law. Also there are a lot of animal lovers who object to others, including friends or family let alone strangers, feeding their pets. Why does everything have to be about race when it is really down to two people behaving badly – like people of all races do from time to time.

    1. I agree neither one of the people involved in this encounter behaved properly. I would never let anyone I did not know even pet my dog let alone give them a treat especially after he said that(” he was going to do something she would not like.”) Plus I would be a little freaked out seeing someone hanging out in the bushes as well. However she should have just leashed her dog when things started getting heated and then called the police as she was walking away. I do not think she was calling because he was black I think she was genuinely frightened and overreacted. I think that the man should have just let it go as well and walked a way as well. No harm no fowl. I think people overreact to almost everything today. However excluding the two people involved in this situation I am embarrassed to be a New Yorker the way people sit behind a computer screen and ruin someone’s life because they do not agree with their behavior is appalling you have no right to ruin someone’s life and get them fired and take there dog from them and then be proud of what you have done. God help us. Remember what happened in Nazi Germany reporting our neighbors turning people in who we do not agree with. This was between two people and no one else should have gotten involved. There but for the grace of God go I. I hope the idiots who are keyboard warriors don’t ever make a mistake because they are frightened and their adrenaline is rushing thru them and they make a bad choice because there may be a group of key board warriors out there to ruin their lives. I guess I kind of hope that happens so you can get off you high horses and see what it feels like when you are on the other side of things. Hypocrites.

    2. That spot is designated for Bird watchers Dumb Ass!! Hense people with Binoculars!! The only person acting retarded was the Moron chocking her Dog!! She should be charged with Animal Cruelty, and threatening behavior!!

      1. I totally agree!!!! I’m tired of seeing tirades for insignificant things. If that was zone for bird watchers then why did she break the rules? She should be ashamed of herself. People have to think twice before becoming idiots!!!!!

  2. CHRISTIAN: Look, if you’re going to do what you want, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.
    AMY: What’s that?
    CHRISTIAN: (to the dog): Come here, puppy!
    I’d be apprehensive too!

    1. The fact is SHE WAS WRONG!!!! All she had to do is leash her dog and it wouldn’t be a problem but that’s what snowflakes do. Scream and yell for no reason. Do what it says to do!!!!

      1. Trudy, if the races were reversed and Christian was White and Amy was Black, he would be accused of policing and harassing a Black over something trivial and given some cheesy name like “Central Park Chris”. (Remember “Barbeque Becky” the White woman who told the Blacks barbequing that they were violating the law in California which forbade barbequing during a drought because of the threat of setting off wild fires. She was bashed endlessly for harassing and policing Black behavior when what they were doing was a far greater threat than allowing your dog off a leash.) Then if “White Chris” told “Black Amy” while in a secluded area “that if she was going to do what she wanted he would do what he wanted and she wouldn’t like it very much” and when asked what that meant, started calling her dog over, everyone would side with “Black Amy” saying this racist White man threatened her, harassed by filming her, provoked her all because she was Black and that she rightfully feared for her life. “White Chris” would then be fired from his job, threatened endlessly and so forth and “Black Amy” would have endless sympathy. The insanity regarding racism just never stops.

  3. I agreed that they’re both idiots but the difference is Karen is a lunatic. a typical liberal who calls the police and even tells the guy I’m going to call the police and tell him you’re threatening me, which he wasn’t. That makes her the bigger idiot, but what more would you expect from a lunatic liberal. They’re all hysterical and they all lie every damn one of them.

    1. Actually, he was threatening her in a creepy, veiled way. He was alone with her in a secluded area and told her “if you going to do what you want, I’m going to what I want and you may not like it very much.” When she asked what he meant, he started called her dog over. He used the fact that he was a large Black male and she a petite White female to intimidate her over a trivial matter instead of just calling the park police to report it. She was rightfully upset. He was not innocent, he knew exactly what he was doing and he wouldn’t have done it to a Black woman or a burly man. She shouldn’t have claimed he tried to kill her but he she was obviously afraid for her dog and was likely trying to scare him off. The amount of White women(or men) murdered, robbed, assaulted and raped by Black males occurs thousands of times a year, while and unjust shooting by a cop of a Black one can count on one hand though the media falsely makes it appear common and bangs on about for months. So statistically, he was far more a threat to her than any cop was to him.

  4. Sorry she was caught and identified, perhaps, but will go to her grave despising that lurking masher who exposed her lunacy.

  5. The fact of the matter is that if the dog walker had been following the law none of this would have taken place. The bird watcher was doing nothing wrong and Ms. Cooper was. Obviously she could read the “Dogs must be on a leash” sign and she even stated that she knew that. Did she think it only applied to everyone else and not herself? Another idiot who thinks she’s privileged. She got what she deserved – fired and lost her dog.

    1. No, both were wrong. Yeah, she should have put the dog on a leash but that’s a very minor infraction. This wouldn’t have happened if Mr. Cooper hadn’t made a veiled threat to her and her dog which would frighten anyone over something so trivial. Then he continued to escalate the situation by filming her. He should have just told her if she didn’t leash the dog, he’d call the park ranger to issue a citation, walked away and done that and left her alone. Anyways, in a sane country, this would not be on the news but in today’s America, the hysteria over racism has reached fever pitch, much like the hysteria over witchcraft 300 years ago. Amy is now the modern day witch accused of the grave sin of “racism” chased by the torch bearing SJW keyboard mobs over something trivial which is nobody’s business. For her to lose her job, dog and have go into hiding is INSANE.

  6. The writer said, we were released from captivity. So she and her friends ..went out and had fun. ( I’m assuming no masks, or social distancing). Smart lady, hope she and her friends quilts of possibly infecting others with their fun, has a CCP test in 14 days. She may be surprised at the results for being so careless and believing this virus is over. Face it lady, NO ONE KNOWS IF ITS OVER!
    that’s it NO one knows! As to the people involved in the incident, their behavior was infantile.

  7. Both behaved badly. “Karen” could have put the leash back on her dog and walked away even if she took it back off after she was away from Christian. He could have walked away or called someone when he saw she wasn’t going to comply with his request or the law. I WOULD however be highly upset if someone told me “Look, if you’re going to do what you want, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.” Whether he tried to get my dog to come to him or not, I’d probably take that as a threat to my and/or my dog. Our ‘interaction after that would be far from pleasant!

    1. Exactly, he should have just called the park police and reported her. Instead he gave her a creepy veiled threat which would frighten anyone alone with a stranger in a secluded area. I also think he was trying to provoke a
      situation. Once she got upset, he whipped out his camera and his sister, who conveniently works for HBO, uploaded it online. So yeah, I think this was a set up by him. He is not innocent.

  8. Many claim this was a Racial Incident, but the truth is we have Racists on both sides of the argument. People seem to have a certain amount of Pride based on how Racist they are. It’s sad but true. I am considered White (I hate the term), but I was disgusted as every US Citizens should be when a Black American was choked to death by a police officer on camera. With the man in handcuffs and subdued, I can honestly say this was murder by cop. Either this officer was poorly trained or deeply morally tainted. I can not read his mind, so I can not know is he did what he did because he was a Racist. Anyone of the officers around him should have stepped forward and stopped the offending officer, yet they did not. The man’s death was a needless death, no matter the color of his skin. If I were Black, I would see it as Racism. What other explanation fits?

    The problem with America today is there is way to much HATE being spewed today. When all this HATE is spewed toward our US President, it has a sprinkle down effect that corrupts the soul of the nation. It does not matter who is the President, but it does matter that HATE has become political. It pits brother against brother.
    Apparently the United States learned nothing from the Civil War, when citizen killed citizen. To think that a nation based on equality and Christian Values can HATE SO MUCH is appalling. HATE is not a Christian Value, so it means GOD means nothing to the the nation or Christians are not practicing what they preach. Evil has silenced the mouths of loving Christians or GOD is just not welcome in the US anymore. This is what happens when we take GOD out of the nation and replace GOD with the EVIL men do. HATE IN ANY FORM IS EVIL. It is easy to HATE, but hard to LOVE. JESUS knew this. This is why he stressed that we should “Love thy neighbor” or live under the laws of man and continue to honor GOD’s laws; for in the end GOD will have the final judgement, not man.

  9. Maybe you all know something I am not aware of. Nowhere in this article do I see any mention of her loosing her job, or her dog.

    I see it as two stupid people acting stupid. She should have had her dog on a leash, or at least put it on a leash immediately; and he should not have said what sounded like a threat.
    People need to be more kind and considerate of others. (Me included sometimes)

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