Uh-Oh! Trump Knows About Governor’s Manipulation in Michigan for Money

Uh-Oh! Trump Knows About Governor’s Manipulation in Michigan for Money

Whitmer is the Democrat’s only hope in making Joe Biden look like he is not crazy. She has thrown her hat in the ring to be made the vice-presidential candidate. Biden is a crazy man that is losing his mind. Whitmer hopes to be made the vice-presidential candidate so she can take over when Biden is put in the loony ward. She has no desire to share power with him. She just wants to make everyone’s lives miserable. But one person is standing in her way. And that is President Trump. She has to follow along with what he says, and it drives her crazy.

She looks for any way that she can manipulate and weasel her way out of orders from President Trump and his administrative staff. President Trump has been patient with the Democratic governors as he waits for them to catch up with the rest of the nation to reopen. Whitmer and her band of Democrats are purposely dragging their feet in reopening their states all because they hate the president. Whitmer has kept her state closed not because she cares about the people, but because she wants to defy the president.

Whitmer has admitted to her selfish demise that she is now hiding her criticisms of the president because she wants to make sure that she gets aid money from the federal government. She is going to start complying with his orders not because she agrees or supports him, but only because she wants the money. She has agreed to watch her mouth because if she does not do it, then she would not get the money that she covets so much.

Whitmer is so wrapped up in herself that she must maintain some level of public popularity. She stated that she took what the president tweeted about her personal, she stated: “The worst night sleep that I’ve gotten in the last 10 weeks is when he has attacked me on Twitter.” She is very upset over his comments that she lost sleep. No one believes that she lost sleep. Her reaction to his comments about her was nothing more than a way to attack a blameless president. She simply wanted to appeal to the emotions of people and act like a victim. She is falsely trying to let the words appear to hurt her feelings.

Baby Whitmer is bucking public opinion and doing her own thing. There is nothing that she likes about Michigan. She simply wants the funds from the federal government so she can pay herself and continue to enjoy the private upper part of the state that she has restricted to private usage. The president rightly stated that “The Governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire. These are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely! See them, talk to them, make a deal.”

President Trump knows the people of America. He knows that they do not want to be under the oppressive rule of Democratic governors. Whitmer simply does not want to let go of the powers that she has over the people of Michigan. When she got her emergency powers her head swelled with pride and now she cannot let those powers go. All of her moves have been protested but she is not listening to the people. She has told the people that her orders are not up or debate. She stated that “I expect people to follow the law. These executive orders are not a suggestion. They’re not optional. They’re not helpful hints.”

Whitmer’s manipulative choice to edit her words for the sake of money and her hypocritical actions have placed a rope around her neck and the only way out for her is to join up with boring Biden. She continues to defy orders and wants to buck the system. She stated that “There is a lot of politics at play here, unfortunately. The protests are very political in nature instead of being focused on the stay-at-home order. But I’ve been focused on doing my job, and I’m going to keep doing that and I’m not going to apologize about that. I’m not changing the way I run this state because of some protests.” She selfishly has chosen to not listen to the people and is determined to do things her own way.


164 thoughts on “Uh-Oh! Trump Knows About Governor’s Manipulation in Michigan for Money

    1. Is this the only reply to ALL the articles you read? How about actually saying something related to the articles.

  1. I think she forgot who put her into office. Sounds like time for a re-call! I hope the people will! She doesn’t deserve to be in office as she has become a dictator!

  2. NWO agenda criminal Whitmer & sen. Stabenow got in by blatantly obvious election fraud via soros -made election equipment & DNC collusion . How else do you claim victory only a few minutes past the 8 pm closing of the polls & only 31% of precincts counted – the liberal Detroit & Lansing precincts of course ! The rest of the 69% of Michigan precincts were IGNORED !

  3. Eww!! I cannot stand her. She lied about the company she hired to do covid 19 contact tracing. There’s something wrong with that woman from michigan!! Seriously, she coulda been great. She decided to be a full blown lefty. You blew it girl!!

  4. It really is a shame that all Americans can’t open their eyes to the democrat agenda. It’s not just about power or authority. It’s about control. Democratic voters, just look what is happening with an open mind. Giving support to illegals, no concern for life, obsessive hatred, divisive, and basically morally bankrupt. The list is long .. Hillary Clinton, who has American blood on her hands. Nancy Pelosi, who has done nothing productive in years, is 80 years old and an alcoholic. Newsroom, Pelosi’s nephew, it figures. Stacy Abrams & Maxine Waters, hateful & racist. Omar, a four time felon in this country illegally. Tlaib & Cortez extreme socialists. Whither, a cheap dictator. The entire democratic party has changed. It is no longer a party for workers or the people. It is the party for a new world order and it should be disbanded. Democrat voters, this is on you. You voted these people in office and when you lose your freedoms, don’t whine, don’t cry, you did it to yourselves.

    1. Mikey: So well put just hope the rest of Americans see whats going on it’s a shame what the Democrats in office have done to this country. I hope this America which a lot of military gave there lives for can with stand the movement which is taking place within the Democratic Party to Socialize this country of ours.

    2. Mikey, the democRAT party has NEVER been “for the working” people! At least as far back as lbj (that’s as far back as I remember and history was never a subject I was good in). They are the party of TAX and GIVE it to those WHO DON’T WANT TO WORK (welfare state)! The democRATS are the party of slavery and the KKK, but for SOME reason the blacks SUPPORT them!! It makes me wonder about the intelligence level of MOST blacks. The SMART ones do NOT support the democRATS!!

  5. This SCUM SUCKING DOG will find HERSELF breaking rocks with a Ball Pen Hammer 🔨🔨 🔨 if
    SHE doesn’t watch her P’s and Q’s .Or she will end up being RECALLED by WE THE PEOPLE of

  6. nitwitSHITLER is DRUNK on POWER and rules our state of 10 million people like we are slaves. Every time there is a major protest against nitwitSHITLER, it extends our IMPRISONMENT for another two weeks!

    Whatever happened to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” to become “we NEED a CURE or VACCINE?!?!

    Reopen “WE THE PEOPLE’S” STATE!!

    You FUGLY dictator POS!!

  7. She will be a one term governor if you are smart. Cudos to the employee who told her husband to get to the back of the line while sought favor because he was the governors husband to ditch the line at a boat dock.

  8. This particular governor is precisely the same as all other Democrat governors — insane over power and absolute control. The Democrats did a superb job of illegally electing this bitch. The voters listened to a bunch of communist experts and became so brainwashed that they voted this bitch into office. When she leaves office, the communist experts will again start their specialized brainwashing speeches and TV promotions to entice the citizens of Michigan to vote for their Democrat candidate. Brainwashing is extremely effective, and is well practiced by the CCP in China. The Democrat brainwashing program is no different generally than that of the CCP; it teaches people not to think for themselves, but to do what they are told to do. Of course, the brainwashed citizens of Michigan had a large helping hand in voting this bitch into office — the illegal vote casting and vote stuffing effort by the Democrats. The Democrats have done a good job of infiltrating the minds of a great number of American citizens during the past 20 years, and they have brought corruption and insane politicians to an unbelievable level in our Government. Finding just one honest Democrat politician today is a task that even the Lord could not accomplish. Forget not, when God brought to the attention of those who were living in the Mid-Eastern portion of the world, the story of Cain and Abel, it was believed that the evilness in people would subside. The Democrats are simply a modern-day version of the Cain and Abel story. They will stoop to no end just to gain absolute power, wealth, and control over every person and every thing. It seems as though the Democrats will stop at nothing to find, train, brainwash, and even kill citizens to accomplish their communist-inspired goals. When the voting begins this coming November, just remember how the Democrats operate, and who they install in government positions — vote Republican!!!

  9. Did you ever look at each of these women picked as VP candidates for Biden? As you look at them the calculation per candidate is how many votes will she cost Biden in the election. Each and every one is a neurotic. My guess is Biden chose this path because of his sexual attacks. I without question know exactly how Biden can get a VP candidate that will gain him votes but my lips are zipped.

  10. Democrats can do anything they want. to anyone they want. whenever they want. And they will get away with it. That’s America today.

  11. Never have peace in American until we get a leader like Martin Luther King. He was a great civil rights leader. Now we have black leaders that blame everything on race. All lives matter not only black lives. What are these parents teaching their kids? That is who is to blame for all these violent protests and destruction of businesses and fires

  12. With the advent of social media the politicians are in a constant competition for votes. They compete before they are elected and constantly while they are in office. Because the Democrats do not have a one minded platform to present to the voters, they have only one true way to get votes or at least influence voters. It is to bash Donald Trump. A competition to see who can be the premiere Trump Hater. Sadly, this is no way to run a nation.

    The US may be experiencing the worse time in it’s history. For the first time in American history we have a President who was legally elected to office that the opposition Party will not acknowledge as a legally elected President and now that we are coming closer to Trump’s re-election this Party is asking the nation to elect a mentally deficient candidate our President. This is just the top of the iceberg. During Trump’s term the US suffered a rash of crippling wildfires on the West Coast, mass flooding, and tropical weather damage in the Southeast. Liberal politicians have governed States to the point of bankruptcy from unemployment, homelessness, and corrupted policies. When Trump managed to turn the nation around to actually address issues States have incorruptibly handled, a Virus started in China becomes a pandemic that takes US Citizens’ lives. The nation shuts down to slow the virus and because corrupted Democrats refuse to open up again this only adds to the nation’s problems. This pandemic alone was enough to cripple the nation, then a wrongful death is exposed on a video erupts into first peaceful protests that then expands to riots, looting, and destruction of property in major cities from East to West , from North to South. A nation that was on the mend, became a nation in turmoil. Regardless of if you hate Trump or not, the US is in position no sane nation would ever dream to be in. Add the scream for Socialism in America, the US in is not only disrupted, it may be on the verge of social and economic collapse. Strange is it may seem, this nation was sitting on a powder keg waiting to explode, while half the nation sat in their homes self guaranteed during the virus pandemic. The US is in Territory that is akin to the turmoil not seen since the Civil War. There is really no one person to blame. It could be said we all played a part. Frankly, I do not think their is one person who can stop it. It will take resolve the nation’s people may not possess. It will take a form of commitment that includes every US Citizen, not just our political leaders. My first step, if I was the President, would be to proclaim Marshall Law to stop the riots, looting and other unlawful acts. After social disobedience is stopped, the nations leadership will have to actually address ALL of the issues that created the turmoil in the first place. This will mean our established governments at all levels actually do their job, not just occupy a seat. The message to the citizens should be that in order to maintain law and order, only Rule of Law will prevail. Street justice will be seen as treason and if they refuse to accept this, these bad actors will be held accountable to the letter of the law. No slap on the wrist, but true accountability. You are deemed part of the solution of restoration or you are deemed part of the problem to prevent restoration.

  13. We will never have peace in America until we have a leader like Martin Luther King. He was a great civil rights leader who led with out the violence that we see today. Some black leaders today encourage bad behavior and even condone the looting of stores and burning down of businesses. Evan a police station was burnt down and St Patricks Church in New York was covered in graffiti. Shame on the parents who can’t teach and control their children. Shame on the democrats that are governors in these cities that allow this behavior to continue. I say thanks to the people who have come out with shovels and brooms to clean the mess and hope they get rewarded. God bless you people!

  14. Who in their right mind votes for trash like this and who in their right mind keeps electing these pieces of worthless S**T like shit face whitmer, gruesome newsom , bozo cuomo et al? Time for America to wake up and the sooner the better! We are at an important crossroads come November and it’s time for serious action. Time for everyone to get behind the Republicans and get rid of, (vote out) ALL the liberals in all places, cities, counties and states as one apple rots the barrel. This must be done with all future elections, local, city, county and state and not just the big one on November 3rd 2020 until America is rid of this pestilence called the democrats.. These anti American socialists have made clear their plans for America and for those still on the fence about the liberals, just one question, why? For an as real as liberalism aka ‘progressivism’ gets take a good look and smell at how California, Michigan and New York are being run into the ground and destroyed by the liberals with exploding homelessness, crime, crumbling infrastructure, unaffordable costs of living, freebies, SNAP, food stamps, free housing, free healthcare and more to much to list here to illegals, freeloaders and deadbeats along with higher and higher taxes. I could go on but i’m busy and what’s the point? If what’s been going on for the last 3 1/2 years of doing ZILCH to work with the Republicans to move America forward, the liberals have been acting like spoiled rotten crybabies on the school yard ’cause they lost the White House big time, isn’t a wake up call to action, you’re clueless fools with your heads in the clouds, up your collective asses, just plain masochists or been smokin’ the wrong kind of weed (where legal) or a combination of all the above.

  15. We have an oversized Governator called Prickster here in ILLinOIZ that has the Speaker of the ILLinOIZ House already spending the $$$$$ that he expects to straighten his years of mis-management. Mr. President, PLEASE spend it in the states that display fiscal responsibility, if they happen to be RED ……. let it happen.

  16. I wish crazy looney Joe would pick her for VP, the we could get her ugly ass out of Michigan and be rid of another Stupid Socialist, Communist Democrat as Governor of the Great State of Michigan, the only drawback is if sleepy absent minded Joe wins the she will be second in line for President and that is not good for the USA, because she is dumber then a can of worms.

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