Boom! Democratic Corruption Annihilated by Texas Court

The courts have been engaging in overtime decision-making skills as they have had to deal with the lunacy of the Democrats. The liberals of America are looking for any way possible to manipulate the upcoming election. They are afraid of the power and the popularity of President Trump. His policies and procedures have made the country great and powerful once again. There is a renewed spirit that people are having because of the work that the president has done.

The Democrats are going to have to cheat to win in November. Every idea that they are proposing is being evaluated with the utmost scrutiny by President Trump and the Republicans to keep them from cheating their way into positions of leadership. The Texas Supreme Court has handed a major victory to the president and his fight against the liberals attempt to rule by cheating. The court ruled that the current coronavirus does not count as a reason for having a mail-in-ballot.

People cannot claim the right to use the coronavirus as their disability reason to qualify for mail-in-ballot. Democrats all around the country are trying to paint the picture that the virus is so bad that it is crippling people to the point that they cannot make it to the polling place to vote. They even are trying to scare people into thinking that they will die from it if they are showing up to vote in person. These sad attempts to control the voter is manipulative and can easily turn into voter fraud.

The Texas Supreme Court has paved the way for Republicans and the president to control the criminal intents of the Democrats. Once the ruling had taken place the president took to social media to praise the ruling because it eliminates the possibility to commit mail-fraud when voting for the next president. He stated that “Big win in Texas on the dangerous Mail-In Voting Scam!”

The big push for the nasty Democrats is voter-fraud. They are devising in their secret rooms ways to get extra votes at the polls. President Trump is the people’s president. He is so popular that there is no doubt that he is going to win in November. This scares the Democrats to death. They have failed to incriminate him and now they have nothing else to do but cheat their way into power in the various levels of government.

The Democrats lost big with the ruling that the court handed down. President Trump and the rest of the Republicans are celebrating the win. The state of Texas has as it law that for a person to qualify for a mail-in-ballot they must have a disability, be 65 or older or be in a different place than their home county. The ruling from the court stated that “We agree with the State that a voter’s lack of immunity to COVID-19, without more, is not a ‘disability’ as defined by the Election Code.” It also stated that people must determine if they qualify or not and that the “election officials have no responsibility to question or investigate a ballot application that is valid on its face.”

It leaves the power to determine in the hands of the people. The court stated that the virus could no longer be used by the Democrats to try and manipulate things to their favor. The rules that they have tried to change and the freedoms they tried to take away have all been done in the name of the coronavirus. The Democrats are experts at deception and taking things that they should not be able to touch.

The court has given power for officials to throw out ballots that come in the mail from people that are not truly able to use them. To make sure that the election is fair, people must be able to vote in person. This keeps voting to one ballot per person. President Trump fights for what is fair. He is not going to let the filthy Democrats get away with cheating the American people like they did before he took the office of the White House away from them.


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