Boom! Democratic Corruption Annihilated by Texas Court

Boom! Democratic Corruption Annihilated by Texas Court

The courts have been engaging in overtime decision-making skills as they have had to deal with the lunacy of the Democrats. The liberals of America are looking for any way possible to manipulate the upcoming election. They are afraid of the power and the popularity of President Trump. His policies and procedures have made the country great and powerful once again. There is a renewed spirit that people are having because of the work that the president has done.

The Democrats are going to have to cheat to win in November. Every idea that they are proposing is being evaluated with the utmost scrutiny by President Trump and the Republicans to keep them from cheating their way into positions of leadership. The Texas Supreme Court has handed a major victory to the president and his fight against the liberals attempt to rule by cheating. The court ruled that the current coronavirus does not count as a reason for having a mail-in-ballot.

People cannot claim the right to use the coronavirus as their disability reason to qualify for mail-in-ballot. Democrats all around the country are trying to paint the picture that the virus is so bad that it is crippling people to the point that they cannot make it to the polling place to vote. They even are trying to scare people into thinking that they will die from it if they are showing up to vote in person. These sad attempts to control the voter is manipulative and can easily turn into voter fraud.

The Texas Supreme Court has paved the way for Republicans and the president to control the criminal intents of the Democrats. Once the ruling had taken place the president took to social media to praise the ruling because it eliminates the possibility to commit mail-fraud when voting for the next president. He stated that “Big win in Texas on the dangerous Mail-In Voting Scam!”

The big push for the nasty Democrats is voter-fraud. They are devising in their secret rooms ways to get extra votes at the polls. President Trump is the people’s president. He is so popular that there is no doubt that he is going to win in November. This scares the Democrats to death. They have failed to incriminate him and now they have nothing else to do but cheat their way into power in the various levels of government.

The Democrats lost big with the ruling that the court handed down. President Trump and the rest of the Republicans are celebrating the win. The state of Texas has as it law that for a person to qualify for a mail-in-ballot they must have a disability, be 65 or older or be in a different place than their home county. The ruling from the court stated that “We agree with the State that a voter’s lack of immunity to COVID-19, without more, is not a ‘disability’ as defined by the Election Code.” It also stated that people must determine if they qualify or not and that the “election officials have no responsibility to question or investigate a ballot application that is valid on its face.”

It leaves the power to determine in the hands of the people. The court stated that the virus could no longer be used by the Democrats to try and manipulate things to their favor. The rules that they have tried to change and the freedoms they tried to take away have all been done in the name of the coronavirus. The Democrats are experts at deception and taking things that they should not be able to touch.

The court has given power for officials to throw out ballots that come in the mail from people that are not truly able to use them. To make sure that the election is fair, people must be able to vote in person. This keeps voting to one ballot per person. President Trump fights for what is fair. He is not going to let the filthy Democrats get away with cheating the American people like they did before he took the office of the White House away from them.


132 thoughts on “Boom! Democratic Corruption Annihilated by Texas Court

  1. who in heavens name would vote for a person with dementia and don’t even know a virus is going around. who votes for any one that hides in a basement when tragedy strikes this country. is this a sign of a leader or coward.

    1. Who was hiding in the basement. It is a bunker, and he is not a coward, he has rules that the needs to follow. Expeciallia when dealing with a bunch of leftest mobsters and mental midgets. Who would loot and burn their own cities, and god knows what else they would be capable of doing.
      If the liberals, mental midgets and the idiots of this country knew how to behave, we would not have to repalce buikding s and police cars.
      Can you not see the irony of this. If the cop should be in jail, so be it, but those mobster should be in jail also, and they are not. So whoknows who they are going to go after. You , me , more cops or our President.
      Why don’t you people gets some smarts and realize what a bunch of moronas some of you are!


  2. The corupt demrats have distroyed California..NY. Michigan Chicago Minneapolis.and Others.stay out of Texas u are not welcome..

    1. Just wait Alan, they will destroy the entire country when and if they get back in power. The muslim traitor coward tried his best to but Republicans were able to stop him somewhat.

      1. Where the hell do you people come from. I have never heard this much bull shit you can’t see how very incompetent and out of touch trump is. You people think he made America great America has always been great and will always be great and we don’t need some 5 time draft dodger to try to tell us different

        1. Why are you so bitter? Stopping liars and cheaters from having power over people is a worthy cause. Take it from someone who lives in Illinois, the democratic cheating capital of the United States. I wish we had someone who could clean up the voter registration in the Chicago area, but the democrats own the courts, the local precincts, the Chicago bureaucracy and the entire state. Cleaning the voter rolls here has been tried before and it gets nowhere because there aren’t any honest officials left here.

        2. We come from the most intelleigent group of Americans! Not some bullshit mentla midget Democrat that thinks he is a lawyer from Chicago, and has never done a damn thing in his Presidential life that means anything!
          Obama and his wife are the biggest racists that have ever walked this earth, and they made that racists a President. We can’t all be perfect like Bill Clinton,the / predator, or as smart as George Bush,the illiterate moron, but Trump is doing some great things for our country, and making it great again, because after his predecessors were done, we were in the hole, no jobs, no economy and no value to our dollar. What is wrong with you democrats and liberals, you cannot see the nose in front of your face but you want to run this country! That is the funniest joke, like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Mueller, ADam Schitt-Face and the rest of the idiots like you. All a bunch of metal midgets!


    2. Minneapolis… on local TV black people destroying area complaining there is never any change. Well, folks YOU have to change. The is a solid Dem voting area… Both mayors, both county attorneys. District attorney, county commissioners and city council are ALL Democrats for DECADES. Area voted solid Clinton in 2016 and Walz and AG in 2018. This area NEVER wavers in their solid Dem votes. Dem candidates make promises they are not going to keep because they will get the vote next time anyway.
      Either vote different party or shut up.
      Jeff Johnson would have made an outstanding Gov compared to what we have…. a retired phy ed teacher that won a popularity contest ….way in over his head.
      MN is still on stay in place… no bars, eating , hair salons.. gyms power grab.

      1. That is correct! Keep voting for imbeciles and mental midgets and this is what you have.
        We are sick of listening to your complaints, but you keep voting for idiots who know nothing about running a country. All they know is to take care of themselves!

  3. Anyone caught in this voting scam INCLUDING voted need to be LOCKED up in FEDERAL Prison if guilty. One Wary and DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Yes, we all know that people who have died and buried are voting, illegals are voting especially in Arizona !
      We need to stop kidding ourselves! Democrats want to win the elections and they will stop at nothing to do so. They tried impeachment, that did not work, now they want to get everyone dead or alive to vote my mail.
      That is so funny ! But let’s face it they will not win if they don’t cheat! That’s the way of a Democrat!

  4. Governor Newsom signed an Executive Order that all California votes will be by mail…I am appalled by this! Who do we go to to get this overturned? These Democrats need to be prosecuted for TREASON!

    1. This needs to change. Newson is afraid CA is going to turn Red and will do anything to stop it; even cheating voters of their right to vote in person.

  5. There is a God who is great he loves us even when we forget about him for I believe the result of the 2016 election was won by a true blue American patriot named Donald Trump by Devine intervention Just imagine if crooked Hillary took office We would never have seen the light of day Amem

    1. Yes, our only hope is for people to turn back to God through the study of His Word; not just emotional religious services and meaningless sermons. (see 2 Chronicles 7:14)

  6. Being a Native Californian, THANK YOU TEXAS!!!! I’m 70 and lived in Cali my whole life, with a 4yr break ’69-’73 for my military service. I love everything about it, EXCEPT the politics! Living in San Diego County makes even that tolerable. My wife and I do mail only ballots, (both over age limit, I’m partially disabled) but we still had to comply with all the requirements of the Registrar of Voters. THIS is the way it’s SUPPOSED to work. Being able to vote, SHOULD BE the most critical and guarded act possible. The government requires more to get a drivers license, passport or COLLEGE classes~~yet the LEFT wants to make it even EASIER, like NOT requiring a picture ID? BUT, that’s a requirement for cigarettes, booze, DRIVING and service in a bar?

    People who truly want to have their vote counted will do whatever is necessary and those asking for those votes should do EVERYTHING in their power to make sure that happens. It’s a RIGHT of Citizenship, it should be treated a such, by EVERYONE!!!

    1. That’s Right! We need to prove who we are just to buy booze or cigaretts, fly on an airplane and the list goes on, but the Democrats wnat to let anyone vote, so that their voter base will increase, and then they can enslave more poor people by promisiing them all kinds of programs that the hard working taxpayers have to pay for.! Take the case of these refugees from South America, we are paying for diapers, sneakers, medical, food, laundry and the ist goes on. Our tax payers money is paying for this while their government is living off the rest of us! Go figure !

  7. What a shame that we now use DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION in dealing with our nation in these troubled times. I can remember when everyone saw Political Parties for what they were, simply Parties that had a agenda or platform the citizens could choose to vote for. They voted and that was that. Voters may have not liked the outcome, but the outcome was accepted. The people did not have to deal with corruption of any Party. Sadly, when the Democrat Party lost the 2016 Election, the Democrat corruption was exposed. Had Hillary Clinton won, no one would be the wiser. I have always seen politicians as sleazy in some way, but to imagine the Party in power would use the power of government against a private US Citizen and then later a legally elected US President was unheard of. TOTALLY SHAMEFUL and also DANGEROUS TO ALL AMERICANS.

    1. I live in California and our so called democrap Governor has signed a bill that only allows vote by mail. WE are so angry! Received a postcard today, verifiying that I am registered for vote by mail. I never approved but apparently I do not have a choice. I will be calling the registrar of voters tomorrow to protest this atrosity to see if anything can be done. WE do have a recall going but the other ones have gone by the wayside and we cannot figure out how or why, maybe the governor has infiltrated our mail, and recalls as well, probably. I have lived her all my life and am so fed up by the corruption. Something needs to be done.

      1. I was born and raised in CA and I have done something about the corruption. I have moved out of CA and I am divesting of all properties in CA. No more property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes and fees. A significant loss for the state and county.

  8. Maybe we should only count half the votes in states where ALL VOTRS are mail in. I did mail in one year. I was 70 years old, had major surgery. Doctor helped me get scooter and special rides on City Bus. You call and make appointment with bus and they come anywhere from 30 minutes before or after to take you where ever. I only used it for doctor appointment. $6 one way. Mail in needed because I no longer drove and lived too far from bus. Taxi $10, Uber too new. Moved in with son in 2018, he took me in to early vote with my walker. Next day got Mail in ballot from old city. Could have voted twice but calledregister and told them before I tore it up.

  9. Apparently the writer of this wants us all to stand in long lines, preferably in the rain. Now, I wonder what the motive for that could be? (I wonder.)

  10. Voting by mail really can became voting fraud because no one know who is really vote. It can be a death person or an illegal vote or even a nonexistent voter, a fake voter…

  11. Cui Bono?
    (Who benefits from it?)

    As the streets have gone quieter, especially in Minneapolis, where the solemnity of mourning has driven out the bad spirits of rage and … what? There are more things to get in riots than just in shops.
    So, what was it?

    George Floyd was not the first black man who was killed by a reckless police officer. How many have there been since President Trump’s election? Were there any before George Floyd? I don’t remember.
    Where there any … before President Trump? O yes – a dozen or so – under Obama. Whoah! But there were no such big riots and looting. That is strange. Why not? What was missing? … or WHO?

    In those days, dis-stressed and angry African American took to the streets – and some white people, too. And they shouted protest slogans – maybe they wondered why the alleged “First Black President” did nothing, or not much, to change the bad unequal situation among the races in the United States. Maybe, he was too concerned about the “equal rights” of people who did not live in bad quarters, or from bad payment. – Whichever – it just (or unjustly) did not happen. Not until now, just before COVID 19, when the jobs for colored people in the USA doubled.

    That makes it even stranger: Why Protests then – turning into Riots now. To be fair, we had seen burning police cars then, and we saw shops smashed and looted when Ms. Clinton lost her election – but this here seemed worse. And it was reported that much of the really bed stuff was not done by black people! That even some Demonstrators arrested Pseudo-Demo-Rioters and handed them to the police.

    That gives us reasons to ask: Who are these Pseudo-Demonstrators? I know from my experience in Europe, I the early 70ies, what can should, and what should not happen in Demonstration: When one of our student leaders was shot, after excessive hate mail in the press, the following night, students from all universities and colleges of the state came (most of them, in their cars) to the printing-plant of the main paper, and – no attack, no break-in, no arson – but near 2,000 cars blocked the place – and for 3 days, there was no such sh…y Hate Paper for sale nor distribution. That was a PROTEST!

    But we had to take care, because there were, like often, some guys who shouted and tried to get us to “get rough” – but we had identified most of them before: We knew them as ‘Agents Provocateurs’, and some of them might get a broken nose or bone.

    So, the question remains: Who was playing that part here? Was it something like in Charlottesville, where the man who organized the ‘Keep Monuments March’ -and pushed it through by court(!)- was Jason Kessler, absolutely not a conservative but a known member of Occupy and the Obama camp!
    If people like him, and of the fascist “anti-fa” were involved – it would begin to make sense.

    But a frightening one – of early ”Election-Campaigning”!

  12. Obama put the Country in the toilet and Hillary would have flushed it; I just thank God that she lost and Trump won!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  13. What I can not understand is how anyone thinks that using a system where CASH can not safely be mailed without it being stolen in most states can be SAFE for something far more important like a ballot. Remember unlike an unlabeled as to content letter with cash a ballot is clearly labeled as to its content.

    1) they had that ANTHRAX scare several years ago in response all mail in each state is funneled through a single point for inspection.

    2) Democrats have spent years putting people into these locations for political purposes.

    4) They now want to use the coronovirus at a time in which most states are at a stage where they can release the lock-down without fear of mass spreading of the virus based on the actual facts in their state concerning the virus as an excuse to funnel all ballots for the presidential election through that mail system.

    The coronovirus would never had spread like it did in this nation if the democrats had not opposed quarantine and travel restrictions on travel to and from infected nations. Trump suggested this just days after the news that the virus had spread beyond its city of origin.

    They actually called people who even suggested it was a good idea PARANOID insisting that it would VIOLATE peoples rights to impose these precautions even temporarily even pushed for HR2114 to unconstitutionally strip authority to protect the people of this nation by using travel restrictions from the president. On the issue of quarantine they insisted it be a VOLUNTARY thing this allowed people who KNOWING they were infected to go to spring break, mardi gras and bars spreading the contagion because they believed the original propaganda about the virus instead of their test results.

    After they let it get a foothold it is now the DEMOCRATS fighting to keep the nation in lockdown even trying to subvert the states authority on elections by trying to pass a bill that makes mail in voting mandatory in every state ignoring the laws of every state on the matter of elections.

  14. The Corrupt Democrats are trying to steal every election with voter fraud to cover up there acts of TREASON. Look at Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Durbin, Gillibrand, the Obama’s, Biden’s include Obama’s FBI, CIA, DOJ, Treasury Dept. NSA they all tied to bring down the POTUS witk phony documents, liars, thieves and cheats. In NY we have one of the most corrupt governors ever, he is responsible for over 6000 murders of seniors in nursing homes. Voter fraud is his game along with all the democrats, look at the cities run by the democrats, burned out, crime out of control with there hand out for more and more. NO MAIL IN VOTING EVER EXCEPT fot the Disabled and Military.

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  16. Good move, Dumbocraps. Convince your voters that they will die if they show up at the voting polls and ‘vote by mail’ doesn’t happen. Yep, excellent move, you idiots!

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