MAGA: Jim Jordan Talks About the “Great American Comeback” with Trump Leading the Way

MAGA: Jim Jordan Talks About the “Great American Comeback” with Trump Leading the Way

Jim Jordan is the voice of stability in House. He is the one that keeps the deceitful Democrats on their toes. Jordan is pushing the alarm that the American economy is going to come back stronger than ever as time moves forward. Part of the comeback is rooted in the truth that the people still love President Trump. Jim Jordan stated correctly that “He built the greatest economy in 50 years. I think as the president says, as the economists are saying — I think it’s an Obama economist – they’re saying we’re going to have this good ‘V-shaped recovery,’ which I call the Great American Comeback. I think it’s going to happen, it’s going to be strong, it’s going to be robust. It’s going to be hopefully like where we were just a few months ago before this shutdown.”

Jordan realizes that there is no substitute for people working. No bailout can do what the American worker can do to keep things going in the right direction. Jordan noted that the best kind of stimulus available is to simply put people back to work. The Democrats are on the other side of the fence because they would rather accuse people of being selfish for wanting to get back to work. They cry that people are putting others in danger. That danger has passed. They are the only ones that have failed to realize the virus is passed.

Jordan destroyed the Democrats when he said that “The Democrats right away go to politics. Why can’t we all just be for what’s good for the country? It’s good for America if we have a strong recovery if we have that V if we have this great American comeback. That’s good for the country. But the Democrats always think politically ’cause their animosity and animus to the president are just so strong — and that’s unfortunate.” The victory belongs to President Trump

The jealous Democrats also accuse the president of playing with people when he brings them to work for him and then lets them go. Jordan sets the record straight by showing that the president has the right to pick and choose who he works with. He has a job to do and there is nothing that the Democrats can say as to how that job is done. They are simply envious of the success that the president has had for the past four years.

Jordan kept hitting home runs as he also pointed out Hillary Clinton was left unchecked for years when she served had no oversight. He said that “No inspector general the whole time. Maybe if we’d had an inspector general there, we could have gotten a little more information on what really happened, we had to do a whole select committee on the Benghazi tragedy, where Americans lost their lives on that night.” He rightly points out that the Democrats deliberately did not fill positions of leadership so they could get away with illegal activity.

The president has faced so many more attacks from the opposing political party than any other president in history. He has had to continue to change out his people because they were bought off by the jealous Democrats that wanted a secret spy in the White House so they could find anything to accuse him with. They have also tried to instill oversight committees over him to control the White House, but all of their efforts have failed miserably because of the conservative push back that is sick and tired of the liberal agenda being pushed on the American people.

The very idea of a great America has spilled over from the mind and actions of the president. He has demonstrated that principle so much that people are beginning to mimic that concept in their leadership. This is what the president has wanted to see all along. He wants people to take the spirit of greatness and start pushing it to the American people. He wants them to live the American dream. This great defining part of America went missing under Democrats rule. But it is now back and stronger than ever.


17 thoughts on “MAGA: Jim Jordan Talks About the “Great American Comeback” with Trump Leading the Way

  1. For the first time since the US became a sovereign nation, we may be on the verge of fundamental change of US Government. “The term “We the people…” has become “We the politicians…” . This should sound threatening to ALL US CITIZENS, but apparently the citizens of the US have been brainwashed to accept every thing the politicians tell them. We have become a nation of followers and not a nation of doers. The concept of Free Will has been thrown out the window and replaced with Political Correctness. This is what happens when the youth of the nation does not learn how their government under the US Constitution was meant to function.
    Fifty years ago, if you even mentioned SOCIALISM you would be booed out of any gathering; yet here we are, on the verge of SOCIALISM in America. How could this even happen in a nation based on the Individual Freedoms all human beings should share? It happens when the citizens are taught to value Political Correctness over Rule of Law. The Rule of Law that was meant to protect Individual Freedoms and govern the nation is proclaimed as unjust and should no longer corrupt the nation. At least this is what the Liberal Left wants the people to believe. Sadly, if people actually read our US Constitution and discovered the importance of Rule of Law they would understand how Rule of Law protects EVERY US Citizens. You can not find Political Correctness anywhere within our US Constitution. Political Correctness is a Socialist Narrative that puts all the power to govern in the hands of the Political Elite. When was the last time politicians have been held accountable by Rule of Law? Today? NEVER? YES, they can be railroaded out of office by a accusation or some form of social humiliation, but when was the last time a politician was indicted for his or her crimes and tried before a court of law? Today politicians see themselves above the law, thus untouchable. If a common citizen did what a politician did ,they would be behind bars in a heartbeat. Our sitting US Congress may be the most corrupted Congress in US History. By Rule of Law they are required to police themselves and set up how they are required to govern the actions of rouge representatives. The problem with our sitting US Congress is that, when our US Congress has the power to police themselves they set the parameters of what is acceptable behavior, then no other legal authority can govern or police our Congress. This branch of government ARE THE LAWMAKERS so they see themselves above the law. They can set their own policing, their salaries, their government allowances for personal necessities, their pensions, their healthcare, where they educate their children and virtually ever facet of their lives. Even when the work! The US Congress can live like the Elite on government salaries. With all the lobbyists they can get rich and power over the nation and the nation can do nothing about it. Why are we on the verge of SOCIALISM? Because the citizens remain silent. The citizens should be screaming follow Rule of Law or we will you out of office. OOPS, I forgot, the citizens have been brainwashed.

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