Minnesota’s Leadership Gets Called out for What it is…Weak and Pathetic by all Standards

Minnesota’s Leadership Gets Called out for What it is…Weak and Pathetic by all Standards

Violence erupted during the racial wars of the 1960s as hate-filled protesters lit torches, threw debris, thrashed cars, tossed Molotov cocktails, and literally spread garbage everywhere, ultimately resulting in a further loss of innocent lives and the massive destruction of property. They literally destroyed the livelihoods of many citizens who had nothing and wanted nothing to do with any of it, and these poor victims weren’t guilty of a single thing. They were just there and that was all it took.

Granted, a sizeable number of these so-called protesters had not one single clue as to the reasons for these huge block parties being thrown, and they didn’t care to find out. They were far too busy grabbing TV sets, stereos, and those new state-of-the-art answering machines. What’s a little teargas when the rewards are so high?

Here comes the obvious question. What in the unholy name of their satanic god can they now even begin to imagine their brutal actions accomplished? The answer can be found in Minnesota, and the answer is a great big nothing. Nada. Zip. What we are witnessing now is an exact replica of a time apparently too long forgotten by many, including Minnesota’s not-so-good Governor Tim Walls who felt it better for his Police Officers to run, hide, and cower, than it was to get out there and do their job of protecting people. That’s not how any of this is done, Tim. It didn’t have to happen this way and it should never have been permitted to reach such a destructive and deadly level. But it was inevitable. Minnesota is a land without leadership. No man’s land. A modern-day northern version of the wild, wild, west with a weak sheriff in town, or in this case, a do-nothing Democrat Governor with his prissy-panties bunched in a wad who has lost all control of what he had very little control of, to begin with.

Let’s hear how Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth, also a Minnesota resident, had to say about his states’ obvious lack of backboned leadership. “There is no strong leadership in Minnesota to come in and say, we’re going to get justice in this case, but we’re not going to tolerate the kind of lawlessness that wounds people’s lives, wounds people’s neighborhoods and communities, that’s what it devolved into. That’s when the president needs to step in.”

President Trump has certainly given Minnesota fair warning of his intentions should the state prove itself incapable of handling things themselves, and as president, he is well within his right to do exactly what he is being upfront and transparent with them about.

Governor Tim Walls is at least wise enough to understand how when Trump threatens to do something. he’s going to do it without hesitation if need be. Hey! At least our president is considerate enough to warn people first. He won’t shoot people in the back the way his predecessor made it a habit of doing. Walls saved Trump the task of making the call by going ahead and calling in 500 National Guard troops before the president had the chance. Wise decision.

Hegseth said there needs to be justice served for the innocent victims who have lost their businesses as a result of the protestor’s violent actions.

“Minnesota has been under a draconian lockdown for months now, where businesses are already feeling strangled by it,” Hegseth said.

“You distract from a meaningful cause when it devolves into violent lawlessness indiscriminately of black people and white people, being affected by this and you’re not able to empower law enforcement to be able to do their job. Having them retreat from neighborhoods is not the answer.”

Hegseth made a valid point. With the city being forced into locking itself down against the majority will, every man, woman, and child in the city have been waiting for something to ignite their exposed fuses, and even the slightest spark could have easily done the job. But instead, the spark came in the form of a flamethrower, and the Governor and his crew who were sleeping on the job got caught with their pants down around their ankles. They failed to anticipate the intensity their rules and pathetic guidelines had created, and they are now paying the price for their beyond stupid ignorance, or as some might suggest, their total lack of caring and respect for anyone outside of their sphere of influence.


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