More Money Than Sense: Celebrities Donate to Fund to Free Minneapolis Looters

More Money Than Sense: Celebrities Donate to Fund to Free Minneapolis Looters

Celebrities make a lot of money. Movies, albums, endorsements, the list of ways they can make money is never-ending. As such, many of them are sitting on thousands and even millions of dollars that they can throw at any issue they feel inclined is worthwhile.

The problem is that some celebrities have more money than common sense, especially in light of the Minneapolis protests over George Floyd.

Minneapolis protesters took to the street. They rioted. They broke laws. They were arrested. This seems pretty cut and dry. It’s what happens when you break the law.

However, it seems that many Democrats believe that if they’re protesting, it’s okay to be destructive. It’s okay to riot as long as there is a good reason for it. Their belief that it’s okay runs so deep that they’ve created a fund to pay the bail on the protesters that were arrested.

It all started with the Biden campaign. At least 13 staff members from the Joe Biden presidential campaign have been making donations to the “Minnesota Freedom Fund.” It’s no secret, either – they’ve been bragging about it all over Twitter.

Why is Biden and his campaign supporting those who were arrested for rioting and looting? Conveniently, they’re refusing to explain. Meanwhile, Trump’s re-election campaign said that it was “disturbing” to find out that Biden’s team is supporting this kind of mayhem. Disturbing is just the surface of what’s going on.

It’s definitely a Democrat thing. Twin Cities DSA, the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, have been actively advertising for donations to the fund.

Celebrities with more in their bank accounts than in their heads are more than happy to whip out their wallet to help. It’s the mindless Democratic thing to do after all. Some of the celebrities who are more than happy to bail out criminals in the name of democracy include Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, and Halsey.

With the help of celebrities and the Biden campaign staff, the fund is reportedly worth more than $20 million. Chrissy Teigen doesn’t want it to end with helping out those in Minneapolis. She’s going to be donating $100,000 to bail out others across the United States.

The celebrities are trying to justify their actions by saying that peaceful protesters were being arrested. Are they not tuned into the same news as the rest of the country? There’s nothing peaceful about setting the Minneapolis police precinct on fire.

The Dems better get their stories straight fast, though. In the media, journalists like Joy Reid of MSNBC are trying to say that the rioters are white supremacists. Does that mean the Biden campaign staffers and many leftist celebrities are funding the white supremacists out there? Probably not.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has stated who the money is for: black freedom fighters.

Let’s look at some of the other freedom fighters from U.S. history. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bench. Martin Luther King had a dream that he shared out loud. Neither would have taken to the streets and set fires to local establishments. These supposed freedom fighters might need a good history lesson if they think that they are justified in what they’re doing. It’s easier to get people to listen when you’re not looting a city and creating millions of dollars in property destruction.

How is destroying the livelihood of innocent people going to bring justice to George Floyd and to the racism that plagues the nation?

The Democratic celebrities have proven that their alliance is with the media. The Democratic media calls on them to donate, so they donate. They have yet to stop and think about how bailing out those who are breaking the law in the “name of justice” is creating a bigger divide.

Why does one illegal act have to be met with countless more? Democrats need to stop and think, but they’ve clearly got more money than brains – and that’s what makes them so dangerous.


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