Biden: From Gaffes to Now Telling Lies in Church

Biden: From Gaffes to Now Telling Lies in Church

Lying is never a good look for anyone. And for a guy who is running to be our nation’s leader and one that claims to be an ever devout Catholic, it is even worse. But that is precisely what former Vice President Joe Biden did on Monday, and in a church no less.

We all know that Joe Biden is prone to making mistakes, and some of them quite serious. However, I would argue that most aren’t really gaffes, as mainstream media passes them off to be. Instead, they speak of thought process or matter of the heart that has become dangerously skewed in one direction or the other.

Some, no doubt, can be chalked up to or at least somewhat excused by his early diagnosis of a stutter and the many hours spent on the road during the beginning of his campaign. His inability to say the name of Barack Obama is one such instance. After trying unsuccessfully to get the word out, he eventually just referred to Obama as his “boss.”

Then again, as more recent instances of his “gaffes” persist, they might have more to do with a mental decline than a stutter or stress. After all, it’s not like he is actually mispronouncing words or anything. No, he just forgets things.

He can’t remember Obama’s name, confused his wife for his sister, can’t remember what position he is running for, and don’t even get me started on all the historical events, times, and places he has botched.

But then there are the lies.

And I’m not talking about someone being overly biased and simply accusing him of lying for making yet another mistake in wording or something. I’m talking about him standing in front of a group of people or on camera and telling complete and outlandish lies.

Take his most recent one, for instance.

On Monday, Biden was given the opportunity to address several issues, including the ongoing protests and riots happening nationwide, at a local church in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Biden was one of 15 religious, political, and educational leaders from the area who had decided to meet at Bethel AME, a predominantly black American church near Biden’s home.

Along with listening to and speaking about the racial issues that seem to be tearing our beloved communities apart, Biden also spoke on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as this no doubt has played into the nation’s reaction to George Floyd’s wrongful death.

Apparently, he has had a change of heart in recent weeks on how the virus should have been handled. But instead of saying that, he claimed that he had always had those thoughts and that if Trump had listened to him at the early onset of the pandemic, thousands of more people would be alive.

He said, “Whether we like it or not, this COVID pandemic has basically shut down the country the last three months and by the way, if we shut it down a month earlier, we’d have probably another forty-five to sixty thousand people who’d be alive.” Then he added, “I’m going to say something outrageous: he didn’t listen to guys like me back in January saying ‘we have a problem.”

Well, he’s right about one thing, this is absolutely outrageous for him to say, especially considering that Biden never called for Trump to shut the nation down in January.

In fact, in January, when news of the potential for a pandemic came to our shores, President Trump had already made efforts to shut down travel to and from China. Biden called the travel ban “xenophobic,” inciting that Trump was racist somehow by trying to slow the virus’s arrival in America.

Biden told the public, “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia.”

In addition, the former VP continued to hold campaign rallies all over the nation, even as late the second week of March, while the rest of the country was well underway into implementing lockdown orders.

And yet now he is claiming that he begged Trump to shut things down in January? I think not. This is nothing but a bald-faced lie with numerous records to prove it, and in a church of all places.

It’s even worse than lying about his time spent jailed in South Africa with civil rights activist and leader Nelson Mandela when he was a senator, and just as bad as his claims that his first wife and daughter were killed by a drunk truck driver.

And we are supposed to want him in the White House? That’s not going to happen!


25 thoughts on “Biden: From Gaffes to Now Telling Lies in Church

    1. Why does Biden even ‘bother” to go to church?…{ He is a huge fan of planned parenthood, & rampant, anytime, anyplace abortion}….He only does it for his “Image”…..{ Satan “Loves Biden”}……Biden is a huge fan of criminality, un-ethics, & sculduggery! { He’s so “good” at it, & he bows down to Obama….kenyan / American scourge of a muslim athiest!

  1. Catholics HAVE to be Christian.
    Christians do NOT kill babies and butcher them for parts to sell. They do not.
    Christians do NOT hate. All Dems hate the POTUS and babies and Christians and Jews and Trump family and administration. Democrats HATE YOU AND ME.

    1. Do you know how ignorant you sound? I am a born again Christian and I know thousands and they are Democrats. You need to start watching all the news, not just 1 channel. Also, you need to go to the truth check. You can’t go through life without checking things out for yourself. I remember my paster telling me one time when I asked about a verse in the Bible. He told me to always read the verses before and after otherwise the verse could be taken out of context of what it is supposed to represent to us. Plus I always wait upon the Holy Spirit to show what God is trying to show me. The Democrats do not hate babies, Jews (Christ was a Jew, and he was our Saviour) We definitely do not hate Christians because the majority are Christians. I do not respect Trump because it is proven that he is a liar, he has raped women, he is an adulterer, he has cheated many people out of their money. I could go on and on, but you need to research this for yourself. I am enclosing something Billy Graham once said. ( Rev. Graham’s words in 1981: I don’t want to see religious bigotry in any form. It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalist and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.) You can go online and find this. I am telling to CHECK everything and don’t believe anything until you check it. An old lady once told me to not believe anything I hear and only half of what I see. Thank about that. It took me a while to totally understand. Sometimes what we are seeing is not what we think, it could totally be misconstrued and mean something totally different. Blessings to you and seek the truth in everything you do. You can find me on FB

    2. Such a very sad reality! when…..why did this all happen”? Did it start with “Slick perverted Willie, & his Hag of a wife”? Continue with American hating Obama, & his “questionable” wife? Nasty Pelosi, & her band of White, American, Jew, honor, hating Demoncrats? Californication demented Demoncrats? Hollyweed, actors/actresses, A-Moral life style, & hating america, for their conservatism?….{ I’m still trying to find that out}

  2. If he was a true Catholic he would not lie in church. However, he didn’t care. Just like Nancy Pelosi who claims also to be Catholic. She favors abortion and up to the 9th month.

      1. You just lied like Biden did Susan. Something about you liberal nut cases, you have to lie and about every single thing.

        1. Liberals, are so easily fooled….{ They ‘WANT”, to be }…..Liberals, will believe anything the “lame Stream Media” says, & anything the DNC, tells them….{ They will not Question anything!} Consider the lies, mis-representations, & 24/7 pursuit of the Trump Political Assassination attempt, for the last ongoing 3+ years! { No “proof”, of any wrong doing….just supposition, & innuendo }…..trump, simply goes about the business of the United States, & “fends off”, the ignorant yelping of these inane *Demoncrats!

  3. Biden called trump a racist when trump closed the airports down from china and he knows it and lying in church as he sucks up to his black voters..this pos shouldn’t be allowed to run a convenient store most lessly the country.there would be no laws and the young thugs would keep robbing the country at night.high interest rates and letting the deep state dictate outer lives.

  4. God will not excuse you for lying in church. Church is a sacred place regardless of the religion and should be held in high regard.

  5. If I were Biden’s son, I would be screaming ‘get dad the help he needs’. Put him in a Rest Home so a health-giver can watch over him or he does not wonder off and get lost. This poor man has become senile, yet a Major Political Party wants him to run for the US President? Everyone in the Democrat Party must be insane. Could all of them also be suffering from some form of dementia? If so, I pray this dementia is not contagious.

  6. It is said that George Washington couldn’t tell a lie and Pinocchio couldn’t tell the truth. Biden can’t tell the difference. To be a successful liar one has to be able to remember the lies he/she has told or otherwise they get caught. Biden has told so many lies there is no way he can remember them all and, in my mind, he was never that smart to begin with.

  7. there was a comment about born again christian, if you were a christian you would not back the Democrats and the abortion plan they have as a good christian does not condone killing of babies

  8. Susan has written that we should check sources before coming to a conclusion, and I agree most emphatically. I’m wondering though whrther she checked any sources besides CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, NBC, and CBS for her remark about that she says “has been proven” with reference to Trump’s raping women, cheating people, etc. Trump has doneore to protect the rights of all Christians, Jews, and Muslims as well than any of his predecessors. I’ll grant you that Obama and “W” were enthusiastic in their protection of Muslims’ rights, but not so much for Christians.
    Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, the senator from Virginia who was Hillary’s VP running mate (I don’t recall his name) should all be denied communion in the RC Church because anyone who is a supporter of abortion simply cannot be a Catholic. It eas very satisfying that a priest in NC denied it to Biden.
    Our country is in chaos right now, and idiot Democrats are supporting the insurrection snd blaming Trump for the murder of George Floyd. How can any sane person, Democrat, Republican, or Independent even consider voting for any of the Democrsts who are running for any office??

  9. He’ll need to be REMOVED from office before he even serves . . . if (heaven FORBID) he gets that far! He is NOT qualified to be POTUS. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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